HUAWEI Kirin 970 chip exposure, spike Xiaolong 835?

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HUAWEI Kirin 970 chip exposure, spike Xiaolong 835?

2017-05-19 19:46:09 552 ℃

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With the 10nm process Xiaolong 835 processor new machine came out in succession, when HUAWEI launched a new Unicorn processor to deal with, naturally has become a lot of concern topic. According to the users in the micro-blog broke the news that the latest HUAWEI 970 generation kylin processor will use the 10nm FinFET technology, and use the ARM processor architecture in the public version of the Cortex-A73 core, as GPU or ARM Heimdallr MP will start, and 5 carrier aggregation global Netcom baseband, is expected in October this year by HUAWEI Mate 10 and we officially met.

10nm FinFET process

According to the netizen @ grass Grass grass in the latest micro-blog claimed that HUAWEI next generation processors will be named kylin 970, will use the 10nm FinFET technology of TSMC, which means that now compared to 16nm technology in terms of kylin 960 processor power consumption and heat control will have better performance.

Meanwhile, in terms of processor architecture, Kirin 970 will use the ARM version of the Cortex-A73 core, GPU, or will start ARM Heimdallr MP. As for network standards, the processor will integrate baseband, support full CNC network and most of the global frequency bands, support 5 carrier aggregation, and will also support some of the characteristics of the 5G network in advance.

The Biao Xiaolong 845

Although the above news authenticity has yet to be confirmed, but if you broke the news is true, then the 970 processor or kylin perfect solution to the defects of the existing 960 kylin, including power consumption and heat process caused by the poor performance of GPU, etc.. However, since the fourth quarter of this year came and Qualcomm snapdragon 845 processor launch news, so the previous "kylin 970 inter generational difference advantage will no longer exist, thus Qualcomm has mastered HUAWEI kylin rhythm, at the end of the war will become more wonderful processor.

Prior to this, the German website Win Future has found on Qualcomm's official website, Xiaolong 845 and Xiaolong 660, Xiaolong 630 and other processors, while appearing in a form. Although the processor's information will soon be deleted, it is said to be launched in the fourth quarter of this year, using TSMC's 7Nm process, which can be packaged in smaller volumes, while the performance will increase by 25%-30%.

The terminal was released in October

It is worth mentioning that, in the Kirin 970 processor broke the news, also mentioned terminal sale or old time. So the combination of kylin 960 in October last year, HUAWEI released Mate 9, and in November the official debut of the rhythm, may mean that 970 kylin processors will be launched in October this year, at the same time the starting model should be the legendary HUAWEI Mate 10.

According to sources previously disclosed by the industry, HUAWEI Mate 10 will also remove the 3.5mm headphone jack, instead of using the USB-C interface to connect headphones. And may have waterproof function and use a comprehensive screen design, the main locked competitors will be iPhone 8 and Samsung GALAXY, Note 8 models.

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