Choke each other, sharing a bike in the end fight what?

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Choke each other, sharing a bike in the end fight what?

2017-05-19 19:47:45 124 ℃

From micro-blog choke to the known ofo and Mobell, the contest has been from the road extends to the field of public opinion, from the evolution of market competition for both the overall strength of the overall war, but deciding what is it?

Market competition after the completion of cultivation is even more brutal.

Sharing bicycle grabbed the pile mode of public bike rental baton, initially formed a stable user groups, according to the latest release of BDR Q1 2017 "China bike sharing Market Research Report", 41.2% of users use 7-14 times a week, 3-6 times a week using the proportion reached 33.4%, has become the main mode of transportation the.

From the consumer point of view the scene, sharing the bicycle to meet the high frequency just need service, in the cross BDR survey, as the bus to work on the supplement accounted for 65.9%; short trips accounted for 57.8%, indicating that ofo and Mobell although there are a lot of subsidies, but the consumer scene real and effective, there is no false demand.

From the geographical distribution point of view, the sharing of bicycles in the first tier cities accounted for 55.1%; second tier cities accounted for 26.8%; three cities accounted for 12.3%; for some hot areas have been covered in a supersaturated state.

Although the bike sharing has brought some social problems, caused a controversy over the shared economic model, but highly integration and complementary with the original city traffic system and super convenience still makes the market penetration, and constantly improve the user satisfaction.

At this stage, sharing bicycles has successfully spent market cultivation period, according to the net car that year, Roadmap, the primary safety index or volume. For this, ofo and Mobell seems to have a different understanding.

Mobell 1st Anniversary announced a group of controversial operation data, invested a total of more than 3 million 650 thousand vehicles (probably around 1 million), business in more than 30 city, can be seen from the v-mobile in regional development significantly than ofo conservative city in addition to the north, on the broad, deep four first-tier cities have been opened the majority is the capital city of the second city, even if the other is an important tourist city are cautious.

In contrast, ofo, has been in force running, there are 100 more open city, according to Dai Wei said, at least to be extended to about 200, not including the already opened the Silicon Valley, London, Singapore and other overseas markets, this means that ofo is to accelerate the penetration to the three or four line of the city, including remote city like Urumqi and Lhasa, the total vehicle quantity will reach the level of 20 million, the growth rate is amazing.

May 17th Mobell suddenly announced to enter Jinzhong, Zaozhuang, Langfang, Qufu, Nanchong, Yibin, Leshan City, Xianyang City, the four or five line, probably already aware of this before the blunder.

This reflects the strategic differences between Mobell and ofo in deep level.

Mobell strategies can be summarized to a second tier market, especially in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu city Top5, Wang Xiaofeng as Uber before the Shanghai area general manager, understand the significance of these ensure that the focus of the market, at the same time Mobell may think too fast to enter the three or four line of the city, will increase the difficulty of management, increase operation the cost, therefore through technology optimization, marketing communication and operation strategy to consolidate the existing position is the main strategy of the v-mobile.

Ofo is ready, while in key markets such as Beijing Mobell selected firms, while the use of current capital, media and user heat into more market segments, to seize the last chance to share the bike from the incremental to the stock competition, completed in the layout of the national market and the rapid expansion.

Judging from the present situation, both sides have their income. According to BDR data, ofo's market share to 51.9% leading Mobell 40.7%, March MAU to 16 million 362 thousand over 12 million 744 thousand and Mobell according to Trustdata, "2017 Q1 Chinese shared bicycle industry user monitoring report" Mobell, in the city of Top5 in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen still maintain a certain advantage, but in ofo's home Beijing, the situation is different.

Ofo MAU in Beijing reached 2 million 500 thousand, more than 2 million of the v-mobile, thanks to a nearly 200% growth rate, even has the advantage in the stock of the user in Shanghai, Guangzhou Mobell and Shenzhen, ofo MAU chain growth is also beyond, v-mobile only in Chengdu to keep close to the growth rate of ofo.

Lower deposit and more free activities may be the main reason to support the rapid growth of ofo, many Mobell hurried into the three or four line of the city is to curb this trend, so as not to stick to the strategy of first-tier cities affected.

The operation strategy shows obvious tendency of homogenization.

The original ofo and Mobell with entrepreneurial gene is completely different, heavy assets Mobell ends before and after trying to control the bicycle industry chain, with the scene closed exclusive to create a like a super mobile entrance, and ofo wants to do is not to produce bicycle, platform sharing, so only connected with bicycle on the strategic cooperation, access drops holding an open attitude, but the development of competition today, the two sides complement each other, have the same potential.

The initial experience is in safety and Mobell refused to engage in compromise, so only the weight more than 25 kilograms, cost 3000 yuan in the first batch of custom bike riding, but also greatly reduced, since the v-mobile promptly launched the Mobike Lite Qingqi version, the vehicle weight reduced to 15 kg, the new "wind up" girls one hand raised.

Ofo was originally just a simple campus life and mutual assistance, the main ordinary bicycle, riding light, but the security measures are relatively simple to mature business model after the launch of version 3, version 3.1, and more beautiful Phoenix customized version of 700bike, bicycle Singapore and ofo ofo OEM bicycle US and so on, simple mechanical lock upgrade to the password lock, intelligent lock, solid tyre explosion proof bar, smaller wheels, seal shaft etc..

Now ofo and Mobell competition is not what "Longzhongdui" type strategy, also not the small difference between cycling experience, and the operational level to execute landing namely capabilities.

Simply speaking, the cost + experience.

Costs determine profits, and costs are determined by scale and capacity. Eclectic ofo and 700Bike, light passenger, and Phoenix Yunma have cooperation in Tianjin, Fujitec is ten million production scale, Phoenix will also provide about 5 million of capacity in the East China region, the magnitude of the cooperation directly reduces ofo bike purchase cost. Mobell partner Tianjin Emma and Foxconn were also supply around 5 million.

The ability to control the supply chain will determine the cost directly.

From the operation strategy, v-mobile long-term loss for many of the media, such as Wang Xiaofeng said, "I don't know how to make money", "now not to think how to profit". And ofo is trying to achieve profitability by expanding production capacity and reducing cycling costs, such as ofo's 20% profit in some cities, according to Dai wei.

But more importantly, the user experience, depending on two points, first, how to get more incremental users, and the two is how to optimize riding experience.

In order to get new users, ofo and Mobell conducted several rounds of the contest in subsidies, including free day, prepaid cash back and so on, the cost per hour ride being pulled down to the level of 0.5 yuan. 299 yuan 99 yuan deposit of ofo was lower than the v-mobile, and later with the sesame credit cooperative deposit free service, with red car and Moldova worship car with eggs.

The essence of experience dispute is ofo low deposit + relative light vehicles + free Pk Mobell based on safety vehicle + more frequent promotions, the battle will not be like some people estimated years to see the outcome of v-mobile before and after the 7 round of financing and ofo of the 8 round of financing have been doomed this is a a long and arduous war.

At least in the short term, the pattern pair confrontation will not change, but in the long term, with more market three or four lines, while the active user growth dominant ofo may have the last laugh.

Uncertainty of flow and entrance cooperation.

At present, ofo and Mobell are super entrance traffic support, before Didi, after WeChat. But more importantly, how big is the imagination of a bit of +ofo?.

After the network about the new car, every product line re combination, the senior car pricing higher, while strengthening the graded member management, originally used in short haul markets hedge sharing after access ofo declined in importance bike minibus service, and some of the functions of express will also be replaced by bike sharing. In the future large travel platform, large data and algorithms will be more efficient integration of user travel demand.

Mobell in conflict with the instinct of this kind of cooperation, WeChat chose to give up drops, because it is for the future of the industry, more conservative views than ofo, on the admission of harvest drops may worry too much. Mobell concern is not big travel platform, but how to put ourselves in a high frequency in the scene overweening.

It's hard to say the difference between the two strategies, but in the final analysis, sharing a bike is a marathon, not a sprint.