This App is not Alipay, but it can open a deposit Mobell, ofo and other 6 kinds of bicycle?

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This App is not Alipay, but it can open a deposit Mobell, ofo and other 6 kinds of bicycle?

2017-05-19 19:48:38 501 ℃

Well, sharing bike wars is basically a war of cards. Red orange yellow green blue purple, seven colors is not enough to share commercial bicycle factory.

In the same battlefield mobile phone users, if you insist on each bike next App, you have a mobile phone screen is very beautiful, but no one did, after all, the platform deposit again cost is not small.

Alipay and WeChat want to do all the shared bicycle only entrance, but due to the interests of WeChat, open ofo, Alipay open Mobell -- two report said their market share is two times the other companies are not compatible with each other, can be said that 120% of the market entry are not unified the bike.

But I recently discovered a "universal car" App flagship is a deposit, a balance, a App, ofo, blue, v-mobile over riding bicycle, bicycle, riding a bicycle. Xiaoming and harrow 6 bike bicycle.

...... So amazing? It won't be a lie.


After downloading the interface and you know shared bicycle almost App, but see on the map that brightly coloured dots You'll see. it slightly.

I try to see the mentality of a deposit of 299 yuan, completed the registration, and then go down to the office building, tried.

The first car sweeps a ofo...... Failed to open, said to be reported several times may be faulty. Take the ofo official client sweep, and indeed it is...... Well, that's also a common situation with ofo.

After second cars, the car opened smoothly:

After scanning, there was no difference in the response speed of ofo and almost sweep client code (even a little faster than Alipay). The unlock code of the ofo bike appears quickly on the screen, and it is unlocked smoothly after input.

Lock the small yellow, I found a blue bike. The unlock process blue bicycle not so smooth, I tried all two cars stuck in the "unlock" no response.

After that, I tried again and the v-mobile be on a par with the market share of ofo:

After the scan is smooth to unlock, and use v-mobile native App no difference. That is to say, at least ofo and Mobell the two giants in the field of bicycle sharing are universal car "attack down".

It is worth noting that all cycling prices are the same as the original App, the Almighty car without any fare increase behavior, but seems to sweep the red bag can not get a red envelope.


My colleagues saw this scene amazed and excited boquwen ofo and v-mobile is going.

But the instinct tells me, let ofo and Mobell two friends in such a not what momentum App cooperation is not possible. Therefore, this versatile vehicle should have achieved this function without contact with the shared bicycle platform altogether.

Think carefully, in fact, the principle is still very simple: universal car may be in their own background, respectively, in 6 shared bike platform registered hundreds of accounts.

When you use a App scan any all-around car sharing bicycle when App will deliver information to the Almighty car two-dimensional code background, background and then randomly select a free account is currently cycling to simulate the scanning motion activated unlock operation.

Finally, the bike in front of you is magically unlocked. Draw a picture like this:

Got it? In order to promote the situation of "harmonious cooperation between individual bicycles", there is no need to cooperate with all bicycle companies!

If the v-mobile and ofo is bicycle sharing platform, so all cars can be said to be "shared bicycle account sharing platform, a shared and shared relationship.

App may also be the most versatile method of making a deposit business: for example, 1000 users pay a deposit to an all powerful vehicle. Through a period of operation, the Almighty car finds the peak value per day, that is, 500 people in the car. So the car can only give the Almighty real sharing bicycle platform pay 600 deposit, then according to the average market share a small yellow car 150, 150, 100 blue Mobell, leaving several 300.

The remaining 400 deposits, that is, all the car's own precipitation funds, you can take money.


But this model is not really good at all.

First, we all experienced the peak morning and evening subway station without a car. In the simple model above, an all-around car is likely to find 1000 users registered at the end of the day, with 1000 in peak hours and no deposit at all.

Moreover, riding a bike without a deposit has become a trend in the sharing of bike areas. If only the financial magic of the deposit is used as a profit point, the future of the all-round car will be a bit too narrow.

In fact, the value of "unified entrance" has also begun to be harvested. If ofo and v-mobile is the biggest competitor in each other's words, the Almighty car is grab business with WeChat, Alipay drops.

He also said that the recent loopholes in the use of the App will be blocked. On the other hand, the blue bicycle reply more direct: "we also tried the App, they can't open our car."

Oh, that's right. Universal car deposit rate is commendable, click the refund one second arrival.

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