3D printing industry gradually cold: who Chaoyang whose grave?

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3D printing industry gradually cold: who Chaoyang whose grave?

2017-06-12 22:05:15 193 ℃

In the twinkling of an eye, CES Asia Exhibition ShangHai Railway Station came third years, this is also the 3D printing category in this exhibition for third years. Compared with 2015 when the establishment of specialized 3D printing area, dozens of exhibitors exhibitors, 3D printing category this year, a lot less, interspersed in the N1 Museum, audio, video, intelligent equipment, robotics based exhibits. Is the 3D printing industry changed, or has the CES Asia show changed? The answer is, both are changing.

CES Asia exhibition, 3D print status, who's Chaoyang, whose grave?

Two years, Hedong, two years, Hexi

There is a saying called "thirty years on the west side, thirty years of Hexi", describing the impermanence of the world, the rise and fall of change. In the consumer electronics industry, the use of "two years, two years Hexi" to describe more appropriate. 3D printing, VR, AR, robotics and artificial intelligence, each of the forefront of hot spots are almost instantaneous detonation concerns, in one to two years later attributed to silence.

In 2015, the first CES Asian exhibition, the audience's curiosity about 3D printing impressed me

In about three years ago, 3D printing in China hot, scenery temporarily no two, and even "3D print into every family" argument. This exhibition from the CES Asia ShangHai Railway Station three years of 3D printing category exhibitors can also see, in the consumer electronics industry, 3D printing attention gradually fade.

Domestic rush to 3D printing boom, 3D printing project or 3D printing start-up enterprises, has also died a batch. Once the DIY type, very immature 3D printer kit is now rare, and that is only a test car enthusiasts' enthusiasm, does not have the application value.

Remember correctly, CEL is the only one of the 3D printing categories that has been exhibiting in CES Asia for three consecutive years

We hold the view that, in the consumer electronics industry, an emerging technology or product, if it can not quickly enter the ordinary people's lives and change people's way of life, it is no more than two years of heat. A good example of this is the smart phone, where Apple created a disruptive mobile phone experience, Android used it for everyone, and finally became part of a normal human life.

• attention diversion in 2017

In 2017 the CES Asia show, 3D printing category attention is no longer, and people quickly turn their attention to virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence. Especially Google AlphaGO in 2016 to 2017, just a year, incredible go record, in the hands of human chess can not find any one can beat AlphaGO. Artificial intelligence, the so-called AI, is the focus of the world.

Once, the Terminator movie inspired people to think about artificial intelligence

Now, AlphaGo has re opened the application of artificial intelligence exploration

While 3D printing category despite low attention, there are still many bright spots. Artec's new handheld wireless 3D scanner, Leo, is really a portable, anytime, anywhere 3D scanning product. The built-in ARM processor and NVIDIA GPU and SSD SSD, standard touch screen, 3D data structure light scanning technology can capture real-time objects and surface color information, and file based storage; follow through wireless network can transfer to the PC for further processing. Of course, its scanning accuracy and performance are improved.

Artec Leo handheld wireless 3D scanner

The workers are scanning a piece of Art

The Leo 3D scanner has many uses, simple operation, and accurate, fast and convenient 3D scanning.

There are Polysher 3D weikong prints polishing machine Rainpower display, with PolySmooth 3D printing supplies, can be formed on the surface of the effect is very smooth and bright in a short time after fumigation ethanol vapor, similar to electronic products, piano paint effect. Moreover, because of alcohol, the whole polishing process is non-toxic and harmless. It is also safe enough to touch the goods directly by hand, and provides a new polishing method with excellent results.

Polysher polishing machine

3D print headset display model before polishing and after polishing contrast

CES Asia Exhibition 3D printing category highlights, so that 3D scanning, +3D printing industry has become more perfect, more abundant means, more widely used.

Whose grave is whose morning sun?

In the consumer electronics industry, 3D printing is not dead, went into the grave? 3D Systems has discontinued the home 3D printer, the MakerBot steering education and professional consumer (Prosumer), and the 3D printing category at the CES Asia show is becoming less and less, and it looks like this. However, we believe that it is the evolution of commercial 3D printing that affects the consumer electronics industry in another way.

Stratasys next generation clustered 3D printing technology

3D Systems next generation 3D printing technology Figure 4

That is customization, accelerated design, research and development, improved product experience, and even direct manufacturing. The material is more abundant, including nylon, polyester, composite materials, composite materials, metal, ceramic, sand, and a variety of modified materials, making 3D printing products have a variety of physical and chemical properties, application requirements, different scenarios. And HP's latest 3D printing technology, you can customize to print the rigidity, flexibility, conductivity and other physical properties.

3D printed material is greatly enriched

There are more efficient 3D printing production methods, in addition to high-speed CLIP 3D printing technology, Stratasys and 3D Systems have launched a new generation of higher clustering and automated 3D printing technology.

So, earplugs, personal customization holding smart glass, more beautiful and comfortable sports watch and practical perfect fit sunglasses, and so on a class of consumer goods will be more humane, with better user experience, and the future of this type of products listed even shorter time, experience more nearly perfect. Ordinary consumers do not perceive 3D printing technology, but this technology subtly changes the way people live.

3D print customized products to shorten the time to market, improve product experience

Borrowed from the text of the Qing Dynasty to sum up, that is, "3D printing has never left," he just exists in a different way".