Internet gambling was arrested 3 million old cannons, 16 year old Tsinghua genius why Germany obsessed flutter?

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Internet gambling was arrested 3 million old cannons, 16 year old Tsinghua genius why Germany obsessed flutter?

2017-08-06 20:00:10 248 ℃

The finance agency Luo Ruixing AI

Yang Shufang, Bian

In July 29th, the original responsible for Xu Zhaojun suspected of gambling crime, has been Procuratorate approved the arrest, becoming the first man was arrested for gambling in recent years in the Internet gangster. Following the end of 2016 poly club events, Internet circle round.

In June 15th this year, Beijing police raided a Dongcheng District restaurant, once brought up Internet veteran Xu Zhaojun was taken away. At this point, Xu Zhaojun has set up gambling here for half a month, tea houses perennial luxury cars gathered, involving more than 300 yuan.

The 16 year old admitted to Tsinghua University, once created the country's largest SNS community, Renren's Internet elite, how is it to this situation today?

The young genius of the golden era

Prior to this, Xu Zhaojun's label has been a genius and elite.

In September 1996, Xu Zhaojun, 16, was admitted to the Department of computer science and technology at Tsinghua University in Xiantao, Hubei. According to the "business weekly" reported that Xu Zhaojun gave the students the impression that he was "very hard", he did not buy in front of the computer, in order to learn typing, do a paper keyboard practice every day in the dormitory.

"My JAVA programming level must be China before 100." Xu Zhaojun told the media. Many people are still living in the campus life when playing the game, he has to go to Zhongguancun to do a part-time project.

He caught up with the wave of the Internet in the early times of the portal. Xu Zhaojun after graduating in 1999, into the Sohu, and soon sit on the seat of the technical director. In 2005, Xu Zhaojun entered the Qianxiang interactive as vice president, and later switched to the predecessor of the campus network of

He is responsible for the school network, a hand driven campus network has become the largest SNS community, Xu Zhaojun himself has gradually become one of the most famous, Web2.0 Internet era figures. In just became profitable, he chose to leave again, enter the grand line.

In February 15, 2011, Xu Zhaojun wrote on micro-blog: "success is accidental, failure is inevitable. But they have to start a breathtaking jump!"

Since then, Xu Zhaojun started a business, then his body more than another label, "serial entrepreneur". He later said in the article, "I especially love has been fighting, fighting together with colleagues. I especially love competition, to fight with the opponent. "

He still chose the most familiar social entrepreneurship as the direction, has done a little bit of light blog site network and voice application pops. Unfortunately, in a brief period of prosperity, the two products are gradually attributed to silence.

But Xu Zhaojun did not give up and did not try to change the track. By the end of 2011, he wrote in micro-blog, "in a highly mature and competitive industry, only the paranoid survive."." In 2014, he again launched anonymous social product crow, still unsuccessful.

"Social networking is my destiny," Xu Zhaojun said.

Too much dedication, enthusiasm for the competition and fighting, is perhaps one of the reasons he now situation.

Dezhou poker is the venture capital circles the most popular games, many investors believe that the table can be seen in the entrepreneurial character. But the development as the main business, Xu Zhaojun should be the first.

His university roommate, Zhou Feng, vice president of NetEase, told the AI financial services agency, "there has been no contact with the DPRK army for several years. To tell you the truth, I don't know the current situation. I also read reports to know about it."."

From Germany to master rushed into the walls

Perhaps it is because business is not smooth, the second half of 2014, Xu Zhaojun often send some Zen Buddhism in micro-blog, "if you can see the earth, the world itself is a miracle, depending on whether you live in the moment, whether mindfulness."

Some media reports, Xu Zhaojun after starting business began to repair Zen, because there is a period of time sleep well, the heart can not decide.

Sounds, meditation and de bashing and gambling, it seems a far cry.

However, Xu Zhaojun said publicly that he started very early on Dezhou poker interest. In 2011, Xu Zhaojun in the early days, micro-blog had little network links, and added: "Dezhou is interested in poker, can focus attention."

Dezhou poker is a game of IQ and EQ test. He is the master. In April 9th this year, Li Kaifu save bureau de on man-machine war, Xu Zhaojun served as a member of Chinese zhidui played.

Xu Zhaojun has also forwarded Li Kaifu micro-blog: "play Dezhou poker see the weakness of human nature: 1. fun (starting with bad cards but not fold (2.), with hopes of low probability events), 3. (for the past cannot shed pay and not give up 4.), overgeneralization (only an example of it conclusion)."

Now it seems that a prophecy.

Xu Zhaojun's next fate is not optimistic. According to the "criminal law" provisions, generally more than 50 thousand gambling is gambling crime; but more than 300 thousand yuan are serious, generally sentenced to 3-10 years.

In fact, in June, Xu Zhaojun was taken away by the police, there is close to him said, "they usually play big, sometimes a board game in the tens of thousands of dollars".

Xu Zhaojun, a recent original micro-blog, stayed in March 12, 2015. He forwarded a photo of himself as the chief executive officer of Beijing dragon Bichi Technology Co. Ltd. the name card, company carrier is little net, pops and mustard campus Xu Zhaojun entrepreneurial projects. In Zhaopin, dragon Bichi until recently still live a number of recruitment specialist positions.

Life is like a snowball. The most important thing is to find the wet snow and the long slope." This is Xu Zhaojun's micro-blog signature. Today, the snowball seems to be out of orbit and rolled into a corner that shouldn't have appeared in his life.

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