Job seekers about online recruitment trap: closing filing fees "after the company disappeared"

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Job seekers about online recruitment trap: closing filing fees "after the company disappeared"

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In recent days, for job seekers and fall into the MLM organizations reported in the newspapers from time to time. In these victims, many people had hoped that through online recruitment information to find a job, not to encounter scam. In addition to marketing, online recruitment trap what?

Reporter Han Dandong.

The newspaper reporter Intern Chen Yao

In recent years, with the rapid development of Internet, network recruitment platform also increased, between the various recruitment platform are also increasingly fierce competition. The development of network recruitment platform, on the one hand, provides more convenience for job seekers, on the other hand due to the false recruitment information increased, also often leads to damage to the interests of job seekers. Network recruitment credibility is high? The "Legal Daily" reporter launched an investigation.

For high paid Logistics

Is the stevedores low salary

Who lives in the town of Baodi District of Tianjin City, big Tun Geng told the "Legal Daily" reporters on the part of his job experience.

At the beginning of this year, Mr. Geng saw a recruitment information in a large exchange of information on the website, the recruitment unit is Tianjin City Cao Zhuang logistics center, the job is about logistics. Recruitment Information Display: the city logistics distribution, pay is 3000 yuan to 5000 yuan; national distribution, treatment is 5000 yuan to 8000 yuan. Job location is in Tianjin Cao zhuang.

Mr. Geng told reporters that the interview was conducted in a small room in Cao Zhuang logistics park. Room with a desk, a two computer on the desk, sat behind the table three.

Mr. Geng recalled, speak to each other in a simple understanding of his situation, and their units receive delivery staff treatment is very high, including lunch, telephone subsidies, bonuses, so it can earn seven thousand or eight thousand yuan for 1 months. After the entry of a probationary period of 1 months, but should go to Beijing for a fire safety training.

Mr. Geng of the "Legal Daily" reporter said, he felt that wages are very good, on the spot signed a contract. However, in contract, recruiters do not let him read the terms of the contract, "I want to look carefully under the contract, but they kept in order to gloss it over".

With doubts after signing the contract, Mr. Geng asked: "the recruitment of staff training in specific locations where?"

The other replied: "being not clear in what place, I'll give you a phone number, your call to Beijing. The training cost is borne by the company, but if you run the training, training costs we have lost, so you need to pay 600 yuan deposit."

Hesitation, job seekers eager Geng or to pay a deposit of 600 yuan. The next day, Mr. Geng take the intercity high-speed rail to Beijing. After arriving in Beijing, Mr. Geng called the recruiter for the phone, the other said in a meeting, no time past members, but gave Mr. Geng an address, let him in the past.

To the designated place, the reception people Geng took away his identity card and ask for a deposit of 100 yuan, and then inform Mr. Geng to train 20 days.

"That I am here training for 20 days, how to pay?" Mr. Geng said.

"He told me that the logistics staff wages and salary is the same, but go to the logistics company payroll, where they will not pay." Mr. Geng of the "Legal Daily" reporter said, "20 days in Beijing, I did not accept the fire training, let me when there is security. 20 days later, the man let me back to the original unit."

A return to Tianjin, Mr. Geng went to Cao Zhuang logistics center, the recruitment unit has gone. Mr. Geng did not give up, and to give the recruiter calls, the other replies that the place is not good, the office has moved to Beijing, let Mr. Geng go to Beijing City, Daxing District. To the Beijing city of Daxing District, the other told Mr. Geng to positive after the deposit can be returned, Mr. Geng didn't promise to work here.

Later, Mr. Geng was arranged to do some kind of work handling and logistics work, not only do not take sides, but the workload is very large, accommodation is also very broken. The original seven thousand or eight thousand yuan monthly salary is not to say, only 3000 yuan. Not only that, the company will be all kinds of names to find Mr. Geng for money.

In addition, the company also does not allow employees to leave, there are people to take care of. Do more than a month, Mr. Geng want to leave here, though did not get wages, but he couldn't stand such a working environment and working conditions. One night a little more, he stood up and went to the outside, the staff asked him what he said to him, go to Restroom. When it was dark, chenzheyese, Mr. Geng trot out of the company.

Second days after returning home, Mr. Geng call the recruiter's phone, found to have been disconnected.

To participate in the training of identity cards

Cannot return to the job

Mr. Li, Baodi District of Tianjin city is also in recruitment trap experience.

In March this year, Mr. Li has contributed several copies of your resume on a recruitment website. Later, Mr. Lee received the interview notice of a hotel.

Mr. Li said: "after signing the contract, the recruitment of staff let me go to a company to participate in the training, just tell the name of the company, and did not tell the location. In a lot of request, the other gave me a phone number."

Mr. Li told reporters, to participate in the training of the company, he first bought a set of clothes, and are required to pay the deposit and ID card. At that time, the other said after training will return the deposit.

Mr. Li in the company training for more than 20 days, the hotel called him, so he hurried back to the hotel. Received the phone number of the hotel, Mr. Li proposed to the company back to the hotel to work, but the company does not agree. A few days later, the hotel again called Mr. Lee, and inform the reporting deadline, but the company is not responsible for training on people.

Mr. Li said: "at this point I have been aware of, but my ID card in their hands, I want to get my ID card again." However, in charge of the training company told Mr. Lee, because the relevant procedures are done, ID cannot give him.

Mr. Li told reporters that he participated in the more than 20 day of training, no salary, he took the money are spent, the bus even no money.

"Training companies go out to leave, but also 24 hours staring at, these makes me doubt." Mr. Li said, later, he borrowed 10 dollars from a join in training people in the night, while people are not prepared to escape over the wall.

Because more than the hotel notice reporting date, Mr. Li couldn't work in a hotel. However, Mr. Li believes that the hotel should be true, but the hotel staff recruitment and training company may act evilly in collusion with the so-called fool, job seekers.

Collect jiandangfei clothing costs

When do not see the recruitment work

Zhang is the Suzhou city of Jiangsu Province, the second grade of a university student in the summer, she wants to find a job to earn some pocket money.

Zhang told the "Legal Daily" reporter, because the summer is very short, and want to find a part-time job as soon as possible, she was in the two large intermediary website cast dozens of resumes, as long as the recruitment of units is not high on the educational requirements, salary is quite satisfactory, she threw a resume. Resume soon, Zhang received dozens of interviews.

Zhang told reporters: "I found through the interview, a few interviews are the same place. Where is Suzhou Kunshan Yoshida International Building."

In the interview, the unit has a claim to be the computer company, Zhang interest, contact the interview. Yoshida International Building downstairs, Zhang dialed the recruiter's phone, soon after, someone will pick up the stairs.

The interview room there was a sign of "enterprises interview center", the other said specifically to help the computer company, long-term cooperation, whether long-term or summer jobs can be.

And Zhang with a group to a dozen people, they filled out a table of information in the interview location, recruiters said the interview has passed, each person must pay the cost of 300 yuan, and 300 yuan is not a deposit, but the filing fee and the cost of clothing.

Zhang said that at that time, she was only 200 yuan, and then pay 150 yuan. To pay, she asked whether there is a recruitment receipt, recruiters said no receipt, after training can work.

The second day, Zhang 150 yuan up the rest, recruiters do a few hours of training to her, mainly on the company's working process and matters needing attention.

"Let me finish the training and recruitment of personnel to the morning of the second day of the interview, we ride to the office." Zhang said, "as a result, when we arrived at the appointed time, but found that the hiring room door closed, left and right, we didn't see anyone."

Editor: Xie Jun