Online "single" high imitation luxury rampant LV bag wholesale price of 100 yuan

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Online "single" high imitation luxury rampant LV bag wholesale price of 100 yuan

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The French luxury brand YSL (YSL) announced the opening of the online sales platform in Chinese. Recently, the luxury brand in the market China strategic adjustment of news reports, recently, LV (Louis Weedon), COACH (coach), Burberry (Bo Baili), Gucci (Gucci) have increased in Chinese online shopping service website. Industry insiders, in operating costs, fake online rampant, the loss of consumer groups under the pressure, luxury brands have to take the transformation strategy.

Present situation

Online "single" high imitation luxury rampant

Because the workplace needs, the company white-collar Zhou in recent years has been in the luxury brand counters all buy, until they buy "original" from colleagues, try to buy a. Received the goods very satisfied, she also specially went to the counter to contrast details, "really do not see the difference," she said, "the key is cheap too much, after that time I opened a single trip."

Beijing Youth Daily reporter survey, any of the above a luxury brand name today, search, will pop up a luxury sale website, they are under the banner of "original name" and "cabbage price" slogan, let people see dazzling, of course, the price will make you feel really compared with authentic is picking up Chinese cabbage. Some leather factory site in Guangzhou, Dongguan, "imported luxury goods overseas LV package supply a single ladies backpack, a price of 300 yuan, the total supply of 1000, MOQ is 1, shipment within 3 days after the payment, and this is Yang Mi with LV single shoulder bag, in the official website of the Hongkong LV price of HK $19900. Burberry a wallet, phishing wholesale price of 100 yuan each, derivative of the retail price of 800 yuan, but this wallet official website priced at 3700 yuan each. In addition, the website also claimed that Fendi, Prada, Chanel wholesale, Dior, Hermes, Gucci international top brands of the original single goods, called "direct use or resale as genuine".

According to industry sources, the so-called original single goods, refers to the single provide materials come by Chinese factories producing goods, production process is defective, or after the completion of the factory orders, secretly making the same product with the remaining ingredients. The biggest feature is the broken code, off color, cut standard, and the number will not be too much. Therefore everywhere online sell so-called original single goods, most of them belong to fake imitation, the customer for the fabric, the original hardware are blown out.

Purchasing genuine fake marketable extrusion

A European brand of micro agents Tucao: genuine price is too high, are counterfeit market squeeze, the hands of the authentic but not sell, in addition to the store to shop with the user, are like." According to her introduction, counterfeit brands can be divided into two kinds, one is the owner of Hongkong high imitation, to come back after a genuine, open direct imitation, imitation of this quality is relatively good, but the price is relatively high. The other one is inferior knockoffs, imitation of a luxury brand T-shirt using 5 yuan inventory cloth, cloth defective one meter, a manual die 1 yuan, selling 10 yuan a have earned. Moreover, a "fake clothes, bags and what is not difficult, imitation was somewhat similar, the picture was better, can be sold."

It is understood that luxury brands and electricity supplier fake struggle has lasted many years. As early as 2013, LV had reached China and an electricity supplier of counterfeit goods boycott agreement, and signed a memorandum of understanding, in order to avoid the emergence of electronic business platform of counterfeit products, has started to remind and withdrawn from the system, but the effect is not ideal.

In July 31st this year, Laurent (YSL) announced the start of online sales in Chinese, this is an important step in expanding the brand for the rapid growth of the domestic market Chinese forward. Laurent CEO said that the brand will cooperate with the British online fashion retailer Farfetch, an online sales platform with the Jingdong joint venture for its products. This shows the importance of Chinese Laurent, the domestic luxury market exceeded the industry concerns about the problem of fake. The brand said, Farfetch cooperation with Jingdong to help ease the problem of fake China market worries.

The CEO also said: "the protection against fake brand is the basic requirements for intrusion Laurent," the agreement with Farfetch will ensure the safety of our customers at the same time enjoy shopping service."

According to a 2017 Chinese luxury report shows that in 2016 there were 7 million 600 thousand households China families buy luxury goods, more than the total number of households in Malaysia or Holland. Among them, the average annual household consumption of luxury goods amounted to 71 thousand yuan, is two times that of France and Italy families.

The electricity supplier to luxury official flagship store

It is worth mentioning that, at present in the Jingdong, Tmall two business platform to luxury official flagship store. Jingdong in the mall, search "luxury", also can see many international brands, but the seller is not the brand's official flagship store, which are some of the global purchase business, overseas franchise stores, although the owner claimed that the "direct tax package, free postage, but reporters saw the vast majority of products monthly turnover of 0 pens, buyers evaluation the number is 0. While Tmall international, searched the whole network only a Prada female leopard handbag, owner is also an overseas franchise stores, but also the monthly turnover of 0 pens, buyers evaluation number is 0.

It is understood that the long time of international luxury brands do not want to open the electronic commerce in Chinese market, the main reason is because the Chinese market with a large number of fake problem, in May this year, the media broke the news, a lot of cross-border business, sea Amoy businesses joint courier companies, courier documents through fraud, suspected of selling fake behavior.

Another reason is that the international luxury brands have also suffered fake problems in cooperation with China electronic business platform. LV has sued a Chinese electricity supplier three merchants selling fake shoes and handbags, a Beijing court has accepted the case. According to court officials, 3 suspects from 2011 to 2014, Louis Weedon sales of counterfeit goods is lucrative, so the defendant is a serious infringement of trademark infringement definition.

At the beginning of April this year, Chanel to selling by the Amazon business platform about 30 sellers to court. The reason is the illegal selling branded mark handbags, T-Shirts, mobile phone shell and other goods. The amount of compensation payable for each defendant verdict is lowered to $100 thousand (about 678 thousand yuan).


The low cost of illegal Internet caused by rampant fakes

Electronic commerce research analysts, the current electricity supplier of luxury goods channels mainly has three kinds: one is the electricity supplier to employ foreign buyers of bulk purchase, this channel has certain guarantee product quality, but the price is relatively high; two is to allow qualified third party vendors through electronic business platform for sales, this year only pay the deposit to the electricity supplier, no to apply for a business license, no supervision of sales channels, electricity providers to become the hardest hit by the spread of fake luxury goods market; three is the authorized sales of luxury brands, but because of luxury brands in order to ensure the commodity market status and origin of authentic, not easily licensed brands to sell electricity, currently available China brand licensing business platform scanty.

In the face of the flood of online fake luxury brand appraisal rights difficult. This is because the brand stores often refused to identify the inspection of non authorized sales channels of goods, and luxury leather goods counterfeiting difficulty is relatively small, the cost of fraud is very low. At the same time, the majority of consumers are not familiar with the details of the luxury brand, unable to identify the authenticity, causing difficulty in defending. At present, the market accounted for the vast majority of non brand licensing, once the sale of infringing goods, counterfeit goods and other illegal business practices, the business sector can only be based on product quality law, trademark law and other laws and regulations to investigate, the punishment is limited, the lack of effective punishment for.


Luxury brands have to choose online platform

Insiders pointed out that in fact, online sales is not for luxury, luxury brands for both self electricity supplier channels, or in cooperation with the third party business platform, the biggest pain point is how to resolve the consumers questioned business platform for the supply of luxury goods, "a few million things, not careful, face to face inspection, and commissioned third party service, how to ensure the authenticity of the goods sent to the hands of consumers." On the other hand, the lack of luxury decoration, VIP fengruo store shopping experience, consumers in the process of "luxury" discount.

However, the operating costs continue to rise, online popular consumer groups, copycat goods serious loss under the pressures of luxury brand companies are no longer sit still, have to make strategic adjustment again, close the store. According to a large data center monitoring win, the first quarter of 2014 to the first quarter of 2017, the central business district of Beijing shopping center rents the first floor of the average growth of 14%, an average increase of 3% QoQ, the first floor rents in 1166-1615 yuan / square meters / month, the overall upward trend. According to the headquarters of the LV revealed that the closure of part of selling underperforming stores this year, including 8 in Chinese. LV said, we need to put more energy into the online platform. In July 20th, LV launched the official business in China, even support alipay. 24 S vres business platform group level has also been on the line.

Then, the electricity supplier can become the Savior of luxury brands? Insiders said that in 2017 the global luxury consumption recovery, mainly due to three factors, respectively Chinese consumers gradually increased purchasing power of luxury goods in Europe, the restoration of the tourism industry and the millennial generation consumer attitudes change. However, market participants said that although the millennial generation grew up in the mobile phone and computer and other electronic equipment company, but this does not mean that millennials do not need physical retail stores, many millennials will still choose to buy luxury goods in the store.

How big sell online

Burberry (Bo Baili): Burberry official website launched online shopping platform, consumers can order through Alipay, bank card, delivery time in 15 days, can also choose to store delivery.

Gucci (Gucci): in July 5th of this year officially opened the official online store in China, consumers can through WeChat, Alipay and other online payment, enjoy free delivery service within the scope of national standard.

LV (Louis Weedon): July 20th announced the official launch of the official website of the online shopping service in Chinese. Beijing Youth Daily reporter yesterday learned that the investigation, LV business style, price and store synchronization, and free delivery costs.

YSL (YSL): July 31st announced that it will begin in Chinese online sales.

Editor: Hu Jing

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