After the summit of millet, other wearable devices, how many opportunities?

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After the summit of millet, other wearable devices, how many opportunities?

2017-08-10 20:23:15 146 ℃

Time finance app Luo Yanshan

Research firm Strategy Analytics latest survey report shows that in the second quarter, the global wearable device shipments reached 21 million 600 thousand, representing an increase of 8%. Among them, Chinese manufacturers millet in wearable devices market beyond apple, Fitbit topped the list for the first time.

Strategy Analytics analyst Steven Waltzer said, compared with 20 million in the two quarter of 2016, the global wearable device shipments grew 8%, China strong demand for low-priced fitness bracelet, and American consumers love more high-end smart watches products.

Millet wearable device shipments first

Data show that in the second quarter of 2017, millet wearable devices worldwide shipments of 3 million 700 thousand, Q2 growth of 23% in 2016 3 million; shipments of Apple watch is 2 million 800 thousand, an increase of 56%; while Fitbit shipments of 3 million 400 thousand, down 40%, the market share from 29% last year fell 16%.

Strategy Analytics mentioned in the report, millet bracelet is very popular in the market Chinese, because it not only has a very competitive pricing, also provides a heart rate monitor, pedometer, calendar and message reminder feature rich.

Ranked second in the "big brother" Fitbit on the enemy, there are Apple Watch of such high-end smart watches, there are millet bracelet so cheap entry-level products, product positioning is now facing the problem of embarrassing Fitbit.

The TrendForce topology Research Institute of wearable devices analyst Cai Zhuoshao to the era of financial analysts believe that this year Fitbit sales fell sharply, because it began to focus on the watch while ignoring the original Bracelet business from last year, plus Fitbit compared to millet, there is no so-called price advantage.

That is, another market research firm IDC Q1 in the quarter of this year's wearable device market report has millet as the first, though Strategy Analytics statistical results will be the apple in the first row, but the data also show that the gap between millet and apple has been very close to. Said China Science and technology founder and CEO Huang Wang in June this year in an interview, "last year that the first quarter of this year will exceed Fitbit."

The market is steadily rising

Times financial sorting data found that, since the birth of Apple Watch, wearable device Market shipments of the top three brands have been Fitbit, apple and millet, most of which ranked first Fitbit. Apple Watch was launched on April 2015, time finance based on third party public data, the three brands from the second quarter of 2015 to the second quarter of 2017 global quarterly shipments are sorted as follows:

Data sources: Strategy, Analytics, IDC mapping: time finance

As you can see, although last year's Apple Watch Series 2 production capacity problems, but Apple Watch shipments are still set a new record (in 2016 Q4 quarter shipments of 4 million 600 thousand). Millet performance has been relatively robust. And long-term entrenched first Fitbit down the trend of severe, once apple and millet are catching up.

Fitbit released its 2 quarter earnings on Wednesday, showing a net loss of $58 million 200 thousand, compared with a net profit of $6 million 300 thousand a year earlier. At the same time, Fitbit revealed that due to delays in production problems, the new smart watches that were expected to be on sale in the holiday season. Whether Fitbit can redeem the market depends on the performance of the new product.

It is worth noting that, the report shows that the current total of three wearable device shipments are still less than 50%, or this means that other brands in the wearable market still has a lot of room to rise.

Cai Zhuoshao said to the financial times, in addition to the three large manufacturers, followed by Samsung, Jia Ming and many other manufacturers, their situation is not bad, consumer preferences will be reflected in other more products, so the other wearable equipment brands, there are still many challenges in space.

Fade aura wearable device market, the birth of many failures. Motorola announced the cessation of updated products, smart watch originator Pebble was acquired, once the smart Bracelet giant Jawbone struggling after the end of the sale of assets. Samsung Electronics, LG and other enterprises failed to open the market. With many developers to abandon the development and application of smart watches, and the withdrawal of applications from stores, foreign media Business Insider even believe that wearable products become the next computing platform concept has been declared shattered.

Although the market for wearable devices sought after, the heat is not as good as before, but industry analysts generally believe that, on the whole, the industry bubble in capital cut, the market is still steadily rising. Cai Zhuoshao also pointed out that, in these two or three years, wearable device market or will not have explosive growth, but will be relatively smooth, step by step upward. According to IDC expects, in 2021 the world's wearable device market will double, shipments will reach 240 million.

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