Science and technology circle, the decline of aristocracy, Baotuan, the main one word: expensive!

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Science and technology circle, the decline of aristocracy, Baotuan, the main one word: expensive!

2017-08-10 20:24:56 138 ℃

"Like you this kind of fresh and refined beauty of the girl, a look with the outside of the flirtatious goods are not the same."". This is very hot on the Internet stem, and now if used in August 8th to get together to return to the Chinese market several old brands who feel very suitable.

"August 8", three hair. Do not know beforehand, or pure coincidence, three former chiefs of global science and technology circles have chosen this day to return China market, launched the new product, and are exclusive and Jingdong (which can be broken down by Jingdong 3C for Hu Shengli, a day three conference site 23333).

As one of the international giants, after a lot of sinking, SHARP, blackberry and VAIO have been reloaded in different identities.

VAIO without the blessing of SONY Dafa, SHARP and BlackBerry have become "domestic brands"". However, despite the identity change, but after many years of accumulation, the brand positioning is already set, so they are not meant to like some domestic brands, in order to win more customers and the market is down, go on the road with a low-cost high.

However, the "declining aristocracy", which insists on taking the high-end route, is afraid to become a niche brand. After all, the important factor in selling high-end brands - brand premium capability - has been very blurred on them.

Returning to China is a good choice, but feelings are not worth it

In addition to the same time to return, the same high-end positioning, feelings card became the three most important card at the conference. Throughout the three conference, no one is talking about the past glory of the brand.

However, the hero does not mention the bravery of the year, not to mention the fact that they are not the same hero.

In VAIO, for example, SONY's VAIO laptop, which used to be synonymous with "high power grids", is similar to Microsoft's surface and DELL's XPS range. But three years ago, arm to survive SONY stripping the VAIO business, as a result of Chinese reluctantly withdrew from the market.

The Chinese market after three years of VIAO, VAIO Z and VAIO S13 launched two new series in the ID design and hardware configuration are not outstanding, positioned slightly lower VAIO S13 series price up to 9488 yuan, VAIO Z series, the price is as high as 13288 yuan...

See this price, really understand the value of faith, in addition, there will be a kind of apple, Microsoft, good conscience.


In terms of literal data alone, VAIO is a bit short of competitors at the same level. Although VAIO at the press conference also specifically said that all the VAIO laptop from design to production will be completed in Japan Azumino factory, is the real "Made in Japan".

However, today's Chinese market is no longer a "foreign moon than China", in the current competitive market, the original import is probably not a factor in the premium.

SHARP aquos S2

In addition to VAIO, the other two mobile phone manufacturers also continued their previous brand positioning. SHARP's pricing is not too high, in the design of the terminal hardware configuration and full screen, starting price of 2499 yuan is not much more than the domestic manufacturers even expensive, main models and OV line brand not much difference between.

This pricing standard is also a continuation of SHARP's previous brand positioning. After all, even in that year with the design of beautiful clamshell mobile phone capture countless fans heyday, SHARP is not a particularly high-end brand, and now this price, although not expensive, but not cost-effective.

And in terms of blackberry, as the mobile phone industry "old aristocracy", blackberry impression to consumers, in addition to the whole keyboard, business, security and so on, it is expensive. After all, when the iPhone 3GS era, blackberry in the country on the price of more than 4000 yuan. The price is not cheap today, let alone 7 or 8 years ago.

Classic BlackBerry 9900

The feelings, the BlackBerry is a force for the propaganda of the three dynasties, blackberry had classical models are brought to the conference site. In addition, the country will also invite the loyal fans to the scene, in the whole process of the conference, products accounted for only a very short period of time, the fans and the BlackBerry Leadership Forum has become the protagonist of the conference.

BlackBerry KEYone

All this action is telling the outside world that BlackBerry is a high-end brand with a rich history. Therefore, although the national version of the KEYone configuration on the upgrade, but compared with the price of 3999 yuan, it is still difficult to call it "super value.".

Throughout the old brand of the regression process, feelings have become everyone's biggest selling point. However, the current Chinese market sentiment is not worth the money, the user is difficult to pay the past glorious enterprise. So, take the feelings of things, is tantamount to gain profit in risk.

Continuation of brand positioning is correct, but it is destined to niche pattern

In addition to the mobile phone industry is not enough high-end SHARP, blackberry and VAIO have continued its own high-end positioning. In addition to its traditional positioning restrictions, the cost of its return to the Chinese market, compared to a number of domestic brands, but also much higher.

At present, the global PC market is in a period of sustained decline. According to Gartner data, this year the global second quarter PC total shipments of 61 million 100 thousand units, down 4.3% over the same period last year. In addition, in the VAIO to leave the three years, this is not much of the PC market and ushered in HUAWEI, millet and other wave of new forces......

In addition, China's smart phone market is showing a downward trend. IDC submitted the second quarter of this year data show that China's smartphone market shipments fell 0.4%, users demand for smart phones is declining. As the consumer market downturn, IDC has suggested mobile phone manufacturers to adjust market expectations, the corresponding reduction in product shipments.

Therefore, for these old brands of return, the face has entered the "knockout" of China's IT market, if the flow of choice, cost-effective Road, it is possible to quickly out in the fierce competition. Locking the segment, market segments, and fixed target users is undoubtedly a better choice.

Third party research institutions Counterpoint research director Meng Yan accounted pointed out that the current market for new entrants to enter the ranks of the top five is unlikely, but if the main market segments can still survive in the market China. So, although VAIO without SONY's belief in addition, SHARP and BlackBerry have turned to others, but they insisted before the continuation of the market position, deep market segments selected from commercial terms is not wrong, but this choice also determines its future niche.

As for the niche brand can survive in the Chinese market is very good, the performance depends on the specific market day after. Maybe they'll be the next hammer, or maybe the next LG or HTC.

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