Employees receive salaries after leaving the music as music: Jia raised money will be normal wages

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Employees receive salaries after leaving the music as music: Jia raised money will be normal wages

2017-08-10 20:41:37 246 ℃

Laday Lei Jianping August 10th reported net

Also to the music as salary day, today or as the day of repayment of music, the day of payment of wages, as music can pay wages to the staff, causing concern.

According to informed sources in the United Network revealed LETV listed system today has been the normal payment of wages, as the cause of new music, music, music as cloud sports have been reissued wages last month.

Last month, 10, including music holdings, music, sports, music, mobile and other non listed system employees did not pay wages.

As the holding said, because as the holding and unlisted system facing tight financial difficulties, the company decided to postpone a month salary in July to August 10th release, but for social security, provident fund to pay part, ensure full payment.

Since then, some employees have been regarded as wages on the Beijing Chaoyang District labor and personnel arbitration court for labor arbitration. August 2nd, the music as the wages of employees submitted to labor arbitration results announced, music as payment of wages deadline clear to August 10th.

Now look, music holding has been reissued as scheduled last month arrears employees, leaving employees wages.

As music holdings still default music as non listed system, August wages have not yet been released on schedule. While a small number of listed music system as listed in the music, but in fact as the music based non listed system employees received wages last month, this month did not get.

A music as listed system sources, non listed system staff wages arrears problem is being resolved in coordination.

A music holding company sources said, as the company's financial company said that the bank is on-site processing, if not paid tonight, some will be released tomorrow. Tomorrow will be all paid out.

"This Tuesday Jia Total (Note: Jia Yueting) arrived in Hongkong, through hard work finally to raise funds first, to solve the system of unlisted employees in July 10th delayed wages and severance payments, wages of employees in August 10th has been the normal payment of severance payments in August, will raise the money immediately after issue."

The sources said, as the holding this wage is not easy, at noon today, said this month could still not be paid wages, 3 pm in Hongkong Jia Yueting only raised money to domestic employees began to pay 4 p.m..

For suppliers arrears, music Holdings said it is still further efforts.

According to sources from the investment industry, as music holdings may sell cool and other assets, and then withdraw some funds.

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