The password is more complex and better? It is all wrong!

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The password is more complex and better? It is all wrong!

2017-08-11 04:59:30 144 ℃

Many white-collar workers are facing such problems, for safety reasons, they have to set up a very complex and difficult to remember the password, which is full of all kinds of random numbers and symbols. However, all kinds of encryption from site ID to your hard disk file, you sure you really can remember so many passwords?

A report from the expert advice

When setting the password, we are reminded to try some complex, it is best to uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special symbols mixed, "Wohao5huA!", "P@55w0rd", "Uj3k@u90", and the best regular replacement, but in fact, this is wrong!

In 2003, when Bill Burr worked for the United States government proposed the "Bible" in the field of security password: use uppercase letters, numbers and non alphabetic symbols, the reason is complex password is difficult to guess, he also suggested that always change your password.

However, this password does not improve safety, but let the computer system becomes more secure, because the user can repeatedly use the same password or password will be recorded in the computer screen notebook to prevent myself forgotten.

Add numbers and symbols and can not improve the password for "brute force" network attack immunity. In brute force, the computer will continue to try every combination of letters, until the right password.

"I now regret the advice." Mr. burr said. He has retired now. "I completely wrong direction."

He also said that the proposal to modify the password regularly is wrong, because most people will only change one letter, for example the password username1 into username2, and it can't prevent hacker attacks.

Set a new password for

The United States National Institute of science and technology has now been updated password guidelines, including key points:

- don't reuse passwords

- the size of a combination of letters password is not safe, little significance

- the better choice is very long but easy to remember passwords or phrases, such as "shangfangwenqlovesmydirvers" than "Wohao5huA!" is much more difficult to crack.

In the safer way is to use double verification, such as landing SMS confirmation

Well, in the face of such experts and suggested that the lion is also very headache, if you really want a gossip, I want to say: password this thing, you will......