Jia Yueting's former life"

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Jia Yueting's former life"

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Jia Yueting made before the little-known experience

Along with the music as the myth of wealth, is a mystery

The common evaluation early know who Jia Yueting is

His thinking is scarce, difficult to replicate his success

 In October 2015, Jia Yueting presided over the music as a new conference in Beijing. Map / New

Jia Yueting.

Text / Chen Wei

This paper starts from the 816th issue of "Newsweek" China

"Jia Yueting going back home!" Recently, continuous news LETV chairman Jia Yueting to return home, even Jia Yueting whereabouts became a part of the ridicule scripts.

Similarly, in his hometown of Shanxi Jia Yueting "north high village villagers also misses him," niuwa what happened?"

The north is the village belongs to Shanxi County of Xiangfen province Linfen Fen town, the total area of 98 thousand square meters. The village along the main road north road, through the village boundary trail can be seen not far from the mountain ranges, the local people called "the mountains of the Lvliang mountains".

According to local villagers, the village forming the earliest can be traced back to the Southern Dynasties period. Since the Ming Dynasty Chongzhen emperor, lush vegetation, abundant rainfall, fertile soil in the course of time, gradually, the crop harvest year after year. After this population growth, gradually formed a large village, because this land as fertilizer grease, fat stomach is named "the north will produce good harvests, fertile village, the local people used to be called" the village north village".

44 years ago, "the famous businessman" Jia Yueting was born in a village high in the North "".

People can not be copied

Jia Yueting has a brother, a sister, a brother called Jia Yuemin, 5 year old big Jia Yueting, big sister named Jia Yuefang, 10 year old Jia yueting.

Jia Yueting's childhood friend Wang Yanhu told China "news weekly", Jia Yueting's yard also recently trimmed, the previous environment worse, "the past is a typical adobe...... His family by his father that salary support, it is not easy."

The house without glass, Jia Yueting's father with a sheet of plastic windows, resist cold.

According to the villagers, Jia Yueting's father is a local teacher, mother has no fixed work.

Jia Yueting, nicknamed "niuwa", even if the time has passed for nearly 40 years, the villagers are familiar with Jia Yueting is still difficult to change. It was thought that the niuwa pass the college entrance examination, when a teacher in the city." A villager recalled.

Wang Yanhu memories, Jia Yueting child is naughty, but as a man of loyalty, flexible, playful, sometimes playing truant, "but the scores can be".

When Jia Yueting was in high school, his brother and sister has been admitted to the University, leave the countryside, regarded at the time as the pride of the village.

"Jia Yueting speaks like a book." In Wang Yanhu's view, although Jia Yueting and other rural child love, truancy, fighting, but each test scores are very good, this is Jia Yueting with other children age difference.

Wang Yanhu clearly remember the age of Jia Yueting, "he is now 44 years old, his wife called Wei Gan, a pair of twins."

"Jia Yueting's parents for their education is not very strict, there is little corporal punishment, is probably the only once for Jia Yueting truancy, his mother beat him." Wang Yanhu said.

In a village high in the north, Jia Yueting spent his childhood, even later on the high school, he was not far away from the village. Jia Yueting high school is a high school in Fencheng town of Xiangfen County, North Village is only 8.2 km distance, driving less than 15 minutes.

Fencheng town of Xiangfen County High School President Zhao Jianzhong told the "China news weekly", in Jia Yueting, but the site of the high school classroom, "Jia Yueting since graduation and never came back".

At that time Jia Yueting's performance in the class for Jia Yueting, his final report card shows that a high score of 555.5 points, ranked seventh in the class.

Jia Yueting graduated from high school, successfully admitted to the Shanxi College of Finance and taxation. The school president Zhao Lisheng told the "Chinese news weekly", the school has a profound historical heritage, also has a strong alumni resources. However, Jia Yueting did not come back, and I have heard that he talked about his alma mater in public ".

Zhao Lisheng recalls, Jia Yueting is a graduate of the 92 level financial professional, performance is moderate, there have been make-up experience, but the computer scores were significantly higher than that of other subjects. Jia Yueting's hobby is playing guitar, "is a literary youth".

In the eyes of colleagues and students, Jia Yueting is a very decisive person, has its own very strong minded, also has a very strong executive ability. "Some ideas but poor execution, obviously, Jia Yueting does not belong to this kind of person." Zhao Lisheng said.

"I am in the school not propaganda Jia Yueting, because he is not representative." In Zhao Lisheng's view, Jia Yueting thought with his training school are not necessarily linked, mainly rely on their own. His thinking is scarce, not everyone can have, Jia Yueting's success is hard to be copied.

In public, Jia Yueting rarely mentioned his past people for his understanding is largely stay in Jia Yueting music era, the story hidden in Zhao Lisheng seems to be reflected, Jia Yueting inferiority was born in general, no bright degree and school background, the same Jia Yueting grand goals are misfits.

In 2012, Jia Yueting donated a wells to the north is the village, the villagers Jia Yueting erected a monument on merit monument, wrote, "Jia Xinan and chairman Jia Yueting LETV jointly agreed by Jia and his son donated more than eighty yuan". In the inscription, also recorded the Jia's son had donated for the village built a tower.

From the provincial capital to Beijing

In 1995, Jia Yueting graduated from the Shanxi province finance and Taxation College School, with his girlfriend Li Li to Yuanqu County, started their own occupation career, and then married Li Li.

Li Li Jia Yueting while studying in Shanxi province finance and Tax College classmates. According to insiders, Li Li is Shanxi County of Yuanqu Province, and Li Li's father Li Guangbin was Yuanqu County Deputy magistrate.

Li Guangbin retired after the establishment of the Yuanqu County Green Wind breeding limited liability company (later known as the "green wind farming"). Recently, Li Guangbin's illness is more serious. Now the company responsible for the basic Yuanqu County Water Conservancy Bureau Director Zhang before." Li Li's mother told Chinese "Newsweek".

Li Li's mother told Chinese "Newsweek", with Jia Yueting Li Li in the university is free love, for Li Li's marriage, she and Li Guangbin are not too much intervention.

After graduating from the University of Jia Yueting in Yuanqu County Local Tax Bureau once (later known as Yuanqu County Local Taxation Bureau) work over a period of time, work is to do network administrator.

According to the Local Taxation Bureau of Yuanqu County Office Director Zhang Wei recalled, Jia Yueting is in the tax system reform, from the financial system into the Local Taxation bureau. "At the time of tax diversion, Jia Yueting entered the Local Taxation Bureau at that time."

Zhang Wei said, when Jia Yueting's salary of about 300 yuan. At that time, the salary of about 300 yuan can meet consumer demand, but also the income of civil servants, the job that many people envy.

"Jia Yueting was here to work for less than one year left. Later Jia Yueting had started school of excellence in the position of Yuanqu county middle school on the edge of occupation." Zhang Wei told the "Chinese news weekly".

Similarly, Li Li's mother told Chinese "news weekly", after the departure of Jia Yueting to establish an excellent school this matter, when she and Li Guangbin do not know.

"In Yuanqu County, Jia Yueting and Li Liyu have a child." Wang Yanhu told the "Chinese news weekly", with Jia Yueting Li Li after the divorce, the children always follow the life of Li Li. Later, Li Li is married to the north of the village, the children came. "Until recently, children to life in Beijing".

Jia Yueting was the Local Taxation Bureau colleague Li Ze recalled, after Jia Yueting left the Yuanqu County Tax Bureau, the first venture is excellent schools. Later, Jia Yueting founded the Yuanqu County Superior Industrial Co., Ltd., the company's business scope is very broad, as long as the money basically do."

Jia Yueting's occupation experience is very complicated, "Jia Yueting did the school, not only is the computer training, also had done private schools, at the same time, also involved in the steel business and coal business. Jia Yueting's business has no fixed basic category, basic is what to make money to do what, as long as there is a chance to make money, Jia Yueting will do." Jia Yueting's college classmate Li Long said.

Li Long told the "Chinese news weekly", Jia Yueting had bought a SUV, looking for suitable projects and partners in different county. This is in constant search for the process, Jia Yueting's wealth is expanding, it also laid the foundation for the later development of Jia yueting.

As the business grew, around 2000, Jia Yueting began to develop in Taiyuan and Changzhi city. LETV IPO prospectus shows: in July 1999, Jia Yueting set up Taiyuan sinotel Electronic Engineering Co. Ltd. (later known as Taiyuan sinotel), including the operation of electric power fittings, leak protection equipment and electronic products wholesale and retail.

Shanxi siebr Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (later known as Shanxi siebr) was founded in 2002, its capital movements are more frequent. From the eye survey data that, in the beginning, the establishment of the Shanxi West, Jia Yueting invested 700 thousand yuan, the total registered capital of 1 million yuan. In less than a year, the company's earnings growth at an alarming trend, less than a year, several shareholders have the capital, the registered capital of 1 million yuan from the rapid development to the registered capital of 30 million yuan, this time Jia Yueting still owns 80% of the shares, invested 24 million yuan.

Earnings data LETV listed after the disclosure shows that in 2009, the net assets of Shanxi siebr was 149 million 994 thousand and 400 yuan, the total assets of 166 million 856 thousand and 100 yuan, asset liability ratio is only 10%, net profit of 8 million 548 thousand and 100 yuan.

Li Long told the "China news weekly", Shanxi siebr Communication Technology Co., Ltd. the main business is to provide services for the remote base station signal amplification, remote areas for mobile telecom operators.

According to the surging news, Jia Yueting is the "base station equipment business in Taiyuan by fortune. In 2002, Jia Yueting during a meal, occasionally there from the adjacent desk guest heard the term "base station equipment", he is keenly aware that the telecom industry is developing rapidly, and the base station battery was almost blank market. In 2002, Jia Yueting set up a project supporting base station based science and technology company, is Shanxi siebr, and within a year, got most of the business in Shanxi Unicom, earn pours.

In 2003, Jia Yueting as a natural person shareholder of the establishment of Beijing infoark Technology Co. Ltd. (later known as Beijing sinotel). In November 10, 2004, Jia Yueting registered LETV information technology (Beijing) Limited by Share Ltd (later called "LETV").

In 2006, Jia Yueting founded the United Xbell communication technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (later known as Xbell Technology), the initial registered capital of 18 million yuan. November 2007 listed on the main board of Singapore, the main business for the research and development of computer software and network products and system integration. With the continuous increase in 2013, the registered capital of the company has reached 43 million U.S. dollars. On the main board of Singapore, the company's name is Sinotel Technologies, through the listing of the company, the financing scale of nearly 200 million yuan. LETV listed after the disclosure announcement claimed that Jia Yueting will be part of Shanxi siebr assets injected Sinotel Technologies.

According to insiders, from Taiyuan to Beijing, Jia Yueting had a change of marriage. Jia Yueting once was an employee of Taiyuan sinotel working contacts, but soon broke up. In Beijing, Jia Yueting met his current wife Wei Gan.

The unsolved puzzle of wealth

Jia Yueting from Beijing after the establishment of Siebel, Siebel technology founded on the one hand, inherited Beijing Siebel technology strength, and establish the plan listed in Singapore, LETV, continue to explore new profit model.

LETV co-founder Liu Hong Jia Yueting once said, in the eve of the establishment of LETV, Lao Jia "at that time there have been several billion net worth, but I live with an apartment near the rent in zizhuyuan".

2004, LETV publicly for the first time the introduction of his own company, the official website of this presentation: LETV LETV information technology (Beijing) is a Limited by Share Ltd focused on mobile phone 3G mobile streaming media service providers, the company mainly engaged in Internet users to provide network services, network video SD video service, personal TV enterprise services, TV services, mobile phone users for mobile phone TV service platform for advertisers to provide video advertising services.

According to the Sohu financial reports, Jia Yueting LETV established the main purpose is to become the 3G era of mobile phone media content providers, but a 3G enabled mobile phone application technology, there will be a huge innovation, is not only the function of mobile phone, including a variety of software, music, ringtones, games and so on will also get great progress in performance.

However, the financial Sohu mentioned, LETV early Jia Yueting did not get a 3G license, to carry out this let LETV 3G mobile phone streaming service by the many restrictions. In order to make early registration LETV profit, Jia Yueting changed the profit model of mobile phone media in a timely manner, will be transferred to the PC content of entrepreneurship, profit by playing video content on the PC terminal.

At the time, many of the PC media profit model is relatively single, "according to the comparative analysis of" all media era media multi profit model of the paper describes, early video sites only profit model is through the introduction of huge traffic, attract advertisers to join. This pattern is not only applicable to the 2005 launch of YouTube, is also applicable to China followed by tudou.com and youku.com.

However, the new road to find the Jia Yueting competition in many video sites to attract advertising, that is in the era of rampant piracy of video, Jia Yueting became the two selling genuine copyright "".

LETV prospectus, 2007, LETV buy movies and TV shows the average price of 17 thousand and 400 yuan / Ministry, in 2008 26 thousand and 800 yuan / Department, procurement in 2009 amounted to 7 times the sum of the previous two years, the average price of 14 thousand and 700 yuan / Ministry, so far, LETV catapulted Jia Yueting into the largest hoard of copyright the website for Chinese video website.

According to statistics, LETV copyright cost accumulation is very small, the cost of copyright three years do not add up to 60 million yuan.

By the end of 2007, the State Administration of Radio Film and television (now the State Press and Publication Administration ") and the Ministry of information industry jointly issued the" fifty-sixth orders ", requiring all content broadcast video website should have formal copyright. Thus, from the beginning of 2009, copyright prices by leaps and bounds.

As the fabric of the deputy general manager Hu Yijun gave an example: "in 2006 the first new media copyright price TV drama called" swordsman ", 80 sets sold a total of 100 thousand, an average of 1250 yuan per set; later," my head of my group "is a set of 20 thousand yuan by 2010; new masterpiece," journey to the west "," a dream of Red Mansions "(old and new)," Water Margin ", has been to 100 thousand or 20 in 2011 and 2012 after the start set; more than one million, such as" husband "and" a servant of two masters "; the" Red Sorghum "Mi month biography" "tiger mother cat dad", basically has nearly 200 case set."

It is in the rapid development of the sales price of the copyright, LETV in 2009 after three years of accumulation of copyright to other websites, the huge gains from. At the same time through the copyright income, was listed on the gem of the ticket.

In August 2010, the little-known LETV listed on the gem, became the first in the A shares listed on the video website, surging news that LETV asset status can be all the video sites only a successful login A shares of the company is still unsolved puzzles of the industry.

In October 2013, less than 40 years old, Jia Yueting holds LETV market value of more than 14 billion yuan, becoming the richest man in the gem.

Assistant editor: Tao Zizi

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