The song was off the shelf, "feelings" are copyright stuck in the neck? NetEase cloud music: we are not bad money

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The song was off the shelf, "feelings" are copyright stuck in the neck? NetEase cloud music: we are not bad money

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In the pursuit of speed and the index of the Internet industry, NetEase cloud music to "feelings" can be regarded as a famous "clean".

Quest Mobile data show that compared to the old QQ music player, the higher the NetEase cloud music users younger, stronger consumption, first-tier cities "high-end" users.

The NetEase cloud music in Hangzhou Metro marketing activities (source: NetEase cloud music official micro-blog)

But the feeling and taste after all can not eat. If his collection of a song "gray" under the frame of the capital, can not play, then the user loyalty may also consider converting menting, download and use other library resources richer music App.

The micro-blog user comments

The last two days, the NetEase cloud music users found in Hong Kong and a group of songs repertoire was off the shelf. But this is not the first cloud music NetEase because of copyright issues under the framework of the song.

This NetEase cloud music 10 evening in the official micro-blog said in a statement: the song under the frame and related funds, cloud music team is actively working with Tencent to negotiate music copyright delegation.

1% of the songs was off the shelf, the NetEase responded: not bad money

Daily economic news reporter noted that from the beginning of August 9th, some netizens said in micro-blog, Post Bar platform has some of South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan singers have been unable to play properly.

From the view of a netizen published, part of the track including Wang Feng, Jonathan Lee, Janice M. Vidal, Joey Yung, Zhang Jingxuan and other famous singers of songs in the resource is temporarily unavailable.

Jonathan Lee "part of the track" dimmed "unable to play

It is worth noting that this is not the first time users reflect the NetEase cloud music platform on the song was off the shelf. After some users complain, can not listen to the May day, including Eason Chan, Yoga Lin, both at home and abroad, many well-known singers appeared on cloud music NetEase.

NetEase official micro-blog cloud music in late August 10th nine the statement pointed out that this batch of songs hit the shelves number accounts for about 1% of the NetEase cloud music library.

In the cloud music NetEase said in a statement, first published in April this year, 750 million yuan of financing they have ample funds, and has been active in buying music copyright.

NetEase cloud music team also said that they and users alike to the song under the plane was "impatient to burn", was trying to negotiate copyright problems and delegate Tencent music, but in the negotiations reached before, some of the songs involved must be temporarily off the shelf.

But the problem of copyright resources around the NetEase

In July 15, 2016, the Tencent's QQ music business and Chinese Music Group (CMC) were combined, through asset replacement equity as a major shareholder of the new music group. In January 24, 2017, the New Music Group officially renamed Tencent Music Entertainment Group (TME).

After the merger of the Tencent music entertainment group have cool dog music, QQ music and cool music of the three Chinese users are most familiar with the old online music software.

According to Quest Mobile released "Q2 report" mobile Internet in 2017 summer, the number of active users in the month of June 2017 (MAU), Tencent in the hands of the three music music player unsurprisngly ranked China Mobile music market before three, has a total of 520 million active users.

Photograph: Quest / Mobile

In addition to the number of users in rolling competition, Tencent also has the most Chinese music online music copyright resources.

In July 2015, the State Copyright Bureau issued "on the ordered online music service providers to stop without notice" authorized music dissemination, notification requirements of network music service providers to stop the spread of music works without authorization, and ordered without authorization within the total line of music works. China's online music industry began to embark on the road of standardization in copyright protection.

IResearch released the "2016 Chinese online music industry report" shows, QQ music, cool dog, cool music three copyright in the whole music copyright proportion reached more than 90%, SONY, Warner, universal and other well-known companies have the exclusive copyright authorization, owned by Jacky Cheung, Jay Chou and Nicholas Tse, including Chinese singer.

Invest heavily Ali also received authorization, rolling stone music companies such as media copyright, copyright, Jonathan Lee and Fish Leong get exclusive singer May day.

But it is worth mentioning that, in February 27, 2017, Japan's largest NetEase cloud music entertainment group Ai Beck Faith (avex) exclusive music copyright, which is Japan's first large-scale introduction of genuine digital music China.

The lack of its own exclusive copyright resources, means to find giants copyright delegation, naturally easy to passive.

The main social music to attract high-end young users

In April 2013, NetEase cloud music "born", a new product is known as "small and beautiful" began struggling to catch up with giant giant.

From the launch to users, cloud music NetEase only two years and three months. In April this year, the NetEase officially announced cloud music, registered users exceeded 300 million people, received 750 million yuan A round of financing, valuation reached 8 billion yuan.

* source: NetEase micro-blog cloud music official

As a chaser, cloud music NetEase out of a competitive road, not blindly throwing money competition with rivals library resources. NetEase cloud music flagship music social concept, to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in the NetEase (SEC) submitted documents, the NetEase is classified into social cloud music products (Social Network) layout.

NetEase cloud music users created the song is over 400 million, many users through the sharing and exchange become friends. Quest Mobile's latest report that the NetEase cloud music personalized recommendation function also allows users to find more suitable for their own taste of the song, which greatly improves the user stickiness and loyalty.

Photograph: Quest / Mobile

However, more magical phenomenon is the emergence of the NetEase cloud music music critics even become a new literary genre in popular music comment number 999+, there are many wonderful comments and even get hundreds of thousands of praise.

The Hangzhou subway car full Indian NetEase cloud music "(source: micro-blog @SHERO_D users)

Wang Chuanzhen also said the daily economic news reporter, NetEase cloud music as the music industry from the perspective of "the bright younger generation, social music, set up four major development direction: UGC, song, personalized, comments, this development has brought the growth of its users.

According to Quest Mobile data, cloud music NetEase ranked the ten largest App under 24 user preference list. In addition to the user's age structure more younger, cloud music NetEase compared with competitors, the user consumption ability is stronger, and more emphasis on the line of big city in the geographical distribution of users.

Photograph: Quest / Mobile

Can be seen, and after many years of accumulation of cool dog music (216 million), QQ (200 million) music and cool music (107 million) compared to monthly active users to 66 million 710 thousand people in NetEase cloud music volume is far not comparable. But NetEase cloud music users from the second half of 2015 began explosive growth, until June 2017 also maintained a growth of 44%.

NetEase cloud music in the future will continue to maintain a growth rate of dazzling, may be largely depends on its music copyright resource reserve can achieve greater breakthroughs.

After all, in the development of NetEase cloud music, copyright resources purchase is a not around past the threshold. Beautiful feelings, also must withstand the test of reality.

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