By the network information office investigation! Tencent fell nearly 5%, micro-blog was down over 4%

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By the network information office investigation! Tencent fell nearly 5%, micro-blog was down over 4%

2017-08-12 16:08:01 139 ℃

Abstract: earlier Friday network information office said the investigation of WeChat, micro-blog, Baidu Post Bar, will further intensify supervision of Internet information. The Tencent in Hong Kong stocks fell 4.90%; micro-blog before U.S. stocks fell over 4%, Baidu stocks fell over 2%, both eventually closed up, but micro-blog was down over 3% hours.

In its mobile communication platform released by the network in the letter to do the investigation, Tencent, Baidu and Sina micro-blog's Hong Kong shares on Friday were significantly affected.

Beijing time early Friday, network information office bulletin, recently, the national network information office guidance of Beijing City, Guangdong Province Network letter office of WeChat, micro-blog, Baidu, sina Tencent Post Bar filing and investigation according to law. According to netizens report, these three websites platform users have the spread of violence and terrorism, false rumors, pornographic, endanger national security, public security and public order information.

Friday day, Tencent holdings fell 4.90%, to close at HK $310.6.

Pre Friday, shares in continuation of yesterday's decline, Alibaba, micro-blog and Baidu were down 2.15%, 4.5%, 2.05%.

This three collective concept stocks micro-blog opened, intraday decline was close to 4%, after a rebound, closing up 0.63%, but continued to shock, was down over 3.6% hours. Baidu Dikaigaozou, trading was down 2%, the day to close up 0.41%. Ali early decline has reached 2.6%, after the decline narrowed sharply, down 0.05%. Sina has dropped nearly 1%, closed up 0.94%.

On Friday afternoon, reporters responded to Baidu Post Bar, will actively cooperate with the government departments to carry out rectification, further increase the audit efforts, will be shut out of bad information.

"The Wall Street journal" then mentioned that China University of Political Science and Law communication law center and deputy director of Network Information Office consultant Zhu Wei said, regulators will target the largest social media platform, is likely to release a warning signal to the whole industry. And small companies do not have the significance, after the introduction of such a law, everyone needs time to adapt to the new environment.

Zhu Wei referred to the "law" refers to the network security law is implemented from June 1st this year, the "". It is the fundamental law of China network field, specifically to strengthen the protection of personal information, the network fraud attack, and will strengthen overseas organizations and individuals to punish the destruction of critical information infrastructure in china.

This Friday, the official website of the network information office mentioned in the announcement, after preliminary investigation, WeChat, micro-blog and Baidu Post Bar suspected of violating the "network security law" and other laws and regulations, laws and regulations issued on the platform for users to prohibit the release of information to fulfill the obligations of management.

National Network Information Office official said, net letter departments will conscientiously implement the "security law" and other laws and regulations, to further increase the content of Internet information supervision and law enforcement, investigate and punish all kinds of illegal behavior online.

Asian and European stock markets suffered black Friday

With the North Korean intercontinental missile issue continues to ferment, Trump "anger" upgrade, the global stock market fell for third consecutive days.

The United States on Thursday local time, Trump again angrily: "North Korea in North Korea, I of the" fire and fury "statement may not strong enough. If North Korea wanted to attack the allies of the United States or the US, they will feel very nervous, because North Korea will face the situation had never thought." Trump also said that if North Korea launched a missile test in the vicinity of Guam, the North Korean regime won't survive. All of the United States and its allies combat operations will be subject to severe response.

Trump led the North Korean stance tough geopolitical crisis continues to heat up. Sharp, hedge market reaction volatility soared, VIX index rose 44%. As of Thursday's close, the NASDAQ index fell 2.13%, the S & P 500 index fell 1.45%, technology stocks plummeted.

The panic effect of stocks to Asian stock markets. As of press time, the Asian stock market bleak, the worst performance record since March. One of Hongkong's Hang Seng Index fell 2%. Korea composite index fell 1.72%, the Shanghai index fell 1.63% in India, the Jakarta composite index fell 1.08%, Singapore Straits Times Index fell 1.04%.

European stock markets also moan. European stocks hit the worst performance since 9 months in this week, the measure of European stock volatility VStoxx index also hit a record high since April. As of press time, the STOXX 50 index fell 0.75%, the FTSE 100 index fell 1.04%, the French CAC 40 index fell 1%, Germany's DAX index fell 0.46%.

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