LETV did not broadcast in the mainland Premier League opener: maybe a few rounds of negotiations to buy

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LETV did not broadcast in the mainland Premier League opener: maybe a few rounds of negotiations to buy

2017-08-12 16:09:40 154 ℃

In August 12th, the Premier League 2017-2018 season with Arsenal 4 to 3 to reverse the Leicester city opening, the mainland users to watch the game in music as sports Internet platform.

The same day, surging news reporter learned from the 2010/2019 Premier League season in the Premier League and the Macao mainland Chinese Chinese exclusive broadcast Shang Xinying sports the complete broadcast lineup.

Open TV, CCTV sports channel, CCTV Sports Channel HD will continue to broadcast every Monday the frequency of the Premier League, at the same time, the Beijing TV sports channel, Shanghai Star Sports and Guangdong TV sports channel led, composed of the 20 local television station "the premier television network won 2 games a week broadcast rights. Pay TV, pay TV channel with the new high-definition visual field / 380 season complete event broadcast rights.

In the part of the Internet has attracted much attention, the 2017/18 season of the Premier League new media rights by PPTV cohesion sports, sports and sports in New England Tencent acquired three homes. Among them, PPTV cohesion sports field / enjoy 230 season free screenings, Tencent sports field / enjoy 110 season free screenings. New England Sports Field / enjoy the 380 season, including 230 games and 150 games for free all matches.

In part IPTV, blockbuster has 380 season broadcast rights; in part OTT, bestv and PPTV television broadcast rights are entitled to the 380/ season.

August 11, 2017, London 17/18, the first round of the Premier League, Arsenal 4-3 in Leicester city. China visual map

LETV sports did not appear in the Premier League squad.

However, according to informed sources, LETV sports and New England Sports negotiations do not completely ended, "maybe after a few rounds and bought (copyright)" possibility.

Moreover, the premier LETV copyright interests sports in Hongkong is said to have saved. In 2015, LETV announced the acquisition of Hongkong's premier Sports 3 years exclusive broadcast rights, according to Hongkong media reports, LETV for $400 million sports.

Music as sports cooperation and New England Sports for many years. Since the TV Plus system into the capital chain crisis, LETV sports has lost many sporting events of the copyright, the Premier League has a rare heavy hand LETV sports of copyright.

New England Sports and sports LETV cooperation began in 2014. Last August 9th, 2016-2017 announced the new British sports season in Chinese mainland and Macao broadcast lineup, the new media broadcast rights for the music, sports and sports in New England from PPTV. But since last November, the Music Department of the company into the capital chain crisis, serious arrears at the end of 12, due to music as sports New England Sports 30 million dollars in royalties, was once considered cut off New England Sports broadcast signal, the final music as sports back cost, keep this season's Premiership rights.

In August this year, the disclosure of the acquisition of New England Sports - 100% equity trading plan, the transaction price of $500 million (about 3 billion 432 million yuan). According to the trading plan information, as of May 31, 2017, the new British sports book to music as sports receivables amounting to $24 million 700 thousand, New England Sports has been on the matter and music as sports active communication and reached a preliminary plan, has received the equivalent RMB deposit, New England Sports will strive as soon as possible to determine the final solution to ensure the safety of fund.

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