Niu Wenwen Luo Zhenyu dialogue: the content of entrepreneurship to the spring not only sell advertising

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Niu Wenwen Luo Zhenyu dialogue: the content of entrepreneurship to the spring not only sell advertising

2017-08-12 16:19:11 213 ℃

Laday Lei Jianping August 12th reported net

In the business of horse listing celebration cocktail party, entrepreneurs horse founder Niu Wenwen, founder of Luo Zhenyu with the logic of thinking around the content of entrepreneurship launched a dialogue.

Niu Wenwen said, the content, service startups may spring is coming soon.

"But I want to say is the content of entrepreneurs, contents of traffic, traffic is very expensive, if only to sell traffic, but also sell sell BAT, but Luo Zhenyu."

Niu Wenwen pointed out that the content of entrepreneurship is a huge problem, have some influence, how to carry out the liquidation from the business, if the brave words, can be realized by other means.

The contents of some entrepreneurial ability, but we used to sell advertising, in fact, can learn from Yao Jinbo, do hard work, learning from Luo Zhenyu, a man every 60 seconds (send voice and video), more than 60 seconds to lose."

Niu Wenwen also claimed that he had once and Luo Zhenyu travel together, where the network is particularly bad, the morning call Zhenyu to dinner, he did not come, later found Luo Zhenyu sitting on the toilet cover voice for 60 seconds.

Niu Wenwen and Luo Zhenyu are outstanding, the content of entrepreneurship among the official landing gem business days before the horse, opened 12.90 yuan, up 44%, the market value of 1 billion 50 million yuan.

The current Niu Wenwen directly holds 41.87% of the shares of the issuer; venture Gyalo holds 8.19% stake in the company, holding 49.82% of the cattle Wenwen entrepreneurial Gyalo general partners share, the actual controller for the entrepreneurial gyalo;

With the start of the horse market, Niu Wenwen has more than 400 million yuan worth.

Luo Zhenyu through the content of entrepreneurial success, recently traced to logic thinking in 2015, 2016 and the 1 quarter of 2017, revenues were 159 million, 289 million and 151 million respectively; the company net profit of 18 million 600 thousand yuan, 44 million 620 thousand yuan and 38 million 50 thousand yuan.

The logic of thinking has also been exposed, will launch a new round of financing, the investment valuation of 7 billion yuan. The issuance of new shares, the scale of 370 million yuan, the transfer of the old shares to 590 million yuan, a total size of 960 million yuan to raise funds.

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