Why is iPhone than some Android mobile phone charging slow?

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Why is iPhone than some Android mobile phone charging slow?

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Fast charging is a very useful feature, get as much power in the shortest possible time for mobile phone, heavy users of great significance, but also no iPhone.

Wei Feng Network August 11 news, the battery of the mobile device has a history of nearly 50 years of development, it is a pity that mobile phone battery capacity has not made much breakthrough. In this context, many intelligent mobile phone manufacturers began to one cell function as a propaganda selling point, that is fast charging. If the iPhone and Android's new flagship comparison, you will find a phenomenon: iPhone than some Android flagship mobile phone charging speed slow.

This is a matter of fact, many media have confirmed some video reviews such as the Galaxy S8 Android flagship charging speed faster than in iPhone 7, and Galaxy S8+ iPhone 7 Plus fast charging time is about 1 hours.

Have to say, fast charging is a very useful feature, get as much power in the shortest possible time for mobile phone users, the major significance of severe.

Why is Android mobile phone fast charging

When it comes to the Android mobile phone charging, we have to improve the fast charging through the company "(Quick Charge) technology. At present, most of the Android mobile phone manufacturers have integrated high pass fast charging technology, as long as the Qualcomm processor supports almost all mobile phone manufacturers are mostly based on Quick, and Charge to name their fast charge.

In June this year, Qualcomm released after the new improved Quick Charge 4+ Quick Charge 4+, a new enhanced many intelligent functions, including the improvement of heat charging, charging speed increase 15%, to enhance the efficiency of 30%. According to Qualcomm, Quick + Charge can be as long as 15 minutes will be electricity charge to 50%, and prolong the battery life and safety. At present, many equipped Xiaolong 835 processor Android flagship mobile phone is equipped with the function.

For Apple's lineup, the official iPhone charger output voltage is 5 volts current 1 amperes, the total power of 5 Watt; and some fast charger output voltage of 9 volts and 1.67 amps, the total power of 15 Watt. Some fast charger can even reach 20 watts of power, charging speed as can be imagined.

Because Apple did not use Qualcomm chips, so there is no quick charge function. If Apple's future continue to use A series chip on its own, it may develop fast charging technology. So far, Apple has not adopted quick charge function in its chip or iPhone.

Of course, if you want iPhone to charge faster, you can use the iPad 12 watt charger to charge iPhone. Compared to the iPhone 5 Watt iPad charger, charger in the premise of greater support of the charging current, the need to use the iPad charger to charge iPhone when the time to use than iPhone charger for charging iPhone to short.

After we test found that two iPhone 6S from electricity to 0% start charging, one is using a 5 Watt iPhone charger, the other is a 12 watt iPad charger, iPad charger iPhone charger is less than the 13 minutes will be full of equipment. 5 Watt charger takes about 2 hours and 41 minutes will be a iPhone 6S full. But compared to Android fast charging, charging speed or slow down a lot like iPhone.

The next iPhone or equipped with quick charge function.

According to KGI securities analyst Guo Mingji said in a report published in May this year pointed out that several new iPhone for the upcoming release of Apple will be equipped with quick charge function. Of course, this also means that you want to use this utility function must buy a new iPhone.

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