"Sharing the gym" is refers to the equipment of fitness equipment only a treadmill

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"Sharing the gym" is refers to the equipment of fitness equipment only a treadmill

2017-08-12 16:21:04 626 ℃

Original title: "sharing the gym" refers to less equipment only treadmill fitness equipment

A treadmill fitness equipment only 1 yuan for 5 minutes

After sharing the bicycle, shared sleeping quarters, sharing umbrellas, sharing charging treasure, recently, "sharing the gym" (pictured) appeared in ten in Chaoyang District East district. Beijing morning news reporter found that experience, in four or five square meters of space, air conditioning, air purifier, treadmill, TV and other equipment, pay the scan code to enter the fitness. Nearby residents said, "sharing the gym" has appeared in nearly a month, people often use at night. But others said, 1 yuan for 5 minutes the fees are too high, too little space within the facility.

Sharing the small gym

"Running a minute, charges 0.2 yuan. Sharing a fitness debut in Beijing District, will you go?" Yesterday, the news spread on the Internet, according to the introduction, "sharing the gym" covers an area of 5 square meters, can be connected to the Internet to chat, listen to music, movie etc.. To find out, yesterday morning, the Beijing morning news reporters came to the ten in Chaoyang District East District, "the gym experience sharing".

Reporters saw the district with a total of two "share the gym", covers an area of four or five square meters. According to a nearby resident said, "sharing Gym" has been set up for about a month, every weekday evening can see someone on the inside running, but the day almost never seen anyone.

In the "shared Gym", a safety regulations provisions: children under the age of 12 and 60 years of age or older do not use; do not have alcoholics, cerebrovascular disease and hypoglycemia etc., as well as the "do not exercise on an empty stomach, then after 1 hours with the most appropriate" attention to remind.

Only the treadmill fitness equipment

According to the reporter prompted to download the software, according to the requirements to fill in the ID authentication information, and pay 99 yuan deposit to start formal use. Scan code to open the door after the client starts charging. Although the space is small, but the interior looks relatively clean, air-conditioned and suitable temperature, air purifiers, televisions, fire extinguishers and other equipment. "The gym" posted on the walls of a sports class daily health record inside, just fill in August 11th, and a lost and found, beside there is an urgent call and no smoking signs.

But reporters found that some say it is "Gym" inside the fitness equipment more in name than in reality, only a treadmill, no other fitness equipment, and a far cry from the real gym.

At present, put less in Beijing

Residential property staff said, "sharing the gym" set up and installed after the property permits. The staff, because the area no gym, such equipment can fill the gap and meet some people's fitness needs. But the reporter from the client inquiry found, currently in Beijing City, the brand of "sharing the gym" put less than ten units, the district has two taiwan.

"The gym" slogans self-help body-building for 24 hours, but the area of a young woman, only weekday evening rush back often see someone running inside, people rarely see the day. "I think 5 minutes 1 yuan expensive fees, no other equipment, in a run for a while have to spend a few dollars, not run outside".

The netizen agrees, "sharing the gym" equipment is too monotonous, "if the bathroom is good, I don't want to sweat from the inside out" Gym "although expensive, but you can choose the tricks ah, a treadmill is too monotonous". But there are also people looking forward to this, that will be "Gym" in areas where it is very convenient, relatively good environment, is a good choice for community fitness.

Beijing morning news reporter Kang Jiawen scene.

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