Double bike sharing in Shanghai: police on illegal road

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Double bike sharing in Shanghai: police on illegal road

2017-08-12 22:52:27 197 ℃

Original title: double bicycle sharing appeared Shanghai police: on the road illegal

Caption: Songjiang police to put in the area of road bike sharing double concentrated cleaning. Songjiang police for map

[Xinmin new report] two people sit together, common riding, the original in the scenic resort, the popular double riding bicycle is now under shared banner, entered the Shanghai city municipal road, open for the public to ride. While the Xinmin Evening News, Xinmin reporter learned that, in fact, according to the "Regulations" road traffic safety law article seventy-second paragraph seventh stipulates that may not be on the road to ride a unicycle riding a bicycle or more than 2 people. That is to say, enterprises in the municipal road on the illegal behavior, but once the people riding in the municipal roads will also face fines.

Even the day, Songjiang police within the jurisdiction of the Songjiang University City, Guangfulin road and the surrounding area patrol, found a company called "shared bicycle enterprises tide brand", will have two cushion, riding bicycle support on the road, the police immediately in conjunction with the transport authorities interviewed the car sharing company responsible person.

According to the Xinmin Evening News, Xinmin reporter, survey, the "tide card" by a bicycle bicycle company in Beijing registered share delivery charges 5 yuan /30 minutes. In that the enterprise will take the app scan code way carries on the market promotion in Shanghai, Songjiang police immediately ordered the company to take timely measures to eliminate safety hazards caused by the launch, has been put in Songjiang District within a total of 120 tandem bike lay off.

Police said, according to the "Regulations" provisions of the implementation of the People's Republic of China road traffic safety law, not on the road to ride a bike more than 2 people, more than 2 people and ride a bicycle on the road to traffic violations, and offenders will be fined 30 yuan.

Caption:Double bike sharing in municipal road on traffic safety. Songjiang police for map

According to the police, the vehicle riding on the road traffic safety, and this group under the banner of the name of the tandem bike sharing have adopted electronic fence technology, but there is no effective measures to prevent the ride to ride on the road. So why parks, tourist attractions, resort area can ride? Originally, the riding behavior of public area does not belong to the traffic law in "city road riding, and these areas are generally equipped with a special lane and vehicle generally do not enter, safety is small, so you can ride.

"The tide" brand car sharing company official said in interviews, have realized the corresponding traffic safety hazard, based on the maintenance of the road traffic safety and road will be on the order of social responsibility, sharing a car in Songjiang District two fully recovered, centralized custody. (Xinmin Evening News, Xinmin reporter Dai Tianjiao)

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