Ma Yun's new son Ma Xiansheng suddenly opened the box, 15 stores, too fast?

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Ma Yun's new son Ma Xiansheng suddenly opened the box, 15 stores, too fast?

2017-08-12 22:52:27 209 ℃

Xiansheng new son box Ma Ma Yun has more than half a year, today, in the country also continued to open 15 stores.

But it began to receive attention suddenly soared, in July 14th this year. With Ma standing on billboards under not nod "too good, want to take the plane to eat slowly spread" video, and Tmall official blog official declared, this brand has been thrust into the spotlight.

The box horse Xiansheng was originally a local supermarket in Shanghai, founded by former Jingdong logistics director Hou Yi, and Ali's $150 million of financing in March 2016.

Experience: such as online shred, such as spinning line

As Hou Yi said, "David is Xiansheng box horse mode, both lines of supermarkets, restaurants, and online business and delivery.

Love fan children download app, went to the line of stores, experience a period of time.

App end category page clean, you want to find the goods is not strenuous, after the order of payment can be directly, and other electricity providers on the app operation is to buy. But with the initial publicity within half an hour now seems to adjust to different service, the fastest 1h in service, the two time I spent about 40min to buy 1H delivery time.

Can also make an appointment in advance to the late, late 21 point support service.

Personal feeling a bit more special is that no delivery price threshold, and unified shipping. Even if only 2 dollars to buy a bag of cabbage, still free delivery delivery.

That is online experience such as shredded neat like readily, knife hand has been cut......

However, with the corresponding fun online buying experience, such as spinning like is messy and consumption patient line experience.

Seafood to field processing Beijing ten Li Bao shop as an example.

(Beijing Bao shop ten in the simple version of the process)

After the lift into the box horse site, go to the upper left corner to find a man standing in front of the reception, and the exchange that need to queue (food processing queue), arranging props paper +1.

The official guide is written to buy seafood, and then take a number, but because too many people, so even if the first to take a number to buy have to worry about.

Return for shopping basket (omitted). Go to the seafood area, through the crowd to see the crab. But always found many goods can not be the scene of cooking.

Finally found the remaining optional oysters abalone fish, lobster shrimp Moumou Pipi shrimp and crab this several kinds of seafood. After the purchase, the exhumation of the seafood district one on the right with an electronic scale little corner, lined up on the scale.

Go to the angle of seafood area and processing area, waiting for the station staff to call your number. If you're lucky, maybe 78, 78 have not heard "...... 79...... 80 is there? "This one minute 6 above the no..

So call your number, you can end in the processing zone to get the sensor, then...... Begin the long waiting time.

When finished, the cooked food brought to the nearby seat area, find an empty seat, even if the customs.

The first person to go may be more difficult, because the people live, key locations also pass more scattered, not easy to see.

In addition to seafood processing, also near the small hills, Hot pot original wheat food available, hungry can also choose.

What is the user location and purchase the scene?

Obviously, the box horse for online attention above the line, this point from the store can be seen in the app download guide card also can see.

The store address is not like other restaurants as a large shopping mall, but located near densely populated areas, which agrees with the "3 km" distribution.

On line shopping behavior, it is hard to imagine, in addition to IP traffic Ali itself, there are many reasons for the customer will choose to go to the box horse line store.

Simply eat cooked well, the advantage of box horse only prices. Optional food range is narrow and long waiting time, poor quality of service, the process cumbersome, lack of seat...... These reasons are enough to make customers turn left out, looking for a barbecue or directly eat sheep scorpion seat etc..

If you want to buy fresh products, in order to go to the store to buy mobile phone than to be saved even time.

In addition, due to its location and service mode, "walk around the street after buying clothes and look for something to eat." this situation is not much.

The main function of the line of stores only two points: the display of goods, so that the customer can visually see the quality of the goods and the field experience of early adopters; a distribution center with storage function.

Hou Yi said that in the future they will China opened more than 2000 stores, and the use of self + joint ventures.

Through the more than 2000 stores, they can cover enough residential areas become more and more people in the home before buying food commercial channels to choose one of the.

This is the transfer of stores under the ceiling line with the user in the app order, the goods will be sent to the conveyer belt, packing, distribution, in order to ensure the efficiency of distribution.

The packaging of goods are fixed size, common 300g package, 500g, suitable for small families.

The reference set selection, one of the most typical ordinary box horse user scenarios should be like this: the income is not sensitive to price, but a couple of small food quality requirements of high or small husband and wife, at the end of the day in advance online, buy vegetables and fruits tonight, if you think of home just paper towels run out, can also be the way to the shopping cart, free postage to send home anyway.

For the elderly is not so friendly. Line end since Needless to say, the operation logic to learn a new app to many elders is not easy. But the line stores everywhere in the two-dimensional code shows: our main Internet service. Want to pay cash? Oh well, it opened a special channel.

In fact, now there are still many large families have their children to work, retired parents out of the street to buy food to cook, box horse will fall in this part of the user. Although young people may be bought in order to mobile phone, parents at home and express, but they still have the traditional line convenient food market.

Recently the central media on the "cashless" word combination of guidance, store payment box horse line may be further relaxed, "the elderly" etc..

Is a gimmick or a trend?

In February 2011, IT John Toure (John Doerr) the risk of investors put forward a new concept of SoLoMo, Social (SOCIAL), Local (local), Mobile (mobile) three kinds of hybrid product concept. Then the concept became popular in the world, has been identified as the future development trend of the internet.

Micro-blog also signed to add location can be counted as a example. Although personally, I still prefer the stranger social and privacy related information to share a bit.

In last year's Yunxi conference, Ma also said such a sentence, another concept brought out:

Soon the pure electricity supplier era will end, the next ten years, twenty years, not only the new electronic commerce that said, this is to say that the retail, online and offline and logistics must be together, to the birth of new retail real line, the enterprise must go to line up, the enterprise must go online down the line, the line with modern logistics together, in order to truly create new retail.

This idea and the SoLoMo concept is just fit. He believes that the future of online and offline must work together, and the box is horse after he laid out the concept of "new" retail important first step.

However, in fact, do online and offline combination, more than a Xiansheng box horse.

  • In early 2015, multi point (Dmall) was formed and covers many of the city, holding Huarun, Wumart, MerryMart, a good new super, 2 hour service;
  • Based on the online has been stable Yonghui, launched the "super species", 30 minutes served;
  • Home to the third party Jingdong settled in the way, and the size of fresh customers direct docking provider, from WAL-MART to have a garden, the delivery time are maintained at 40min - 50min.

Plus the original life, daily and fresh, fresh, just opened 15 stores only send box horse 3km within the scope of the competition is very fierce.

For it, the biggest brand at this stage in his hand is the Internet concept, product quality and Ma face.

(figure from Tmall's official blog)

The concept of a fresh, celebrity attention bring traffic, large enterprises to raise the psychological expectations, and the "box" in the words of slogan purchase fresh horses, is the most attractive to consumers continue to buy.

In this background to the peak of takeaway late May, when customers continue to grow, stores also speed up the expansion of logistics capability, service delivery team box horse has been able to maintain the stability of the time? While online stores airing is to pick and choose the Vegetable & Fruit, and was put into the basket back into the pool of seafood, and can be strong enough to keep pleasant upright posture?

If the box horse can have fresh and fast service execution, and even make the consumers "in the box horse need not worry about disappointment" cognition, it will in many fresh electricity supplier is an irreplaceable. But if there is a problem in management, logistics or quality of the goods did not keep up, the poor will hit.

How has been steadily expanding and lost pace, box horse now needs to pay attention to the problem.