Make sure to turn off the WiFi sleep at night? A few facts about WiFi, what a pity to miss!

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Make sure to turn off the WiFi sleep at night? A few facts about WiFi, what a pity to miss!

2017-08-13 09:36:13 199 ℃

WiFi mobile phone radiation, radiation, computer radiation,

Which have radiation, this world is too dangerous!

In fact, the radiation is not as you want,

The truth about WiFi radiation,

Don't look too late!

Make sure to turn off the WiFi sleep at night?

Many people think that WiFi radiation is harmful to the human body, go to sleep at night without closing the WiFi can affect sleep, second days can not concentrate. In fact, this is wrong, WiFi radiation is non ionizing radiation hazards to the human body, very little, every day, holding the play will produce harm after hundreds of years! There is no need to turn off the WiFi.

But if you do not turn off the WiFi at night, may not be able to resist the temptation to mobile phone, staying up late to play it, naturally have a good sleep! So to play less mobile phone, pay more attention to rest!

WiFi will kill the plants?

Love people who love to put a few potted pots of green plants in the room, but grew slowly, perhaps by the effect of WiFi? But WiFi are not harmful to plants Oh, Tsinghua University has done "experiment" WiFi under the condition of seed germination, prove that WiFi radiation is not harmful to plants, does not affect the plant germination and growth!

So, if you want the potted green plants to grow on the more moving out of the sun, watering, fertilization!

WiFi affect fetal development?

Had this news, people worried about WiFi radiation after pregnancy affect fetal development, from door to door door asking to turn off the WiFi neighbor.

This is no basis for the current study, proved that WiFi radiation will cause miscarriage, fetal malformation, can be assured use oh!

In fact, in the life of the computer, TV, refrigerator, microwave oven, mobile phone will have radiation, radiation generated by the WiFi and they were nothing compared! The radiation is non ionizing radiation, very little damage on the human body, only to ionizing radiation is harmful to the human body!

Cactus can prevent radiation?

It has always been said, put a cactus in the home, can prevent computer radiation, WiFi. In fact, cactus and radiation can not be, can only play the role of decoration!

However, put pots of green plants on the computer side, looking at the green long time looking at a computer screen, relieve eye fatigue, it is feasible!

WiFi radiation will affect the reproduction?

WiFi will kill sperm reproductive effects? Many couples to have children see this rumor panic, to turn off the WiFi at home, in fact WiFi radiation will not affect the reproductive!

Sperm activity affected by multiple factors, but the radiation of WiFi trace too, basic will not cause harm to sperm, there is no scientific evidence to prove harmful germ WiFi! If you want to give birth to a healthy baby, you should give up smoking and drinking, a lot of exercise!

About WiFi radiation damage to the body,

Many have no basis, you can rest assured that even WiFi.

Compared to WiFi radiation, actually a lot of people want to know more,

How to make the WiFi more quickly!

The router on the middle of the room

What is the most painful to play mobile phone, open the page, to watch the video buffer, teach you a few tricks to speed to fly home.

Because the WiFi router is sending a signal to the display in the window around the corner or the signal is wasted, so it is best to put the WiFi router in the middle of the room, to ensure that each room can receive WiFi!

And don't put debris in the WiFi router around, because the signal is easy to be solid material block, the best way is to put in the central living room empty, without anything.

Don't put the router on the ground

WiFi router do not put on the floor, the WiFi signal with the increase of the distance becomes weak through the solid material will be weakened, the floor will weaken!

The best router on the table or shelf, is about a metre high, to prevent the signal!

Change the router towards the antenna

Teach you a trick, the two antennas placed at right angles to the router, multi-directional transmitting signal, so whether it is sideways or vertically and play mobile phone, play mobile phone, WiFi signals are not affected.

From other electronic products

Many people love it to the router on the TV, it will weaken the signal! Because almost all of the appliances, refrigerator, microwave oven, TV will influence the WiFi signal, they are far from the best!

Can WiFi enhancer

The home signal or weak? It is better to DIY a can WiFi signal intensifier, very effective oh! The bottom cans cut, then cut, finally set the antenna on the router, be accomplished!

Foil WiFi enhancer

With foil can DIY signal enhancer Oh, found a small basket, laying a layer of aluminum foil in the basket, the WiFi router inside, can boost the signal!

What about? Is not a super practical?

A router home quickly!

- END.

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