The hammer mobile phone changed its name to you will buy one to support the old?

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The hammer mobile phone changed its name to you will buy one to support the old?

2017-08-13 09:40:27 145 ℃

Recently the hammer once again become the way investors have in the teeth of the storm, Tucao, said Ali eventually did not vote, the hammer almost lack of funds, but now the financing. Secondly, it is old that their own mobile phone name is not good, for a name change.

Have to say, if a brand name for themselves are very casual, in fact it should accept the judgment of investment capital market is set to its transformation, after all the business.

However, if you think from their own point of view, the biggest problem in the mobile phone, a hammer? Why is it from a creative brand, it is so difficult to develop into a mobile phone manufacturers? There are many answers, but the core is the strength.

Enter the time

Now the mobile phone market, HUAWEI, millet, OPPO, vivo in the world, of course, apple, Samsung and powerful, but Samsung is already in the country fell, only 3% of the share, while the music cool 360 mobile phone is unable to get up after a fall, tepid, Lenovo has stopped the ZUK brand in the hard way Meizu are high-end forward.

These companies, which is not behind the abundant strength, for example with a mass flow of 360, the traffic will certainly have an effect on mobile phone exposure, but sales? For example, the line system of powerful Lenovo, and how ZUK performance is not a sad ending.

When a market has excessive competition, and has began to focus on the trend, in fact for the new brand has little room, the old brands have begun to enter the brutal elimination period. This is the reality.

Innovation problem

The innovation of the hammer mobile phone mainly on two points, one is the appearance of the design innovation, innovation is a system application experience. In fact, the former does not have a unified evaluation, the appearance is good, or personal personal aesthetic. Although the hammer mobile phone appearance is very outstanding, can be said to be the top three in the industry, but not enough to the point completely implanted into the user's mind.

Similarly, in a variety of system optimization and innovation, with the hammer body is a kind of very good to use, do not use an additional type of innovation Never mind, higher education cost of users, popularity is not good. But there are other innovative content, brand learning and imitation, which is also the reason for its popularity and influence of the poor.

Mood problems

For a hammer, as well as some feelings, the problem is also feeling. Although a speech is old, have gained a lot of praise from fans, even with the money to support, but can withstand much slander, will withstand much praise, slander and praise always coexist together.

In this paper under the hammer, there are always a lot of people on the hammer showed disdain, as long as people will praise the hammer, someone said hate hammer, this is also the existence of. This and another brand is OPPO, on the contrary, the Internet may not say, no one is not good, the sales reached an alarming level, because offline channels are good.

The hammer provides feelings cards, but not be able to control network of Internet users accustomed to the freedom of comment style, in front of the keyboard man does not deserve to talk about feelings, many brands, can talk about possible or SONY, apple and Nintendo have been successful in dachang.

The question now is, nuts Pro success, will soon be millet and glory at, copy again more difficult. And then how to do? The next breakthrough? The accumulation of users will have much value? To see the new idea of the hammer technology.

Many companies have to do without feelings, such as Amazon's biggest bookstore, but do not do books, such as iPhone mobile phone keyboard, but the touch screen, but the feelings and enthusiasm is also very difficult to make the brand made in the original space rival advantage, must be innovative new space. The hammer mobile phone next to you?