These 10 brands of LOGO content can you understand? The most pornographic Starbucks

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These 10 brands of LOGO content can you understand? The most pornographic Starbucks

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LOGO is an important indicator of a company's brand image, with the market positioning of different LOGO will change accordingly. However, some of the company's old LOGO is really ugly, could not bear to look.

1, Firefox

The old LOGO is not really a turkey? Is really ugly explosion, come on, let's talk about the designer of your thoughts.

Firefox was originally named Phoenix, later conflicts with other brands, so think of the name of Firebird, but also the name already exists, so it becomes a Firefox. But really, Firefox also sounds much better than Firebird. Now if the Firefox browser or LOGO before, will not use the design or killed.

2, Starbucks

Starbucks is said to mark the most pornographic is really too old, LOGO dew point.

Starbucks's first LOGO, is designed according to the Scandinavia double tailed Mermaid logo, is the Greek myth of the sirens, the sea monster is infatuation, addiction and the meaning of death. However, the mermaid in this position, but also the dew point, let a lot of people think that this is a sexually suggestive porn icon. Later, Starbucks also felt that some LOGO has made explicit, with her hair covering her breasts and belly only fine-tuning the part above the crowded, now become the symbol of.


Serious face, the pike perch is really not to count.

NOKIA (NOKIA) originated from ancient Finland, also based in Finland, is seen as a symbol of Finland, the first generation of signs on a spear perch symbol is the birthplace of NOKIA. In the market after the adjustment of development strategy, the NOKIA logo is also changing, follow the market trend by simple letters, as we now see this sign.

4, Canon

No doubt in your eyes, that is a true religion and Guanyin, never mind.

The first Canon logo is used in 1934, following the Kwanon (Guanyin) words, and Kwanon is the founder of Canon, is the imitation of Leica rangefinder focal plane shutter camera and the production of 35mm.

The first named Canon camera is listed in 1936, Harntha Tiano (HANSA CANON), the word "CANON" contains "ceremony, normative and standard" means. Since then, Canon has become a symbol of the company.

5, Apple Corp

Apple Corp was founded in 1976, the beginning of the LOGO by one of the founders of the Ron Wayne design, is a ribbon on the badge, ribbon is written on the Apple Computer Co. ". The badge above the Newton reading under the apple tree pattern, its meaning is: like Newton saw an apple fall to discover the law of gravity, Apple Corp is also committed to scientific and technological innovation, to create an industry precedent.

Later, Jobs believes that this pattern is too complex, found the California advertising company Mckenna, designer Janov LOGO will change into the bite of the apple. "Bite" English is take a bite, bite byte (byte) with the same pronunciation, meaning there are scientific and technological innovation.

Is the color of the rainbow Apple initially used to, after the 1998 launch of iMac into a translucent, metallic powder blue apple.

But the powder blue LOGO life is very short, in the same year was replaced with pure black. Probably really feel that special feeling of copycat candy color. But pure black is too deep, it will only be used for 3 years.

In 2001, the Apple Corp launched iPod Mp3, which is a landmark product, LOGO also took the opportunity to change, become translucent silver version, added high light, more stereo feeling. This is the LOGO looks tall.

In 2007, Apple Corp released the iPhone, in order to match the metal back shell of iPhone, the main color of LOGO changed chrome effect, high light also declined.

By 2013, the solid element of apple LOGO is completely removed, as Apple's simple plane. Or LOGO now look good, old LOGO a little too flamboyant.

6, mass

Volkswagen, the German Volks Wagenwerk, which means the mass use of cars, this is a product that Hitler proposed production of cheap car concept, it is a symbol of the Nazi fan the original LOGO: This is the two variant of S, V and W is in the middle of the coincidence of the words, while the outside gear is a symbol of Germany the rapid development of heavy machinery.

Now this LOGO is modified in 2007, blue and white, more three-dimensional sense and sense of metal, a metal ring increased outside, the overall shape is more close to the steering wheel.

7, Adidas

Adidas's first LOGO message is convenient and sturdy shoes, then a high degree of recognition. Three see the current brick LOGO brand was established second years began to use, this is Adidas LOGO series, in order to compete with Nike, emphasizing the brand of sports and fashion sense, in 90s it was again the main push.

The wayward Adidas can be more than one LOGO, the forming sphere has three stripes is LOGO sports fashion series, the main fashion models.

Another well-known clover, is the moral of the three continental plates connected together, symbolizes the power of movement extends to the whole world, is starting in 1972, in recent years, as the ancient series is the main push.

8, Ford

Ford was founded in 1903, the first sign is black and white, fine decorative pattern around the middle, is Ford (Ford Montor) "; in 1909, the famous Ford T series design chief engineer and designer of Ford Childe Harold Wills redesigned Ford words, become the basic elements of Ford logo.

Now on the market of the Ford logo is blue and white, because Ford founder Henry love animal, so the designers of the font design into the small white rabbit. Outside the blue oval in 1927 to commemorate the Ford A series and added, still in use.

9, IBM

IBM is the predecessor of the company operating business formerly known as punch tab, international company (International Time Recording Company time), referred to as ITR, is the first generation of LOGO. In 1924, the company was renamed IBM (International Business Machine), marking the company from business to business transition computer tabulation.

10, Microsoft

The change of LOGO basic little Microsoft, is also composed with minimalist lines and letters first; 1987 to switch to pure black picture, but after 2012, in order to cope with the new system, LOGO also increased the color box, and are still in use.

Overall, each of the company's LOGO is certainly different, but a general trend is that LOGO are designed to do subtraction, before is exquisite portrayal of the pattern, and now mostly in minimalism, reveal a minimalist aesthetic taste.

LOGO design style you love before detailed characterization, or now minimalist style?