The history of the most expensive millet, your wallet ready?

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The history of the most expensive millet, your wallet ready?

2017-08-13 21:00:24 142 ℃

I believe MIX has become millet signs and many Rice noodles in the spiritual pillar, and the emergence of millet MIX completely changed the understanding of millet. MIX has been so amazing, people can not help but look forward to MIX2! According to the millet MIX designer said MIX is on the mirror of the future, imagine a beautiful glass. So full of talent and dream of MIX2 will give us what kind of surprise?

According to news media reports, millet MIX2 will have 6.4 inch screen, equipped Xiaolong 835 processor, with 4GB+128GB, 6GB+128GB, 8GB+256GB three kinds of storage specifications, and has 1900 Vientiane in the main camera and 13 million pixel front camera. Thus, millet MIX2 will no doubt with the top of the hardware configuration of the same period.

From the figure we can see, millet MIX 2 using a specific screen, and the screen design to be more high-end than MIX1. Although millet MIX screen proportion reached 91.3%, but millet MIX 2 is reached 95% in this horror, the pursuit of full screen trend, can be said to be the extreme.

However, in such a high case, the price will be located in what? According to netizens, millet MIX 2 will provide a bright silver version, released in mid September, priced 4999 yuan! That is to say, MIX2 is probably the most expensive millet mobile phone! At the same time, the exposure of the rendering is to get from the internal millet, accuracy of 90%. Your wallet ready?