1%, 2 hours, 1 hundred million days and nights: Jia Yueting in Hongkong

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1%, 2 hours, 1 hundred million days and nights: Jia Yueting in Hongkong

2017-08-13 21:01:15 155 ℃

LETV pay 48 hours

"Jia Yueting will return home next week."

No one thought, China Merchants Bank a tough asset freeze action will produce huge butterfly effect: so Jia Yueting was forced to resign, leaving the book trigger "responsible end" go overseas, staff wages can not be paid, suppliers and other creditors panic have taken drastic measures...... And so on a series of major accidents.

The original is the positive solution for a surprise action and capital crisis thoroughly into the stalemate situation in the complex debt and public opinion, rolling evil under the weight of the music in.

Since then, almost every week Jia Yueting came back to news, and was always disappointed. With the approaching August 10th LETV paid days, people with stakeholders has been brewing for a long time the mood came close to the edge of the outbreak

48 hours in advance, the media no dead on music as a full range of tracking and reporting:

In August 8th, the media said that because China Merchants Bank Holding 80 million LETV frozen deposits, staff wages is still hard to release fear;

From August 9th, Jia Yueting has arrived in Hongkong to borrow money, but most of the consortium bierbuxian;

The early morning of August 10th, there is no good news, as to the time to solve the problem only less than 10 hours. Have a few weeks depending on the downstairs creditors also rare up "LETV money" trumpet player, and they all LETV, on-the-job employees in the coming before the outbreak of silence, they are waiting for.

At the same time in Hongkong, Jia Yueting is a tough negotiation.

In the morning, the negotiations are still more than 1% key issues no agreement. Negotiating party and Jia Yueting is old, but the business is business, the other does not intend to play the role of warmth. Today is our pay day -- this is an advantage.

Obviously no good luck Luo Yonghao Jia yueting. More than a year ago, is LETV competitor hammer mobile phone into a crisis, Luo for help in front of his door, he said nothing to the past 1 hundred million working capital saved -- these two days are as pressing danger the crazy pass this story, just 1 billion of the fund's financial investor Jia Yueting once disclosed a hammer to save the details of distress. But those people praise entrepreneurs 09 does not know, today also troubled Jia Yueting failed to meet his Jia Yueting.

The clock strikes at noon, the negotiations are still difficult to. As the holding executives received the news, can receive wages shall still be determined, to prepare for the worst.

The middle two short break. Someone reminded Jia Yueting, the Bank of Hongkong in the working days at 4:30 in the afternoon to stop before the business, he must make a decision before.

Until four pm, the negotiations finally reached a consensus: a sum of more than 100 million of the funds to play music in the domestic designated account for wages and severance. LETV financial banks rushed to the site office, assistance payments. While in an anonymous community, anxiously waiting for the exchange of information of the music staff began to receive wages arrival tips, a brewing storm finally eliminate the silent.

"I can tell you, for the timely payment of wages, he made great concessions in the negotiations." A person involved in the talks. One cigarette, told reporters.

Liar, why have so bitter?

After arriving in Hongkong, Jia Yueting every day at seven or eight in the morning to start work.

"He is the first general and the United States there began a round of telephone conference, to his handling of the work done." The way from America as investors followed Jia Yueting to Hongkong, "10 points to 11 points or so, he began intensive and various investors together."

Not as the media reported the "international consortium of bierbuxian". In fact, Jia Yueting almost every day to meet with five or six sets of financial institutions, some are old, some are new friends, or they are collective bargaining, sometimes in a whisper. Lao Jia almost every day busy until the end of two points to eleven in the United States, then there is time, he will have to handle round things over to one or two in the morning to rest."

"I remember a relatively mature investor asked him, people say you are a liar, liar why have so bitter?"

After listening to Jia Yueting just laughed.

Night and hope

To see Jia Yueting's investors, in addition to talk about cooperation, discussion on music as ecological, car and views on his own.

"Consensus, is the overall ecological model as the music, or that the strategic plan is no problem." These investors told reporters, "but he should have a core business as the basis to do the expansion of the moat."

The solution to the crisis, people from all walks of life are divided. A similar view with Sun Hongbin, think music should be cut as soon as possible, as soon as possible, rather than dragging refused to solve; there is a part that LETV remove the fundamental crisis is the premise to reach a consensus: LETV ecology as a whole, the cutting is essentially the overthrow of the music as a strategic foundation, which is a basic the direction of the error processing method; another part is recognized as the plate type fun: LETV, hold the attention system to promote the automobile, LETV listed gradually.

All the differences lead to slower than expected LETV to solve problem, but send out dozens of from the current contact mechanism in confidence is relatively optimistic. Staff salaries is Jia Yueting to deliver a signal in doing his duty: he did not promise the transfer of property, nor thrown together in the struggle of employees, not lost.

"Do you know? One of the things that I personally very surprised." These investors told reporters, "there so many doubts and objections, but the old Jia gave me the feeling that he has maintained this kind of music as ecological believe and hope." He shows a wry smile, "you know in such a harsh environment, he kind of like young children innocent let you can't doubt his firm. He is going to make this thing, he did not ask the price."

Depending on the payroll after second days, Jia Yueting forwarded a group photo of FF91 in the circle of friends, the night is added "wait for the light to penetrate, assured forward."

The following is the countless point of praise and comments.

Who knows, one day, Jia Yueting will be "dressed in a black T-shirt, smiling, driving a car slowly from the music as a super, and then get off toward the audience waved his hand, saying: haven't met in a long time!"

Cursing and applause, will be gone with the wind. Jia Yueting did what he wanted to do: go all out, the one and only.

He travels in their beliefs, day and night.