Music platform melee: NetEase cloud music feelings to the copyright bow, QQ music will dominate the political arena?

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Music platform melee: NetEase cloud music feelings to the copyright bow, QQ music will dominate the political arena?

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Your recent NetEase cloud music song OK? Did you wake up one night and "ash" dropped a large area, and then you silently loaded back the long broken QQ music?

NetEase cloud music this time suffered a series of infringement, first in August 9th, users found some Hong Kong singer NetEase cloud music works in the next frame, including the May day, Yoga Lin, Eason Chan, Beyonce.

In August 11th, NetEase's cloud music was sued for violating Wu Yifan's paid digital album 6.

In August 23rd, Tencent music sued NetEase cloud music, because of its resources in the library, soda green, Sheenah, Shang Wenjie and other singers of 200 music works without authorization.

NetEase cloud music said in a statement 11, recently forced to lay down part of the song, the order of magnitude accounted for about 1% of NetEase music music library. Currently, NetEase cloud music is still negotiating with Tencent music copyright transfer, but there is no agreement.

Between NetEase and Tencent's cloud music music passing, but is in fact a giant of music resources and users a new round of competition. Whoever wins the key can win more initiative.

The music industry "a situation of tripartite confrontation"

Recently, the infighting between the major music platforms intensified, but after a round of mergers and reshuffle, the Internet music platform echelon is basically completed.

Data source: iResearch China Online Music Research Report

At present, the formation of the pattern to be traced back to 2013, NetEase cloud music online, the Internet music platform, it is a watershed.

After the market share has been the way ahead, cool cool dog announced the merger, combination of the composition of Chinese music group, 2016 Chinese music group by the Tencent to eat, and fully integrated QQ music for the Tencent Music Entertainment Group (TME); 2015 veteran music player software everyday sounds and music composed of small shrimp Ali; the same year, due to copyright issues the battered Baidu music and music group with too.

Data source: iResearch China Online Music Research Report

So far, China's Internet music platform has basically formed today's competition pattern. Powerful merger giant strategy, so that the Internet music platform quickly shuffle, and ultimately stay on the game site are backed by players.

Baidu music is no longer brilliant, performance has been poor, regardless of the size or the Tencent sound entertainment resources are absolute king, NetEase Ali cloud music music after the shuffle, catch up from behind, finally had to catch up. The Internet music platform has formed a situation of tripartite confrontation pattern.

"Take cities and seize territory for their respective camps,"

Each of the three platforms has its own features, and the differentiated copyright resources have gradually become the core competitiveness of the major network music platforms.

If non stick a label to each platform, the NetEase has been known to cloud music feelings, Ali music under the banner of the music of Song Dongye, small shrimp early hatching Chen Li and a number of personalized music, and the rich QQ music, although the user experience has been Tucao, but almost mastered 80% Music Entertainment Tencent music copyright.

At present, three platforms have almost grabbed their own exclusive resources.

Data source: iResearch China Online Music Research Report

Ali's small shrimp music and got the rolling stones, believe that Ali star exclusive copyright music, Chinese research and media, this means that if you are a day in May, Hebe Tian and Yoga Lin fans, want to buy genuine music for the first time in support of idols, then you will not open around Ali music platform.

However, from the point of view of market share, shrimp is still a niche platform, the predecessor is every day sounds of Ali, the planet is mediocre, which is within a few major adjustments Ali music. In the competition of Internet music platform, Ali music has been far away from Tencent and NetEase cloud.

And has the most abundant copyright resources Tencent audio entertainment, hand in the world, SONY, Warner and other major record companies copyright, other music platform can only see the face of Tencent music.

The advantage of the cloud music NetEase catch up from behind obviously, good operation platform. Relying on socializing and sharing reviews, NetEase cloud music has gained a lot of loyal fans. Feelings are the most commonly used words for users to talk about the music software.

However, in the early stage of development, NetEase did not actively participate in the cloud music music copyright purchase, but after the expansion of copyright, like a bomb, detonated, this is his biggest weakness, but also contain the largest hinder the development of the competition in the future. The accusation against copyright infringement by the Tencent this time is the bane of copyright.

Copyright VS feelings, QQ music is more promising

NetEase cloud music has been advocating music can not do without feelings, which is that they can rapidly expand, jumped into the first echelon camp of the core competitiveness.

The cloud music NetEase to catch up from behind

NetEase cloud music is indeed an opponent should not be underestimated, on-line 4 years, the number of users exceeded 400 million.

April 23, 2013, NetEase cloud music formally launched.

In November 2013, NetEase cloud music song singular breakthrough 10 million. August 2014, NetEase cloud music users exceeded 40 million. December 2014, NetEase cloud music announced that the number of users exceeded 55 million.

July 2015, NetEase cloud music announced that the number of users exceeded 100 million 2 thousand and 16 years in July, NetEase cloud music announced that the number of users exceeded 200 million. April 2017, NetEase cloud music announced that the number of users exceeded 300 million.

Although from the size of the user, NetEase cloud music is far behind Tencent music's software, but its user stickiness and activity is alarmingly high.

Data source: iResearch China Online Music Research Report

NetEase cloud music users from 0 to 100 million, only 2 years, 3 months; from 100 million to 200 million spent a year; and from 200 million to 300 million, spent less than 9 months.

According to speed Research Institute March 2015 mobile music market analysis report, even the domestic download of the highest number of cool dog, from the introduction to the user exceeded 75 million, also experienced 6 years.

NetEase cloud music in terms of user growth in the country first.

QQ music has a bigger chance of success

The music Tencent sued NetEase is not the first time the two cloud fighting, as early as the end of 2014, the NetEase cloud music and QQ music because of copyright issues the first front war.

When QQ took the lead in music NetEase cloud music infringement lawsuit, the court ruled the latter including "time to go", the first 623 network music content belongs to tort, and ordered to remove the relevant content.

Not long after, NetEase cloud music quickly implemented counterattack, sued QQ music infringement of its 192 online music content, the court quickly judge QQ music violations, and asked it to delete relevant content.

The Tencent music again sued NetEase cloud music, history repeats itself quickly, in August 23rd, Tencent music sued Wang Yiyun music, including Wu Yifan's new album "6", including many music, involving infringement. In early August 24th, NetEase sued the Tencent's cloud music music music music "Ode to joy" more than 2 infringement song case exposure. This made the Tencent music convert from plaintiff to defendant overnight.

But no matter how they pinch between, NetEase cloud music needs to see the face of Tencent music, after all, most of the music distribution rights in the hands of Tencent. Beginning in 2015, Tencent and NetEase began to carry out copyright licensing cooperation in cloud music.

According to reports, the Tencent is currently delegated to the NetEase cloud music library up to 5 million, involving more than 40 brands, after the delegation cooperation agreement, the NetEase on cloud music many works to be able to listen to.

The event was interpreted as Tencent music to contain the opponent's strategy, which is most likely. The Tencent, which holds vast resources, uses copyright to curb the blowout of its rivals, which has proved effective. Completely exposed NetEase cloud music deadly short board, there is no copyright resources, empty space of feelings is not enough. The strong Tencent music, perhaps the Internet music platform copyright resources, one of the best notes.

Later, can a platform "listen to the world"?

Many industry insiders predict copyright resources alone big, may make a dominate the political arena, and even predicted that after our mobile phone as long as the installation of a music software is enough.

Data source: iResearch China Online Music Research Report

When the platform crazy grab resources, take cities and seize territory, we found that although the music Tencent got the absolute proportion, but for the most popular high-quality resources, is the length of each.

For example, in the exclusive music talent show audio resources, although the QQ music has got "Chinese", "hip hop is tomorrow's son", "new song" Chinese sole source, but the exclusive copyright NetEase cloud still have "Happy Boys" and "cross the singer".

The top singers and bands of Chinese music are also distributed on various platforms. It can be said that each family has differentiated resources that are not available on other platforms.

This means that there is only one music APP in the user's cell phone, which is far from enough. Even with the deepening of differentiation strategy, the music APP that the user needs to install may be more expensive than before.

After all, the cost of buying copyright is not cheap, even if the company such as Tencent trench, if the high price of copyright can not be sold out, but also can not digest.

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(data source: Tiger sniffing network, product playing PingWest, blue whale TMT)