ICO stopped 24 hours: over half of repaying the platform

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ICO stopped 24 hours: over half of repaying the platform

2017-09-06 09:46:49 409 ℃

The central bank and other departments jointly issued a notice, so that digital tokens have experienced the shock 24 hours. 24 hours later, 90% of digital tokens are still in decline.

Around 15 in September 4th, the central bank and other seven ministries jointly issued a notice on the prevention of financial risks issued by tokens, requiring all kinds of token issuing and financing activities should be stopped immediately. Clear ICO (first token issue) is essentially a kind of unauthorized illegal public financing behavior, suspected of illegal sale promissory notes, illegal issuance of securities, illegal fund-raising, financial fraud, pyramid schemes and other illegal and criminal activities.

As of 5 am, 60 were China Mutual Association named gold rectification ICO platform, more than half have entered the "return" process, or under the frame of ICO tokens or suspend service, some ICO projects at the same time to coin etc..

However, the first financial reporter also found that the major domestic trading platform trading volume has increased significantly in the past two days, poly net currency transactions in September 5th the largest currency NEO 24 hours turnover of 107 million yuan, rose to 18.47% in 24 hours. Some investors told reporters, still trust bitcoin and other large numbers of digital currency and its technical advantages behind the block chain, although deeply aware of "speculation currency" risk, but still have "fluke mentality" trying to bargain hunting.

90% tokens continue to fall

According to SOSOBTC data, the current global market is trading more than 580 kinds of digital tokens, about 520 kinds of decline in the market, as of press time, the 5 largest decline in the first five tokens remained at 50% decline.

Domestic trading platform, in September 5th bitcoin prices once again suffered heavy losses, bitcoin intraday fell below 26000 yuan, 25000 yuan, 24000 yuan, 23000 yuan and so many integer mark. Fire currency network data show that the lowest price fell to 22592.31 yuan, or 14.25%. And OKCoin currency line price is lowest 22549.9 yuan, amplitude 17.56%.

It is worth noting that, since September 2nd, bitcoin prices rose to 32350 yuan, the highest price, bitcoin prices fell for 4 consecutive days, according to the current price calculation, 4 trading days bitcoin prices have fallen nearly million yuan. However, relative to the beginning of the price of about 7000 yuan, the current bitcoin prices are still rising by over 2 times.

In terms of the etheric square and the Wright coin, the OKCoin currency data show that the Wright currency today is the highest 425.83, the lowest 344.91, the amplitude 23.46%; the aether currency is 1894.9 highest today, the lowest 1555, and the amplitude 21.86%. Since September, the decline in the Wright currency has expanded to 42%, while the studio has dropped from the highest of 2526.5 to 1555, which has widened to 38.4%.

International trading platform followed the Chinese trading market Pu Pu, Bitfinex, Coinbase and other platforms 4 decline between 4%~7%, and 5 as of press time is still down, the six major international trading platform weighted average price of 27900 yuan.

Continue repaying platform"

Following the release of the central bank and other seven ministries jointly issued on the afternoon of 4 tokens issued financing risk prevention after the announcement, the first financial reporter was informed that the Beijing Finance Bureau under the Beijing City Management Office issued a notice of 4 days at the same time, the platform should be in 4 days before 16:00 to Beijing city management office, the Central Bank of camp seven details shall include the number of ICO project financing, etc.. Each platform should be placed at the front page of the website of the people's Bank of China and other seven departments at 15:00 on the morning of 5, and risk warning to investors.

5, the Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission said in a statement on the official website, the Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission noted that Hongkong and other places there are more and more initial ICO. This statement is intended to clarify the facts and circumstances depending on individual ICO, the sale or sale of digital tokens may belong to the "Securities and Futures Ordinance" the definition of "securities", and by the Hongkong securities regulatory legislation. The Commission also called for investors to pay attention to the potential fraud and investment risks involved in the ICO.

At present, the ICO rectification work is still in progress. As of 5 am, 60 to rectify the ICO platform mentioned National Internet Financial Risk Management Office issued "to carry out rectification work on the issue of financing tokens notice" in the announcement, there are 15 ICO projects that the suspension of trading platform ICO business, are: ICO365, 91ICO, 51ICO, ICO114, Aimwise, gold clothing, currency chips, cubic cast, 7 treasure net, and bit children is booming, the public record Park, and announced the suspension of the business of ICOINFO, ICOage and golden key in the central bank before the announcement.

Reporters access to various platforms, the official website found that most platforms have begun to ICO transactions project currency clearing, part of the project through the platform also released refund process. But there are still some platforms such as chain network such as of this writing has not yet revealed a rectification movement. The platform said, has begun repaying matters, but because the token process transaction are more complex, the platform also need some time to clean up one by one project.

A large number of non promising projects, even fraud itself, not only allow investors to take enormous risks, but also let the real block chain entrepreneurial team a lot of complaints, in fact, caused bad money to expel bad consequences of good money

According to the first financial reports, raised just finished but not yet listed company, has been part of the coin to investors, for those who are trading tokens, future issuers tokens may all repurchase has traded.

However, for those who have completed the ICO project at the same time, the blockchain tokens also have on-line exchange, block chain chain C entrepreneurial team founder Zhang Jie on the first financial reporter said that the ongoing ICO but not on RMB exchange will be repaying, but has completed the ICO and exchange, also have real skill team to complete the project schedule for the project early landing.

"Our project was completed in July this year ICO, token has also been in the foreign exchange market, although the domestic policy effects of currency price within two days of decline, but this does not hinder the progress of the project, it will speed up. Such policies give real skills to teams with more opportunities and opportunities for development." Zhang Jie expresses.

Meanwhile, according to relevant media reports, the central bank also asked banks and Payment institutions to investigate the issue of tokens trading platform accounts. The central bank in a report entitled "business management department of people's Bank of China on the implementation of the notice" to carry out rectification work to strengthen the management of payment and settlement of the issue of financing tokens requires banks and Payment institutions, stop providing account opening, registration, trading, clearing and settlement of payment and settlement services to existing token offering financing trading platform, at the same time the issue of financing trading platform for personal account tokens are screened, when necessary to take restrictive measures.

Some investors also want to bargain hunting

First financial reporter found this afternoon, although the digital token trading market Aihong, but trading volume of digital currency have risen. According to the fire currency network trading volume shows that the fire currency Network 5 bitcoin trading volume of 25543, 4, up 95%, 5, up 40%, trading volume rose for three consecutive days.

Reporters access poly currency network also found that as of press time, NEO coins 24 hours turnover of 107 million yuan, or 18.47% daily. A variety of digital tokens, 24 hours turnover, over 50 million.

A bitcoin investor told the first financial reporter, he 4, 22 Xu, found bitcoin prices hovering around 27000 yuan, they will re buy bitcoins and Ethernet square, trying to bargain hunting. But the 5 day morning found that currency prices fall further, so he covered a part of.

"Although ICO is banned, but behind its block chain technology and bitcoin computing power, I think it is still very reliable, and down, should also rise."." The investor told the first financial reporter bluntly.

At present, China's major digital asset trading platform will actively cooperate with regulators to strengthen the prevention of financial issues issued by token, and the "block chain asset transactions risk warning" and other announcements, hanging on the home page.

Poly currency net said: "that other bitcoin virtual currency is not issued by the monetary authorities, does not have the legal tender and mandatory, price volatility risk is high, strongly recommended the premise from the load, at the risk of self financing under the prudent investment.

Some users only see the possibility of making money, ignoring the risk of losing money, the lack of experience and experience in the block chain asset trading market, lack of sufficient awareness and vigilance for market risk. To remind the user should do their homework, rational investment, respect for the market, the fear of market risk, investment in capabilities, do not blindly follow the trend of speculation.

The network (including WeChat, micro-blog, QQ group, media etc.) any user or guest speakers, has its special position and should not pose to you investment advice, investment decision needs to be built in independent thinking on."

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