A text to understand millet September 11th Conference: three new products, big screen double flagship and new PC debut

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A text to understand millet September 11th Conference: three new products, big screen double flagship and new PC debut

2017-09-11 23:33:24 414 ℃

In September 11th, released on the eve of the iPhone8, millet officially held a new conference in the fall, at the conference, millet breath launched three new products, millet MIX2, millet and millet Note3 notebook Pro, these three products is completely separate a release on the component selection, millet was launched on the same day, the in this small series as the main information we summarized this conference three new products.

Three new products

1. millet MIX2:

5.99 inch 18:9 screen / Xiaolong 835/6GB RAM/64GB or 128GB or 256GB ROM/ rear SONY IMX386 12 million pixel camera / four curved ceramic body

In addition, there are all ceramic enjoy Edition

2. millet Note3

5.5 inch 1080P screen / Xiaolong 660/6GB RAM/64GB or 128GB ROM/ front 16 million pixel camera / rear dual 12 million pixel camera / four curved glass /3500mAh battery, and supports QC4 fast charge / face recognition / full function NFC

3. millet notebook Pro

15.6 inch 1080P screen / core i5-8250U or i7-8550U/MX150/8GB or 16GB memory /256GB SSD / fingerprint recognition / narrow frame / metal shell /1.95kg/15.9mm


1. millet MIX2 (price dropping)

Reservations begin at 20 in September 11th, and will be on sale at 10 on September 15th

3299 yuan 6GB+64GB

3599 yuan 6GB+128GB

3999 yuan 6GB+256GB

4699 yuan 8GB+128GB ceramic enjoy Edition

2. millet Note3 (and millet 6 version of the same price)

2499 yuan 6GB+64GB

2899 yuan 6GB+128GB bright black

2999 yuan 6GB+128GB blue

3. millet notebook Pro

5599 yuan (i5+8GB)

6399 yuan (i7+8GB)

6999 yuan (i7+16GB)

It's not worth buying:

1. millet MIX2:

Before vivo X20 release, millet MIX2 is still the lowest price you can buy the full screen mobile phone, if you don't love vivo X20 style, so bold to start it, but the premise is millet MIX2 adequate stocking.

After the blessing full screen, millet MIX2 is 3000 yuan appearance performance the most balanced product, also complement the millet MIX call short board quality and imaging quality, but not equipped with double perturbation in the configuration, almost can not find a slot point.

2. millet Note3

As propaganda copywriter, millet Note3 is indeed a big millet 6, more precisely, is the screen size increases, self strengthening, weakening the performance of millet 6, in addition to reduce the production difficulty, millet Note3 will be replaced with stainless steel frame material from Aluminum Alloy, also to reduce the weight of the body.

Although the same as the price of millet 6, but many differences on millet Note3 so that they do not have the internal friction, performance, to choose a single hand held millet 6, to the big screen, choose to self millet Note3, if they want to want the big screen performance and also want to self, that is probably the only one plus 5 can meet the requirements the.

3. millet notebook Pro

Although millet notebook Pro show a muscle in the conference, in almost all of the MacBook Pro project showdown, but we need to know is that the i7 processor is still low voltage millet notebook equipped with Pro, although the performance in the light of this belongs to the first echelon, but still can not compared with games of the.

Therefore, millet notebook Pro is suitable for the game without severe demand, still need a large screen users in both portable and light conditions, which is currently HUAWEI MateBook D as the representative of the large screen video, but compared with the MateBook D, more strong, millet notebook Pro performance body slimmer, basically is at present large screen video light with the price of the best.

(text / Wei Kang)