IPhone 8 and iPhone X are here. Where are the Chinese apprentices of Jobs?

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IPhone 8 and iPhone X are here. Where are the Chinese apprentices of Jobs?

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In March 2009, Jobs received a liver transplant, and one of his apprentices Chinese chapter because of a "iPhone" design philosophy? The general Li Nan to hire, the average weight of the net friend calls "pull up the entire meizu".

Then Huang chapter, there is an admirer of Lei Jun often accompanied by aboutOften visible style is Lei Jun in different occasions boast Meizu is a good product, he also has a M8 mobile phone.

Figure: 2010 Lei Jun Huang about micro-blog

Before this, Lei Jun left the gold hill that serves 16 years, when become angel investor. The 38 year old model worker often remembered the dream of reading "the flame of Silicon Valley" in College: starting an apple like company.He set his sights on the mobile phone manufacturing industry.

Meizu has become his first kill M8 was known as the "made the king", so Meizu dipping, by some insiders praise "has Jobs geeks temperament", which naturally attracted the attention of investor Lei Jun.

The relationship between the two when the iron probably in 2010, Lei Jun contributed to UCWeb's Yu Yongfu and Huang Zhang met, anecdotal meeting the main theme is cooperation, such as shares or investment, such as the UC browser embedded Meizu hardware and software cooperation, but in hindsight, these are not as.

Maybe that's the failure of the partnership,Let Lei Jun see investment Meizu ceilingAnd then determined to do their own mobile phone brand.

In 2011, millet mobile phone available later that year, Jobs claimed only heir to the spirit of Luo Yonghao, in front of the Wangjing SIEMENS Beijing company staged its tough life: 3 smashed SIEMENS refrigerator.

Also this year, Luo Yonghao was invited to set up near the headquarters of millet Lei Jun to talk about cooperation, but the fiery Luo Yonghao soon found himself with the other person not in a channel, different ideas, a film is scattered.

It's Jia Yueting who hasn't entered the cell phone yet. From 2009 to 2010, the accountant, Shanxi businessmen to do the two event: married capital Simei Wei Gan, one of the original is LETV with the video industry in the second and third tier cities.

At this point, Huang Zhang, Lei Jun, Luo Yonghao, Jia Yueting, Jobs's four Chinese apprentices have stood on the stage side,When the curtain of history.


In the mobile phone field,Don't want to be a producer of Jobs, not a good businessman.

Huang Zhang was the first person to think of Jobs. He dropped out of high school and worked as a wharf Porter in Shenzhen before he entered the electronics industry. He was also studied in Guangdong Province in a small village in Guangzhou.

Figure: third from the right, the beginning of the Yellow chapter

The love of food becomes the label flowing in the blood of Huang zhang. In the electronics industry to earn big money, live in the villa, he once hired five Cantonese chef, he is extremely harsh to the ingredients, to choose only their own kinds of dishes. After 2010, the Yellow chapter faded Meizu management, disappeared these days, he did not forget to dry out their own vegetables online.

Some scripts circulated inside meizu.

Rumors, because Huang Zhang is too picky, in 2005 when the construction of Meizu Zhuhai office building, dining room floor has been smashed 3 times. The Yellow chapter own villa decoration is a big fuss. First, in accordance with their own ideas demolished again, and later for the music effect, spent hundreds of thousands of change a power line.

This harsh approach to the look and feel of things around you is easy to think of Jobs. In 1982, Jobs has been empty in Cupertino home, a laser disc machine, a Tiffany lamp antique table, a connection with SONY Trinitron TV, and replace the sofa and chair foam mat, a living room all.

Picture: Jobs, 27, is in Kuby Tino's home in San Francisco

Spartan Spartan Jobs,Reluctant to buy furniture that he does not appreciate.

Thus, when the pursuit of perfection in the two - generation mobile phone products, it did not seem very obtrusive.

Huang Zhang started moving into the mobile phone field in 2006. At that time, Meizu has done MP3 industry first. The mobile phone industry investment, let the Yellow chapter missed the 2007 MP3 Industry Conference "nirvana". Later, Meizu marketing director Hua Hai Luong explained: "we feel that MP3 has not seen the direction"; "we stood on the top of the mountain but found no way to go".

M8 allows the introduction of Meizu ushered in the dense willow trees and bright flowers.The mobile phone was snapped up after it was listed in 2009, and a popular story is that a "kerosene", in order to buy 3 M8, started from Anhui, Fuyang, moved to 4 provinces, changed 4 trains, a car.

M8 was then promoted on the basis of iPhone1, but the price was only half of that. Its results were outstanding in the year: sales reached 100 thousand units in 2 months; sales exceeded 500 million in 5 months. It even caused some trouble: Jobs sued Meizu infringement. So, on December 2010, Meizu M8 discontinued.

There have been foreign forum users E-m ail questioned Jobs: "there are many counterfeit iPhone products on the market, why only Meizu M8 put forward" stop production, stop selling "requirements?"

"Because they stole our ideas and intellectual property rights." Jobs replied.


A few years later, Huang Zhang also felt the Jobs style anger, just this time,"The thief" became Lei Jun.

The war broke out in August 2011. In Meizu interactive community, Huang Zhang to his usual ID "J.Wong" reply a net friend:

"I'm not afraid of him. I'm just sick of him. Once, as an angel investor, I used the leadership relationship of hi tech Zone to contact me, and took the commercial secrets of meizu. From the overall concept to how to do the mobile phone, why do so, the development process to supplier selection, production and sales, company status and plans to core personnel introductions and contacts and financial statements?...... In his repeated sincerity and leadership kindly urged, I was completely into the trap. So please don't talk about them here and leave me alone. Beito."

3 years later, Lei Jun responded to the Yellow chapter be long in coming, I just want to say one, his statements of a school. At that time, Lei Jun and millet has been the hottest star in the domestic mobile phone ring.

Launched in August 2011, millet 1, from shape to marketing strategy is exactly the same as apple.

This is not surprising. Lei Jun is a follower of Jobs very earlyMore than once, he told a story: when he was studying at the computer department at Wuhan University, he read a book called "the fire of Silicon Valley".

"A book, a person changed me all my life, which made me want to build a world-class company when I was in my freshman year.". It was a Book of 80s. It was printed very rough and the translation was not the same as today, but I couldn't get excited."

Influenced by Jobs,Early enough to repair enough credit Lei Jun began to start business with his classmatesAnd make an imitation of Jinshan Chinese card products. 4 founders each account for 25% of the shares. A three company later developed into the 14 day, still very sad, need to rely on partners and play mahjong win Master canteen meal ticket for dinner, after half a year, no longer operating three company decided to disband, the Lei share of assets, is a 286 computer and printer.

Openings must mention Jobs, become Lei Jun in 2010 to 2011 habits, some people statistics, during that time, Lei Jun sent thousands of micro-blog, many of which are about Apple and Jobs.

The original appearance at the millet conference Lei Jun, the image is also easy to think of Jobs - the same simple T-shirt and blue jeans. Some people will Lei Jun initial conference screenshots and Jobs conference contrast, found that the two stand and gesture are the same.

"What" the name of the spread.

But Lei Jun does not like this name. In 2013, he said in an interview:

"When people say this, they are calling me names.". You see, this man can imitate Jobs's clothes."

Later, Lei Jun to attend the press conference when the fixed dress up, it changed into the old where the shirt and jeans. Over the past two years, with the expansion of the ecological chain of millet, he began to mention more "new domestic products."". In February this year, Lei Jun chatted in 2016 when the release of millet MIX is proud - this comprehensive screen concept machine, so that Lei Jun feel that he changed the Jobs created model of the phone.

In fact, now, Lei Jun's attention has changed from Jobs to China's friends.

Experienced in 2015, 2016 trough, millet is to play a game for HUAWEI, OV and other domestic mobile phone difficult to record the counterattack, Lei Jun also began playing the star endorsement, sponsorship variety show these Apple Corp must look not on the routine.


Lei Jun once said: "Jobs will die one day, so we still have a chance.". What we live for is waiting for him to hang up."

During the wait, more imitators opted for savage growth. Like Luo Yonghao, he did not learn Jobs's black pullovers, but Jobs's speech skills to a high degree of excellence.

Luo Yonghao's treatment of the conference's perfectionism, has several times to hammer conference late, but also because of the temporary modification of PPT lead to mistakes.

Before each conference finished, I will be sick, too tired, "Luo Yonghao told himself to the conference is not easy, a 2 hour speech, he should prepare at least 200 hours to start before the moment not abandon changes.

Figure: Luo Yonghao at the press conference on

In fact,For the conference to pay tribute to Jobs China "Apprentice" and Jia Yueting, he once called the "steve".He wore a black T-shirt, blue jeans are keen to rub hot coming conference, Jobs -- the most shocked the industry a probably in April 2015, Jia Yueting in order to give LETV mobile phone campaign, at the Apple Corp to discredit a despot, also PS the fascist symbol, claimed that the music is fearless boy, eventually was bitten by a memorial. Apple.

This slightly irritable and foolish move, then encountered industry ridicule. Ambition is good, but when reality can not afford ambition, it is tragic. Music as the story behind the phone, we all know.

In fact,Aside from the similarity of the conference, Jia Yueting and Jobs have no similarity in essenceThe former focuses on concepts and business models, the latter pursuing the product itself.

Similarly, Luo Yonghao, who makes mobile phones, has always claimed to be Jobs's successor. Luo Yonghao relied on business partners, hammer technology CTO money morning once commented: "the old spiritual godfather is Jobs, he told Jobs the design includes the mobile phone every word and action, like (learn)."

Luo Yonghao never cared about his praise of Jobs and his products.

"At that time, I lived in Zhongguancun. I used to pass by. As long as I passed by the store, I would always go in and drool. I could see it for a while, but I couldn't afford it."

Luo Yonghao became a New Oriental teacher in 2001 and saved half a year's salary. He finally moved back from a store to a laptop phone, which cost more than 26000. Later,He changed all the electronic products in his family into apples.

Familiar with the old media people know, as long as he talked about Jobs, the Apple Corp's topic, will not silence, because the latter always excited to say stop.

But on the mobile phone, Luo Yonghao walked much harder than his idol. He decided to make a mobile phone 5 years ago, 99% people around the opposition, and the first product T1 also sell because of reasons of production capacity is not good, frequently face the market.

Until last year, the hammer company went to the edge of life and death, Luo Yonghao to entrepreneurship everywhere to find the money, out of a compromise to the market of Pro nuts,The company was able to survive.

In the early stage, Luo Yonghao ever insisted on his own product idea very much, even if the request of these wonderful flowers would bring good quality rate and insufficient production capacity. To some extent, this insistence was influenced by Jobs, the idol, who once said:

"It's not what the consumer wants, you have to provide something for the consumer. This is a very wrong idea because consumers usually don't know what they want".

In order to survive, he finally relented, and survivedBut he obviously didn't want to give up Jobs's idol. In a live webcast in 2016, he said:

When he went to the United States, he thought about burning a hammer and an apple cell phone in front of Jobs's tomb for Jobs to test. But because the U. S. policy restrictions did not burn.


A joke is circulating in the domestic mobile phone ring:In addition to the orthodox successor of Jobs Cook, there are a lot of people because China admired Jobs and inherit the mantle of voluntary.

Jobs died in the past few years, Apple style gradually, these "China apprentice" were also different mingtu.

The chapter on the launch of M8 shortly after exit management, until 2014 back. In the company's internal return meeting, he claimed to be came to earth from Mars, with a bit tipsy, somewhat proud, quite a bit of momentum pointing jiangshan.

But compared to the 2011 forum Tucao, once again talked about Lei Jun, he was a lot of peace.heRepeating the story that Lei Jun had drunk coke in his office,Also began to recognize Lei Jun in mobile marketing is doing very well. And said that in the future do well, smart phones, onlyMyself, Lei Jun and Zhou Hongyi.

After the return of the Meizu yellow chapter accepted the investment of Alibaba, started commercial production road, from 2006 to 2011, Meizu launched M8, M9 two products in five years, but after 2014, the number increased exponentially. "Kerosene" who side of Meizu products continue to look forward to, while lamented that once Meizu died.

In the latest micro-blog in February of this year,Huang Zhang also stressed that they want to build a dream machineBut just when compared to the applause just returned, the "kerosene" who is called "boss" of micro-blog below, has been full of come Tucao, and even abuse Meizu mobile phone users.

Lei Jun is also experiencing his problems. Millet has been singing all the way slow down, once regarded as the industry's myth of the Internet model, but also by HUAWEI, OV these traditional manufacturers to catch up.

In the September 11th millet MIX 2 conference, Lei Jun admitted that the company in the past few years lack of capacity, but also Tucao because of insufficient production capacity, do millet after their reputation is ruined. Millet hunger marketing once quite Apple characteristics, but when the environment is different, the effect is very different.

Compared with the previous two brothers, Luo Yonghao is called turnaround.

Luo Yonghao stepped out of his way.He does not look genuine heir to Cook, Jobs did not always think Apple will end sooner or later.

"I think Jobs's legacy to Apple was already eaten by Tim Cook. After Jobs's death, 5, 5S, 6, 6S four products, compared with the same period of time to the user's joy as far as 4 and 4S period."

The same love of words by Jia Yueting, who is also keen to taunt Cook era Apple Corp. But later,His more learning seemed to be Jobs's sobs. 2016, as the car a press conference, Jia Yueting suddenly silent on the stage, audience audience began to ridicule, pay attention to attention! Jia Yueting is choking again".

Nowadays,He became the nearest Chinese apprentice to Jobs". In order to promote the music car business for the reason that Jia Yueting has to stay a few months in the United States, such as bitter as building debt to suppliers.

Sixth years after Jobs's death, iPhone 8 and iPhone X came out, but people still talk about Jobs when they talk about Apple Corp. Some of his Chinese apprentices were happy and worried, and others simply left the battlefield.

Qi Baishi said, "learn from me, and live as if I were dead."." At the time of the sword, and continues to open the gate of life.