IPhone X National Bank price 9688 yuan cap, so buy the most cost-effective

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IPhone X National Bank price 9688 yuan cap, so buy the most cost-effective

2017-09-13 12:03:59 235 ℃

[IT168 information] after a year of tough, apple finally released after the iPhone6, but also a big revision of mobile phones. As Apple's 10th anniversary masterpiece, iPhone X definitely called subversive work, naturally attracted to stay up late to work overtime Xiaobian shouting buy, buy, buy! However, due to the uneven production of iPhone 8, the initial supply of tight, and would like to buy on the hand is still very difficult. Then we'll see how we can buy iPhone X for the first time, including iPhone 8 and iPhone8 Plus, of course.

National Bank price announcement

Due to Apple's warranty policy adjustment, the Hong Kong version of iPhone is higher in the domestic maintenance threshold is getting, but does not support Telecom is a major mishap, both of which lead to the Hong Kong version of iPhone advantage is greatly reduced, is still the first choice for China to buy fruit powder. The price of the new iPhone has been announced. See the following form:

Reservation method

1, apple mall

The biggest advantage of booking through the apple mall is that the delivery time is guaranteed. Last year, Xiao Bian made an appointment at the official website of a iPhone7 Plus 256GB version, the official website shows the delivery time of 1-2 weeks, and the result I opened the day of delivery to get the phone, it is a super surprise.

2, Jingdong, Suning, Tmall and other electronic business platform

Compared to Apple's official website, although the electronic business platform is not much ready to be stocked, but due to the large number of reservations through apple, so buying in the electronic business platform, often surprises. Of course, through the purchase of electronic business platform also added a chance, why not? But think about the price of the new iPhone, hey, buy a cell phone, both kidneys are not enough!

3, operators

Operators purchase often bundled their own packages for sale. If you just want to buy a more advanced package, you might as well buy it in an operator channel. But the operator channel delivery speed is certainly less than Apple's official website and business platform, and bound packages tend to deceive, but 0 yuan purchase the first payment to be more expensive than the bare metal prices, and therefore not recommended.

4, each bank credit card mall

In general, the bank for the new iPhone purchase is divided into two kinds, one is cooperation with Apple's official website, launched a credit card installment package; the two is the joint stocking distributor, but the initial price is certainly higher than Apple's official website, and tight supply. So small is not recommended on sale early through bank credit card purchase channels in the new iPhone, unless the bank is Apple's official partners, such as China Merchants Bank, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank and so on.

In general, through Apple's official appointment to buy the most secure way, booking the faster delivery time more quickly; if the delivery date of Apple's official website has been delayed to 1-2 months, then try the panic buying business platform. Really can not buy and not bad money, then consider whether to do an operator's package, the whole zero package. As for the bank credit card purchase channels are often such as country prices tend to smooth after consideration.