I miss Jobs and the first generation iPhone, but fortunately did not miss you after ten years

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I miss Jobs and the first generation iPhone, but fortunately did not miss you after ten years

2017-09-13 12:05:23 94 ℃

There are many people living. Different people express gratitude and respect in different ways. But the way I respect and appreciate human nature is to make a thing beautiful, and then make it public.

You will never see these people, you can't shake hands with them, listening to their stories or tell them your story, but pay a large amount of energy and love to create a thing, this kind of behavior to transfer what. It's a way of conveying sexy feelings to other people.

So we need to face up to ourselves and remember what we think is important. The reason why Apple is apple is that it does not forget the beginning.

At 10 a.m. on September 12th, Steve Jobs's voice resounded through the theatre named after him. By the late legendary founder of Apple's as the opening, after the full 20 seconds of applause, tears in her eyes. Tim Cook went to the central station, said in a choking: "let him start his theatre, it is very suitable."

Today, there are news releases and reviews of this conference and product, and we know you may have been overwhelmed by the excessive amount of information. Don't worry. Let's spread it out. Here we are. We only share what you want to know.

Retail: top Apple retail experience to upgrade again

Three years ago to join Apple retail experience is in charge of the former Burberry CEO Angela Arends (Angela Ahrendts). You'd think she brought a luxury retail experience for apple......

Not so, before this, the apple store has and luxury stores almost exquisite decoration, modern design and art, after entering the shop products can take up with ten seconds, will definitely have a clerk to answer your questions.

In Arends under the leadership of Apple retail experience is undergoing a comprehensive reform. First of all, the naming of flagship store changed from Apple Store to Apple Townsquare - City square. In the west, townsquare is the site of the most important events in the region, including political gatherings, speeches, farmers' markets and local residents' gatherings.

In the eyes of Arends, 500 million people a year at Apple's flagship store to become a townsquare.

In fact, Apple's flagship store has had a similar function in the past year's transformation. Apple launched the Today at Apple, a global flagship store project, which covers the most simple programming, drawing tutorials, and top artists free lectures, place let Apple's flagship store became more and more citizen cultural activities.

The naming changes are not isolated. It means that Apple needs to remodel its storefronts and its surrounding environment. "In my opinion, flagship store is Apple's biggest product.". As the products that we will add a new iteration, the function of the new design, "said arends.

The next largest flagship store, Apple will buy a bigger place, built a veritable city square, you can meet, and friends here to relax, or to participate in the carefully organized by apple, the frequency of more and more cultural activities.

In the flagship store of these activities will occur, quiet room will be added in the biggest apple store, let entrepreneurs, programmers and Apple's professional development and teaching people face to face, but also to local artists in a more relaxed and tolerant stage to show their talent.

In New York's Fifth Avenue square glass, apple intends to open it around the square on the ground, digging a hole, allowing natural light into the square in the underground flagship store itself; the Champs Elysees in France, the apple five floor is open to the public; in Milan, and more places, Apple will use the geographical characteristics of site and build more square in the flagship store next to the SAR; in Washington, Apple has approved the Carnegie library into a flagship store, "the building in order to spread knowledge and the construction of the Today at Apple, where appropriate.

When Apple's flagship store no longer sells Apple products as its core, it's much better to give it a name that means more than retail.

Watch smart watch fans: solve the pain points

Last quarter, Apple Watch sales achieved an increase of 50%, replacing Rolex, becoming the world's highest selling single brand watches, consumer satisfaction as high as 97%.

There is no doubt that this data proves that people are accepting the concept of wearable intelligence.

And the latest Apple Watch and watch operating system watchOS, it may be difficult to change those smart watches look down on the idea, but enough to let those who have accepted the concept of deepening the love of Apple Watch.

In the Apple Watch Series 3, the core of the new feature is to join the cellular mobile support, that is, call LTE data capabilities. With the same new GPS module, it means you can watch out for your movement with just a watch, and you don't miss important phone calls, emails or WeChat.

The cell phone number of the watch is the same as that of the mobile phone, and the flow will be recorded under the same account.Apple and multinational operators, including China Unicom, including multinational cooperation,Using a special virtual carrier card technology, you don't need a plug-in cardPairing, and completing the necessary operations, calls on the watch, mail and music.

Yes, music. The root cause of Apple's inclusion of LTE in Apple Watch might be music.

In the past, listening to music on the watch needed to save Apple Music songs to the watch, and actually downloaded the music files locally. The new watch supports mobile data, which means you can listen to new music on your watch, not just the storage space of your watch. Watch support Bluetooth, you can use AirPods or any Bluetooth headset.

With Apple Watch Series 3, leaving iPhone, you can also wear 40 million pieces of music on your wrist - when iPod's slogan was "put 1000 songs into your pocket."".

The built-in processor of the third generation watch has improved its performance by 70% compared to the previous generation. In addition to the cellular movement, the size has not increased. The case is still the same as the previous generation.

The exterior has three colors: gold, silver and deep gray. The strap adds nylon sports, and other materials (such as leather) add a lot of color to the strap. Apple continued with Nike, Hermes cooperation, exclusive hole pile, silicone, leather strap also has a new style. As for the top end of the white ceramic shell version, the third generation watches also added a black version.

With cellular, mobile and GPS, the new watch sells for $3188 and is scheduled for Friday, September 15th. Mentioned earlier, China is the first country, mobile mobile features first, China Unicom support, mobile and telecom follow-up increase support.

TV 4K HDR: stable upgrade

Apple is the pioneer of Internet TV (box), but like iPhone, its TV box doesn't always have the highest resolution.

This time, compared to the previous generation, the new TV box has two major upgrades on the screen: the first is 4K (finally...) Second, one is HDR, namely high dynamic range, greatly improve the image contrast and bright colors, let the bright place more bright, dark place darker color, local color is more delicate and relatively more intense.

In brief, the difference is:

Wrong...... This is it:

But the most let consumers scream may still be in the new Apple TV's promotion: the price of hardware is still the same, $179, but Apple provides most of the content, including television drama, television programs, Live Sporit sports events, as well as in the App Store Game TV operation, resolution upgrade to 4K.

More exaggerated is that the content of the HD has been purchased automatically upgrade 4K, no additional fees. Apple is working with Fawkes, global, paramount, SONY and other Hollywood's biggest publishers in twentieth Century to bring more 4K HDR content to the new TV box - the same price as HD.

IPhone 8/8 Plus: the real flagship under the shadow

Said Apple invented the once a year conference, flagship models year by year iteration rhythm, no one should oppose.

This law is now widely used in the industry, it raises a mobile phone brand retention capacity of users, but also the brand itself design, manufacture and product line management capabilities pushed to the limit.

The new machine released at each apple conference will be the focus of discussion in the coming year. But unfortunately, at this year's press conference, the real flagship iPhone 8/8 Plus when the protagonist time only a few dozen minutes.

In appearance, the iPhone 8/8 Plus this generation and the generation of products the biggest difference is the back cover for a smooth glass, and other iPhone 7/7 Plus little difference, less color rose gold, Gold Edition "powder" a little more. It combines fillet, arc, bezel, overall ID from iPhone 6, and the acclaimed iPhone 4 Glass Sandwich (glass panel metal border glass back cover) structure as a consumer electronics product.

The new structure also doomed the black model to be a fingerprint collector. This reminds me of the Jet Black color iPhone 7, the bad glossy back feel and dirty fingerprint oil, making it the worst user rating in iPhone history.

Fortunately, there is difference between the Jet Black and iPhone 8 glass back this generation of products, the former is the result of grinding process of metal surface, which is natural glass smooth feeling, with certain anti oil technology, are believed to be more than Jet Black feel much better.

Another benefit of the glass backplane is the possibility of wireless charging, and the reason for the delay in wireless charging before iPhone is probably due to the design of the metal backplane since iPhone 5. The metal backplane is electromagnetically heated, which is why most wireless mobile phones choose plastic backplanes or glass backplanes.

This also allows users to Lightning interface needs a little less, to some extent can also cancel the 3.5mm headset interface to a reasonable explanation. What's more, apple is developing a charging board (called AirPower) that is big enough to charge both handsets and watches, as well as future releases of AirPods batteries that support wireless charging.

Apple to join the wireless charging arms is a good thing, which means that a few years ago, those with wireless charging had a romantic relationship short, but later in order to catch up the trend of the metal body of the integration of Apple's Android mobile phone manufacturers, may reconsider their next generation mobile phone machine body design.

In addition, Apple has chosen the most widely used Qi in several major wireless charging standards, which means that the other major standards may be difficult to follow in the future.

In other ways, the upgrades of iPhone, 8/8, Plus and the previous generation are in some places that are not intuitive. For example, the screen is still Retina HD retina screen with the same resolution, but added before the iPad Pro appeared on True Tone display technology, the screen can automatically adjust the white balance under different illumination conditions, let the screen looks more comfortable; and dual-domain pixel, significantly enhance the visual angle of the screen.

Specifically, there is someone playing with the king's glory, and you see him playing as clearly as he sees.

IPhone 8/8 Plus pictures also slightly improved than the previous generation, the camera pixel number is still 12 million, but faster camera, color restoration more realistic, but also joined the optical anti shake. In 8 iPhone Plus (Portrait mode), portrait joined a group called "portrait of light" (Portrait Lighting) technology, machine learning algorithm based on the results, adjust the portrait of the light, the picture is like a shoot in the studio.

Interestingly, this function can keep the background completely black, the portrait of the lightness also dimmed by our readers named "portrait mode"......

On the processor, apple added a "Bionic" name to the A11 chip. Literally translated as "bionic", the chip is built with a dedicated neural computing unit called "Neural Engine", which has just been mentioned as a function of portrait light.

It plays an important role in the iPhone 8/8 Plus augmented reality games and other functions, because in the past mobile phone processor CPU and GPU want to achieve augmented reality computing resources (computing, battery) is too high, and a neural network computing unit effect in the aspect of excellent.

Why is iPhone 8/8 Plus the real flagship under the shadow? And then finish iPhone X.

IPhone X: 10th anniversary, the new revolution

First, pronunciation: instead of iPhone ten and iPhone iPhone fork, but Akers, iPhone ten.

It's about everything we are already very familiar with, leaked before the real machine and hardly any difference.

In 8 a little larger than iPhone, slightly smaller than the fuselage iPhone 8 Plus, Apple's success put a greater than 8 Plus models, a full 5.8 inch OLED screen, apple said it was Super Retina Display, super retina screen. The supplier of this screen is enough to meet Apple's quality standards, with and only samsung.

The "full screen" above the front there is a bang, because it integrates infrared camera (depth), proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, on the left / speaker, microphone, front camera and a point projection instrument (Dot projector) element.

With a camera, a point projector, and an infrared camera, the iPhone X can begin a "ready to unlock" operation when the human eye looks at it.

After that, it will not see the projection of thousands of points on your face, your face to draw a 3D face depth map ", and then the system records face figure comparison -- like Touch ID, the face unlock function named Face ID.

In addition to unlock, this camera can also add new function for more applications, such as Snapchat can be more accurate face recognition, facial expression, let the filter more lively and vivid; such as Apple Pay can be used for face verification; such as Apple launched its own Animoji function, let you record a Emoji animation with expression in his face in the iMessage, send to a friend.

There is a new posture can show off new iPhone, is not very exciting?

In addition, the iPhone X rear dual camera now has optical anti shake, but also with front camera self timer also has portrait depth of field effect.

But thanks to the very low production capacity of this component and the OLED screen, iPhone X is unlikely to become an arcade like any other iPhone. You can book this phone from October 27th, and it's hard to get it this year. There is no doubt that it will become the most concern for cattle at the end of this year and early next year, so if you can buy it at the original price (8388 yuan) at the official website, it's really lucky.

That's why iPhone 8/8 Plus became the flagship of the shadows. Can not buy iPhone X do not want cattle to make money you, and perhaps finally can only improvise with iPhone 8/8 Plus.

In two hours, apple once again brought a variety of consumer electronics for exciting, as well as a revolutionary, enough to make most people dream in the next year mobile phone.

At the end of the conference, Cook repeated the first sentence of Jobs.

At Apple, we all work hard to create beautiful things. I think Steve will be proud of us.

Ten years ago Jobs and I missed the first iPhone, but ten years later, I did not miss this conference.

Thank you for seeing here, supporting our iPhone conference report. Suddenly, we didn't say anything about the configuration and price, so..:

Watch Series 3 (gold, silver, deep grey, stainless steel and ceramic, including Nike+):

GPS: $2588; $3188: GPS+ cellular network (not a watchband price); Hermes GPS+ cellular network: $8988; $10188: Edition ceramic case


32GB:$179; 64GB:$199

IPhone 8 (gold, silver, deep, empty, gray):

64GB: $5888; 256GB: $7188

IPhone 8 Plus (golden, silver, deep, empty, grey):

64GB: $6688; 256GB: $7988

IPhone X (silver, deep, empty, grey)

64GB: $8388; 256GB: $9688

Good morning. Bye bye.

Editor: Liu Dongyu