Can use the technology to stop Li Wenxing and Su Xiangmao's death?

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Can use the technology to stop Li Wenxing and Su Xiangmao's death?

2017-09-13 12:05:33 183 ℃

In Schopenhauer's view, the wrong people do wrong things, there is no tragedy, the real tragedy is that the right people do the right thing, but got the wrong result.

The bodies of water from Li Wenxing, to leap the Su Xiangmao. These people die to arouse public opinion waves, but actually they just do something right: just graduated from a child to work hard, entrepreneurs want a love, this is very normal even as unalterable principles pursuit, but the result was very cruel.

The two personal tragedy, Wei Zexi and even earlier, were from different encounters with different starting points, but what they have in common is that the use of interactive information platform function provided by the Internet and believed it. The result all falls into trap.

This kind of Murder Caused by network platform, more scary part is that it always chooses the crowd "good" start - they are simple, eager and hopeful, but society is the source of the body caused by the consequences of not start.

Here, consider another possibility of locking up nightmares: can you protect trust with technology?

The original sin of the information interaction platform

Why in the overwhelming security problems on the Internet era, Li Wenxing determined to IT for college students, even Xiangmao Su such network technology Daniel, or onto a platform open recruitment platform and marriage in the abyss?

After all, that they encounter is not a technology driven "I, Moumou, money" the pure information fraud. In their experience, Boss direct hire, Jiayuan this kind of platform can only play information interaction. As the parties, unless the final results from the back to see, or simply can not see the neglect of supervision, review of lax platform vulnerabilities. Instead, for the parties, these platforms give him access to just the information he needs.

Whether it is pseudo real Li Wen Xing encountered MLM recruiting, or Su Xiangmao suffered a suspected Pianhun, are from the online platform diversion, all possible illegal behavior to finish to the next line. On the one hand, there are no clues on the line, so that the business can continue. On the one hand, it is convenient for the victim to be controlled at close range so as not to alert the victim and interrupt the contact immediately.

This kind of deception, often for Deep Web usage, but the relative lack of real social experience of people impossible to guard against. Without the Internet, people who are relatively introverted, simple and gregarious are also more likely to isolate information about illegal activities. However, after the network environment has been deeply rooted, the social network, while amplifying the connection ability, also connects the narrow social group people to the illegal activities which originally did not belong to its "circle". In view of this logic, the information interaction platform has its original sin for some people.

Of course, any technology is the double side of value added and value reduction. Recruitment, marriage, and even life services and electronic business platform, the nature is to enlarge the information sent and receive the efficiency of both sides. This also includes the efficiency of the wicked.

Therefore, it is not advisable to completely block the information platform, and the obstruction of information is the possibility of breaking up, which is unfair to others. The correct way to solve the problem lies in finding out the part of the information and information released by "evil".

The dilemma is that the four cannot believe it"

From the information platform extended line of fraud, in today's news has been common. Whether MLM, illegal fund-raising, illegal medical treatment of such large-scale crime, or platform information leakage caused by line harassment, for most people are no longer strange.

But this kind of problem is still difficult to forbid. It seems that it can always be revived and a bigger news comes out. Why is that? Perhaps it is because our weapons against such crimes are not enough to be trusted.

Cannot believe in human nature. From Online to Offline "O2O" type of scam, is planning a deliberately plan. As Sue encounter suspected Xiangmao Pianhun, it was widely speculated as the team behavior, otherwise it is difficult to explain its accuracy and efficiency. This kind of criminal psychology in the event there is a race to the bottom game, because the cost of process, so we must take every victim drained to the last drop of value. It is precisely because of this, such criminals will spare no effort to find every loophole, find the weakest link in network information interaction. Low risk and high expectations, let the criminals not to local crime as "timid" "fear the local hunbuxiaqu" reason to keep humanity. Their actions will only become more vicious and hidden.

Can not believe common sense, reason and initiative precautionary consciousness. Analysis of victims will find that we are always looking forward to universal education to drive awareness growth is an invalid proposition. Because enlarge information platform is often the urgent demand, in other words, the most urgent need for some information, the most reluctant to hypothetical danger may be part of the talent in information platform is hard to find, just enter a liar in the whirlpool. This is a cask theory, and the criminals themselves are looking for the best target.

I can't believe the moral level of the platform. From the follow-up reports of Li Xing's case, it is difficult to remove the responsibility of Boss direct recruitment. But to know that the platform itself, water, missed supervision, is not simply stupid or bad. From the business model, such platforms must have more information sources to bring greater activity, and attract more users to participate. The so-called strict review, on the one hand may increase costs, on the one hand will also obliterate a large number of gray information sources and even paying users, this is the information platform is never willing to see. Do not believe that any platform will maintain moral standards in the interests of the front, and if he has maintained, then it is likely to be crushed by competitors, for an immoral platform to become oligarchs.

Failure to believe in regulatory efficiency. Many people look forward to regulatory follow-up and legislation to solve the problem, of course, regulation is the root of everything. But from a practical point of view, such fraud often occurs in the gray area between the two aspects of personal information protection and fraud crime, and the regulations are difficult to define. And often hit a gun for a place, the regulation will come, big one, a casual.

A loophole in such a scam

Don't use the network platform scam invincible? I'm afraid not.

Although it is hard to believe that the conventional technique and individual consciousness to fight against this type of fraud, but this cheat whether or MLM Pianhun, or false, false, false medical project experts, have to leave lots of information and information platform through interface. These traces are where their flaws lie.

The simplest is the identity flaw. From Li Wenxing's case, the alleged false recruitment company qualification has a lot of problems, and even some people on the social media on the identity of the company's vulnerability raised a clear question. The problem is that Li Wenxing doesn't see, or does not want to believe, doubts, and he has no way of verifying them on the internet.

Second, such scams, because of the long-term operation of the information platform, must be repeated docking, negotiation and guidance, these information can actually be stored and memory. Repetition of a boot can also be easily detected by users who are not deceived, and all that needs to be done is to collect and amplify the information.

Another problem with online diversion lies in the constant introduction of similar behavior guidelines. For example, how to come to our company, how to find the hospital, drying property, proof to meet, blind date and so on, these behaviors can be marked data. It's also one of the key ways to find a liar.

The use of these vulnerabilities may be more protective net construction technology quality, the nightmare isolated in a good life. Instead of finding a check together, broke the news, together with the curse.

Technical solutions

By introducing the commonalities and weaknesses of such scams, we believe that three of the whole process logic can be weighed down by technology.

Here we illustrate a block chain + artificial intelligence "to build a platform of intelligent control technology in anti cheat scheme, similar to the fintech in the wind. Only the goal is no longer data, but flesh and blood man.

The protection for social and personal safety of information on the network, there are two other technical difficulties: the first is not believe any platform position; second is to strictly protect the privacy of citizens, can not read the user data to complete the anti cheat (that is to say you can't control a person's WeChat chat, then suddenly on the screen out of it: the woman is lying to you run!)

First, establish the platform block chain credit system. Although the blockchain was recently handahansha, but not like the terrorist attacks attributed to the invention of gunpowder, the block chain itself is quite beneficial to the technological breakthrough. Whether it is recruitment or life services, the business is opaque and easy to change information, is the greatest risk of trust to users. The establishment of credit system data can not be changed by the block chain, and open a lot of possible danger visualization, businesses will be nowhere to hide.

A step further, through block chain system data on high-risk behavior, enterprises tend to imply that even induced bad marks, and sorting through the intelligent decision-making body, give the user informed exchange, formed a good early-warning mechanism. Even through machine learning technology simulation of specific algorithms, enterprises, businesses, and even some special areas of individual users to score, to maximize the cost of crime fraud.

Like many European countries launched the "electronic citizenship" program, the key to credit data is generic and sharing, and to provide real-time information for normal enterprises to change channels.

Two, the passive decision of intelligent decision-making body. Application of artificial intelligence, an important node is through comprehensive data for machine learning, automatic reasoning prediction and target behavior, and this ability may be used in other users on the network security concerns at the head. To put it plainly, it is illegal to collect and analyze user data automatically, but if you let users actively input all kinds of data into an intelligent decision body. Through the provision of chat information, social networking information, qualification documents for comprehensive analysis and large data ratio, in turn, tell the user whether you are dealing with scammers, perhaps feasible.

It is not difficult to find, Su Xiangmao and Li Wenxing case. Although Li Wenxing communicated with his friends, he lacked a friend who could give definite advice. Su Xiangmao may have this friend, but for the face and privacy, he did not choose to communicate with friends. The intelligent program may assume the role of Su Xiangmao -- at least in the case, the robot can easily find himself and not all aware of abnormal or unwilling to believe.

Three, for the "personal security" AI firewall. Generally speaking, the so-called personal firewall protection is not your person, but your terminal and data. But in the era of artificial intelligence, it is necessary to establish the warning and prompt function in the network security environment by sampling and evaluating individual data by AI.

The world is so beautiful, we certainly don't want everyone into all kinds of anti fraud experts. And these things might be left to AI to do. Personal AI, especially mobile AI, is rapidly becoming an air outlet, but it may be a more urgent task than to read user habits, provide services, read user information, and provide personal security services.

The problem of character and habit is the foundation of a man. In the age of information explosion, it is not a shame to admit that you have weaknesses and give technology to solve them. Strong support, do not want to show people, and ultimately have mental arithmetic, inadvertently, really sad.

Provide more than just some of the possible anti cheat logic technology. The key point is to show that the establishment of technical warning in the platform link, information interaction link and personal link is the basic thinking of security technology in the social media environment.

A nightmare can never be locked in a box, but the technique of adding a lock to the box is our basic respect for the unfortunate.

Their tragedy could have been avoided - if we had not indulged in the excitement of the Internet, but had begun to pay attention to its filth.