After watching the iPhone 8 conference, scripts are not calm

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After watching the iPhone 8 conference, scripts are not calm

2017-09-13 12:11:58 73 ℃

As science and technology circles of spring, the same evening, nature is a hot topic ah, there must be under the hot piece, people eat melon is never too big to watch, this is not, the conference has not yet begun, it is with the scripts.

PS:All the comments and paragraphs (TU) (CAO) come from great netizens.

Before the press conference:

The new iPhone 7 plus 256G matte black unopened, because tonight ready to buy iPhone 8, the sell send $1999 to take direct shot: salted fish

IPhone 8 is here. I can only help you get here

Big brothers can't sit still!

When you asked your mother to buy iPhone4 for you, your mother said, "buy iPhone4?" I'll buy iPhone8 for you!

When your mother sees the circle of friends, tomorrow is the time for her to make a commitment to you

IPhone8 just got it

@ Xiangtan he jian:

The operation was a success and waited for iPhone8 to release it!

@ electricity supplier newspaper:

Shock! National iPhone 8 advertising language leaked in advance...

@ a famous little cute:

From the circle of friends who first use iPhone 8, the competition has already started, obviously I have won

@ unique vision global brigade terminal

IPhone8 today released this fatal flaw you must know!

@ quiet zhiyuan:

In release:

Come on, it's not a camera show

Apple should learn millet, clap more beautiful

The thing about the internet:

Someone asked iPhone 10 to be so hard! Who's going to buy iPhone 8?! The answer is: the poor!

Post release:

GA @ lovely Morpheus Liu Xiaomei

I don't believe it. IPhone x Face ID can identify you before you make up


Can't wait to wake up on the official website to see the latest iPhone, excuse me, where is the iPhone8 red cheeks. What about the luncheon meat?,