Shared girlfriend hormonal incentives to share economic freaks

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Shared girlfriend hormonal incentives to share economic freaks

2017-09-15 10:31:01 243 ℃

Previously, many netizens ridicule the sharing of girlfriend really come! Reports from the media said, in the new three board listing fun electricity supplier and gender exchange community, he announced today announced the "shared girlfriend" service.

From sharing bikes to sharing rechargeable treasures to shared lounge and shared clothing, sharing the pace of economic expansion has gone beyond people's imagination. At the moment, it's amazing that even a girlfriend has to share.

Distorted "shared girlfriend""

Have to say, sharing girlfriend this project name itself has very strong marketing means. In addition, shared girlfriend is also associated with the hormone economy, edge ball style marketing practices, so that instant girlfriend will pop up. Headlines in the big media are filled with a lot of content related to sharing girlfriends.

In fact, the so-called "sharing girlfriend" service is not a real person, but sharing inflatable dolls. According to his interest related parties: the current line of five dolls, including Hongkong, Russia, Greece, South Korea and other Paradise Island, also can be customized doll hair, pupil color, color, and heating, intelligent voice and other attributes, also can buy clothing and props.

Do not disclose according to his interest, the share of the doll used by the girlfriend and the general inflatable doll is different, sharing the doll made of solid silicone material, and the real height, weight the same, the market price of $10000. User orders, you need to pay 8000 yuan deposit, the use of rent for 298 yuan a day, three days for 698 yuan, 1298 yuan a week. Upon completion of the payment, he will be interested in delivery and guide the use of methods. After the use, the staff free to come back, the deposit returned, and deduct the corresponding use costs.

It is easy to see, sharing the essence of a girlfriend is a shared inflatable doll project, and share the model is very similar to charging treasure. Only in marketing, sharing sharing inflatable girlfriend used more vocabulary doll to stimulate the eye ", which can make people fall into a reverie, after all the relevant information and lace a higher degree of concern. From this point of view, sharing girlfriends is a heavily distorted sharing of economic projects.

Recently, a variety of shared economy appeared in people's life, such as sharing umbrellas, sharing Mazar such projects and not much value for users. Then, a high-profile debut of such a large scale and marketing share girlfriend can give heat dropped the sharing economy to inject a shot in the arm?

Sharing girlfriends is challenging

To put it bluntly, the "sharing girlfriend" project, which has been crazy about the big media, is a fun project. As for sharing dolls, the market demand is critical. Although the interest market has been in a steady growth phase in recent years, this does not mean that sharing dolls can be a hit.

Since there is no official data on the sale of inflatable dolls, we can not accurately understand the sales volume of domestic inflatable dolls. According to the existing data analysis, the annual sales volume of domestic inflatable baby has reached the scale of several billion yuan. According to an average of 10 thousand yuan to calculate the inflatable doll, a year down the inflatable doll sales of only 100 thousand or so. Of course, this data is only a rough estimate, coupled with the influence of five thousand years of cultural factors, many men are more conservative, which is the inflatable doll market is not an important reason for high sales. Since the market demand for inflatable dolls is limited, it is difficult to share dolls.

In addition to the small market demand, prices, user privacy and health are equally important factors affecting the popularity of shared children two. As we all know, few people are willing to let the public know that they are inflatable doll users, how to protect the importance of consumer privacy is self-evident. When it comes to user privacy, his interesting staff say that in the process of booking and transporting inflatable dolls, personal privacy will be protected.