B station moving priests, forced to excel

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B station moving priests, forced to excel

2017-09-15 18:35:39 165 ℃

This morning, a number of micro-blog users exposed BiliBili (B station) to move in the news, after the relocation of the B station will have its own independent office, enterprise migration office actually very common, but like B station it's a cannot read. The exposure display, B station seems to be in the office building is placed in the hall for the altar and Taoist practice such as a basket of flowers on the wall, but also with the unrecognized character painting, and appeared on the wall next to the barrage of elements can be confirmed, this should be the B station of the new office building, the netizen also photographed suspected the priest in the field practice, debris on the ground that should be got in its way after.

At present, B has not yet announced the official news station, but often removed from the B station users has been on the Internet "fryer", also the netizen thinks "Catholic Islam is not strange, the film?".

If you were a B user, what would you say if you saw this behind the scenes?

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