Beijing shared bike new rules: poor management will limit the delivery"

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Beijing shared bike new rules: poor management will limit the delivery"

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Original title: Beijing share new regulations: enterprise management is weak, will limit the delivery"

"Sharing bicycles in Beijing can not be set up for commercial advertising"; "dynamic balancing of vehicles"; "restrictions" will be imposed on poorly managed enterprises". Yesterday, the "Beijing to encourage the development of standardized sharing bicycles (Trial)" issued, made the new regulations.

In April 19th this year, a lot of shared bicycles piled up in the driveway of the Changping District grand metro station, causing three lanes to turn into two lanes. Beijing News reporter Wang Fei photo

The Beijing news dispatch, "Beijing shared bicycles may not set up commercial advertising"; "the dynamic balance of vehicles;" for the poor management of enterprises will "limit" its delivery". Yesterday, the "Beijing to encourage the development of standardized sharing bicycles (Trial)" issued, made the new regulations.

Encourage enterprises to share free deposit

"Guidance" a total of six parts, 25, the Beijing News reporter combing found that, compared with the draft in April, the new deal adds a lot of new changes and statements.

In vehicle standards, delivery vehicles shall comply with national and industry standards, vehicle satellite positioning device installed in the vehicle; use, prohibit companies to provide services to children under the age of 12; in the parking of vehicles, shall not be public space as a business vehicle storage, turnover and maintenance in place; deposit information management, encourage enterprise free deposit, charge a deposit of the enterprise shall open a capital special account in the city.

In addition, the enterprise shall not disclose or provide unauthorized disclosure, the collected user information to others; in vehicle management, clear the government, enterprises and the lessee and other duties of the parties, the district government responsibility supervision enterprises, corporate management and management responsibility.

Social gathering opinions into the new deal

According to the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission introduced, the "guidance" in the revision process, from April 21st to May 4th in the capital window and the city traffic Commission official website, conducted a public opinion collection.

After statistics, received a total of effective feedback from the community, 152 proposals, a total of 237. Among them, the approval reached 97%, mainly to strengthen enterprise management, tenant self-discipline, parking area settings, and so on. City Transportation Committee official said, "the guiding opinions" to absorb the comprehensive opinions, revised and improved.

In the aspect of

A deposit must be opened for the enterprise to collect the deposit

Recently, the phenomenon of "cool bike", such as user's deposit, refund difficulty, refund delay and so on has aroused widespread concern.

The "guidance" is put forward, in order to strengthen the security deposit and the information, encourage enterprises to adopt free deposit way to provide leasing services, charge a deposit, the enterprise shall open a special account in the capital city, and consciously accept the business management department of the people's Bank of China accounts and commercial bank supervision, the implementation of earmarking. At the same time, enterprises should be announced to the public before they withdraw from the operation, refund the lessee's deposit, and return all the vehicles.

The enterprise shall purchase injury insurance for the lessee

In order to improve the level of service support, the "guiding opinions" put forward, enterprises should explicitly indicate the safe use of information, prohibit the children under 12 years of age to provide services to the lessee for the purchase of personal injury insurance.

At the same time, enterprises should meet the safety requirements on vehicle riding, security vehicle technology in good condition; equipped with professional operation and maintenance team, to keep the body clean, vehicle scheduling, maintenance of parking order; improve the stability and reliability of the system, guarantee the normal operation of the system; the public accounting standards, the implementation of price tag; establish a complaint service system, handle all complaints in a timely manner.

Sharing bicycles banned commercial advertising

It is worth mentioning that, the "guidance" in the new "vehicles may not be set up commercial advertising" requirements.

In this regard, the World Resources Institute China sustainable transportation project director Liu Daizong believes that the move slightly lack of flexibility, the safest way is to make the regulation of advertising content, screening to identify advertising content, such as what is forbidden to put advertising. "Advertising is a source of revenue for businesses, and buses such as subways and buses can be put into advertising." He suggested that the government should explain the policy more clearly and explain what policies and laws and standards are based on it.

Electric bicycles do not develop "sharing""

Recently, many people reflect, although Beijing has been proposed as a "shared" the development of electric vehicles, but there are still a lot of electric car sharing quietly appeared in the streets and lanes.

In this regard, the "guiding opinions" once again made it clear that "the development of electric vehicles."". Transportation Commission relevant responsible person said, considering the safety and ride parking order, road traffic conditions, charging facilities safety factors and public service characteristics, Beijing development of electric bicycles as a shared bicycle. The district and relevant administrative departments will intensify law enforcement and punishment, and maintain the normal running order of the city.

In response to enterprises


Actively cooperate with the government to manage parking order

Yesterday, v-mobile bicycle said, enterprises will be 7 x 24 hour vehicle scheduling to balance the supply and demand. At the same time, the research and development of open ground electronic fence system "Mobell bicycle intelligent parking point, comprehensive use of the Internet of things, big data and artificial intelligence technology innovation, guide and encourage the government to actively cooperate with the civilized norms of parking, bicycle parking order management. At present, with the people's Government of Shijingshan District, Shuangjing streets, streets and other government departments to carry out comprehensive cooperation, create fine management and operation China intelligent public bike system model city.

Ofo bike

Operators will be added to key areas

Yesterday, ofo cycling responded that, this month, ofo will also increase nearly 100 scheduling vehicles, with the road bike finishing. In key areas will increase the operation and maintenance personnel, grid management of the line of vehicles, the construction operation and maintenance team fusion "Online + offline", will further optimize the recovery and use process, improve facilities and operation efficiency, reduce the maintenance vehicle residence time in the street. In the user's use, the ofo prohibits users from refitting the vehicle, and children's seats are strictly prohibited.

- Focus

[vehicle delivery]

"Total regulation" turns to "dynamic balance""

In April this year, in the open draft, a total control of shared bicycles was made". In September 7th, the Beijing Transportation Commission said it would suspend the sharing of new bikes".

But in yesterday issued the "guidance", expressed slightly adjusted prior to the change, "according to the city's non motor vehicle parking management and parking order status, total control, the implementation of dynamic balance on the vehicle."

In this regard, Liu Daizong, director of the China sustainable transportation program at the World Resources Institute, believes that this demand has increased flexibility and maintained the vitality of the shared bike market. "Sharing a bike is a new thing. It can not directly set down the scale of what should be put on, but should be based on user demand."." He suggested that, by testing the number of hours on which bicycles were used, the number of bicycles needed to be promoted would eventually reach a high proportion of bicycle travel.

[vehicle recycling]

"Timely recovery" becomes "must be recycled in time""

Since the birth of bike sharing, questions about its Luantingluanfang, occupation of road resources is not interrupted.

The guiding opinions put forward higher requirements for enterprises in bicycle parking management. "The Luantingluanfang problem is serious, the line service is still not poor, reminded to take effective measures to the operation of enterprises, should be informed of the relevant public, limiting its delivery". "To use large data analysis, standardize tenant behavior and credit, to strengthen the management of vehicle delivery, reasonable arrangements for operation, scheduling and vehicle maintenance, waste vehicles must be recycled in a timely manner."".

Reporters noted that, compared with the draft, the "guidance" in the "timely recovery" before the increase "must" the word.

It is necessary to establish a perfect exit mechanism for sharing bicycle enterprises as soon as possible." Liu Daizong analysis, in the winter, due to weather reasons, cyclists will be reduced, and some enterprises may not support. "What if there are no vehicles running in the enterprise?" How to clean them can also become a new problem."

[vehicle maintenance]

Public spaces are forbidden to store, cycle, and repair bicycles

Earlier, there have been media reports, in some sections of thousands of broken bike sharing piled on the roadside maintenance, and enterprises as a free circulation enclosure is more common.

The reporter noted that the "guiding opinions" have more stringent requirements for enterprise vehicle turnover sites, and definitely not occupy public space. "Enterprises should own or lease parking spaces to meet the needs of vehicle turnover and maintenance, and shall not use public space as storage, turnover and maintenance sites for enterprise vehicles."."

In this regard, Liu Daizong believes that enterprises use a lot of public space as a bike repair and turnover sites, certainly inappropriate. "If you do not make a clear limit, then, for enterprises to reduce operating costs considerations, is likely to roadside repair, enterprises must establish their own repair and maintenance sites as soon as possible."

Written / Beijing News reporter Pei Jianfei

Editor: Dragon kernel

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