"Sharing the girlfriend" project by the police to push a fine business into the unknown

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"Sharing the girlfriend" project by the police to push a fine business into the unknown

2017-09-16 18:46:17 429 ℃

Original title: "sharing girlfriend" project by the police to push a fine business into the unknown


Xiamen's interest in his "sharing girlfriend" program has quickly become a hot topic. However, sina science and technology learned that, Sanlitun police station has been "vulgar activities disrupt public order" as an excuse for the project to push personnel fines, and whether the project continues to retain is also unknown. September 14th, the new three board listed interest electricity supplier and gender exchange community, he announced the launch of "shared girlfriend" service - that shared inflatable doll.

According to reports, its on-line five dolls, namely, Hongkong, Russia, Greece, Korea and Paradise Island shape. These shared dolls are made of solid silicone material, the same height and weight as the real person, and the market price is over 10000 yuan. After placing an order, you need to pay 8000 yuan deposit, the use of rent for 298 yuan a day, three days for 698 yuan, 1298 yuan a week. Upon completion of the payment, he will be interested in delivery and guide the use of methods. After the use, the staff free to come back, the deposit returned, net of the use of fees.

On the day of the business, the company held a push event in Beijing, displaying five inflatable dolls on the line and letting the users experience it.

Sina Technology reported the project, causing widespread concern and discussion of users. Today, sources say the project has been arrested for allegedly being vulgar.

However, he said in terms of interest, in fact, after the day of pushing activities, the Sanlitun police station called his interest headquarters, asked to push personnel to the police station for investigation. Today evening, the Sanlitun police station made a formal decision to impose a fine on his interest. Meanwhile, he urged the staff to write an examination and guarantee, and asked that the doll be taken away from Beijing.

In addition, his interest in "sharing his girlfriend" business continues to retain is also unknown, he interested in Sina Technology, said it still needs to wait for the official final statement.

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