WeChat also updated, do not agree with this function, you WeChat will be abolished

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WeChat also updated, do not agree with this function, you WeChat will be abolished

2017-09-17 09:37:34 283 ℃

WeChat has updated the double Yi ruo.

This time, iPhone users first eat crabs, the latest version of App Store is 6.5.16, and the latest version of Android is 6.5.13.

So what has changed in the 6.5.16 version of WeChat?

You can see one big change as soon as you log in.

When you log in to WeChat, a "privacy agreement" pops up. After clicking, there will be a large list of privacy protocols. You can use WeChat only if you click on the lower right.

Is to collect some personal information, such as your micro walk number, mobile phone contact information, shake your position information... To be naked...

But you don't have to be excited, because your WeChat isn't your WeChat.

In the Tencent WeChat software licensing and services agreement:

Without the user's permission, Tencent will not disclose user information to third parties

The ownership of WeChat account is owned by Tencent Inc

Users do not log accounts for a long time, Tencent have the right to recover

Even micro signals are people's Tencent, to collect your information, you shout broken throat is useless.

If you don't agree, Ma Huateng takes the lead in sending you off.

Really, don't tell Dad or your stubborn horse, WeChat even waste.

Let's just say something fun.

In fact, in this 6.5.16 update, there is a deeper hidden function.

The secret passage is here:

WeChat -- me -- settings -- privacy

When you get to the bottom, you will find that there is an "authorization management".

This license management allows you to check which Tencent applications you have logged on with WeChat.

You can revoke licenses for these applications.

Spicy? What's the use of this?

Let your brother explain the wave:

For example, you have temporarily logged on WeChat on other people's cell phones, and have also logged into related Tencent applications, such as Dezhou poker or something like that. Even if you quit WeChat, the app still uses your WeChat account.

So, delete the relevant authorization, can be liberated from the micro channel from you in these applications.

So that others can not use your micro signals in these applications on a big thing.

As for Android users, you have to wait until the 6.5.14 version comes out.

Haven't updated iPhone party, please stamp a two-dimensional code early adopters.

The weekend has arrived, the engine elder brother recently updated some WeChat skills, missed, the machine elder brother sends you to go back to review.

Slow motion video

Machine brother dug into a very interesting App, I heard that friends are very fond of, and once again share a little.

It can take a small slow motion video cool, there are various kinds of filters and style templates, every minute in the circle of friends get 666 likes, you did not come to play tide teacher, I never fight back.

I don't know how to teach my parents to play with WeChat. That's right. It's easy to get started.

WeChat originals

Sending a picture to a friend exposes privacy Want to send the original address and do not want to expose Zezheng? Hurry up and eat the Amway.

WeChat mystery code

WeChat this code a little fun, you can test the relationship with others, but only Android version, send you to play in the past.

There are many WeChat tricks, such as:A key clean-up, 10G WeChat garbage, WeChat transfer security settings, circle of friends sent round small video, friends circle voice......

In the WeChat public number "good friend", respond to "skill", "brother", they are all in your arms.