Jia Yueting has been out of the music car credit overdraft or sacrifice

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Jia Yueting has been out of the music car credit overdraft or sacrifice

2017-09-17 09:37:34 117 ℃

"Irrevocable trust" as a mystery group car or into Jia Yueting sacrifice


In spite of the outbreak of a series of debt storm, financial crisis, equity changes and main plot, and was angry netizens to ridicule the way up the hot search list for a long time, as the Holding Group founder, chairman Jia Yueting LETV ecological global car, still does not appear in the city of Victoria is located in the north of the Jingdong he had day and night as music building. But that does not prevent it from being at the center of the music storm vortex. In the early morning of September 14th, a sudden exposure of Jia Yueting's "irrevocable trust in life" was a draft document, or Jia Yueting, who would have gone abroad, lost his last remaining credit.

The draft document shows that Jia Yueting left 75 million dollars (about five hundred million yuan) for his daughter, while several other children received different trust funds, which are about the same amount. This is the content given two days before the Shenzhen Stock Exchange submitted letters of concern mentioned a vague answer: Jia Yueting in the stock market funds have high cash flows to the United States, the name of the property, not to recover the trust property.

But only a few hours later, the plot was strangely reversed. As music holding (Beijing) Co., Ltd. said in a statement, the news is malicious fabricated, the company will bring a lawsuit.

What's the truth? So far, it has been very much to judge. But earlier, it was believed that the car as a music Jia Yueting reasons for leaving the United States and want to comeback fantasy land. To some degree, his fellow Shanxi rongchuang Chinese chairman Sun Hongbin made its endorsement -- I do not know is ahead of the layout or coincidence, Jia Yueting to the United States on cars by Sun Hongbin mouth. As early as in SUNAC white music as the honeymoon period, Sun Hongbin at the end of March the financial record of the performance of the conference vowed: "car LETV Jia Yueting how to play on how to play, Jia Yueting will also focus on the car, I am also a listed company."

The reality is as you can see, Jia Yueting used the conference and intensive investment and great in strength and impetus the fried news music as car ecological plate, step by step to save the situation pushed. In September 12th, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange gem department management board company LETV Department founder Jia Yueting LETV to withdraw a loan to pay attention to the letter of LETV, called attention Jia Yueting reduction of funds committed to the fulfillment of requirements, LETV and Jia Yueting on issues related to the.

Prior to this, according to the Supreme People's court Chinese the implementation of information disclosure information published online, LETV holdings and LETV Mobile has been included in the list of dishonest debtor (commonly known as "Laolai"). And once included in this "black list", as well as its music related companies in government procurement, bidding, financing, credit, market access, qualification and other aspects, will inevitably encounter many hurdles. For the desire to apply for domestic new energy vehicle qualification as the car, this will undoubtedly be a fatal blow.

According to the music as the car's view, as the car is currently financing smoothly, music as the car's business logic and operational model, recognized by investors. But the Economic Observer newspaper reporter asked a number of investment institutions, did not get the music as a successful financing of the car's affirmative answer. "It's certainly not possible these days. We don't have anything to say now unless the crisis can be solved." In the Economic Observer newspaper reporter hopes and Jia Yueting interview requirements, as the car public relations official still said, "now is not the time."".

In the face of everything happening in the country, Jia Yueting earlier did not take it seriously, he still maintained almost every one or two days to update the micro-blog rhythm -- and to some extent, this question in its intended brush presence. About music as the car, his latest statement is: "the car plate to quickly complete the A round of financing, the fastest speed to achieve mass production.". The past few years, as the car's efforts to form the technical advantages, product advantages, strategic advantages, translated into market advantages and user advantages."

But at ten thousand miles away from the headquarters of China's remote control, as the car employees also conducted a new round of layoffs. "As in the domestic automotive team to spread and PR (PR), in the months after the outbreak of the financial crisis, there are a lot of people quit, some people because of music as holding were reduced for LETV automobile communication team away." And our reporter familiar with a music as the car spread staff told reporters.

In fact, has changed hands as the holding is divided with LETV car naturally or half unconsciously. A few months ago, as the music crisis after the emergence of funds, as the music on the unlisted system (music, holding, music, mobile, etc.) and music as the dissemination of the car team was streamlined. Although there are some music as the mother of the non-listed company system was zoned to the music as the car system, but the music as the domestic car employees substantially reduced is an indisputable fact.

But at present, the car is still in operation in the music. In the latest LETV auto closed door meeting, the new car Chinese LETV COO high depth revealed LETV cars in the next phase will focus on five core business, are the domestic new energy automobile production qualification for LeSEE factory construction; Mogan Mountain; and the United States synchronized planning and construction research and development system, enhance the vehicle development capability; to further open up the Sino US cooperation system in R & D, manufacturing, supply chain and other fields; assist the formulation and implementation of FF FF91 domestic sales strategy and sales work.

But the music for domestic automobile production qualification of new energy vehicles that still faces an uncertain future. Even ignoring the music as a result of holding and LETV Mobile has been included in the negative list of dishonest debtor, the Commission intends to suspend new energy automobile production qualification approval message spread, new energy automobile production qualification application threshold will be further improved. As the car in the domestic prototype car manufacturing needs a lot of money, and the moment as the car financing matters, it is difficult to make big progress, such evil cycle is undoubtedly the United States, Jia Yueting most do not want to see the situation.

Obviously, the only way to get salvation as the car in the United States, this is the current system of music as the repairer last foothold. "Foreign monks chanting," if you can spend money crisis FF91 can avoid bankruptcy crisis, so the United States Jia Yueting resume repairer can enter the Chinese market, and a relatively high starting point to achieve LETV auto blood transfusion.

But the harder part is that FF's financing in the United States is not going well. Economic Observer reporter was informed that some investors are still intent on staring at the music as the car in the Chinese market financing, as well as the music car applications for new energy qualification progress.

If the above is true, the music has become a car or sacrifice. Although the music holdings again issued a clarification statement quickly, but it seems not to save the slightest face. In the eyes of more people, music as credit has been overdrawn.

One is after contracting LETV project for migrant workers stationed hard-earned money in the eastern city of Victoria Building LETV, one side is Jia Yueting quietly set up an irrevocable trust fund; one is the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and other official agencies after the accountability side is left Jia Yueting on micro-blog, "I will be responsible in the end". To some extent, the music car may not be called Jia Yueting's last struggle, but his last indifference. No matter how the music story to portray the car, wearing T-shirts, jeans, a "wild child" with an air almost of idiocy singing Jia Yueting don't come back, never again.