A11 dumped high street, HUAWEI Mate10 in the performance and value of Yan win over iPhone x

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A11 dumped high street, HUAWEI Mate10 in the performance and value of Yan win over iPhone x

2017-09-17 09:44:24 543 ℃

Apple's new releases each time, will cause domestic manufacturers inexplicable "Hi", a variety of bad mouthing the sound of Apple products, one after another, than its own products listed also climax. However, Apple products, especially iPhone series, in Chinese manufacturers mouth dead for several generations, "backward" China products for several generations, but every time the iPhone market, are still sold, is still in short supply, so far, iPhone China user market insurance amount is still ranked first, in China the mouth is dead so many vendors like iPhone, users are also very love.

The release of the iPhone X remains the same.

The first is in the first 35 hours of the Lei Jun millet full screen mobile phone M IX 2 conference, at Apple and Samsung products, confident. Subsequently, after the iPhone X conference, HUAWEI terminal insiders told the first financial reporter, "from the value and performance of the upcoming Mate10 victory over apple.". After watching Apple's press conference, everyone's pressure is not so great".

Then on September 12th, HUAWEI official twitter issued a document saying: "Feeling disappointed We've got a surprise exceeding real anything you've ever seen. Coming Oct 16"... #HuaweiMate10, to the effect, "feel disappointed?" We prepared surprises beyond anything, just in October 16th, HUAWEI Mate10." The text also comes with a picture of eating apple, suggesting that HUAWEI will surpass apple iPhone X.

Take a look at the iPhone X in the mouths of Chinese manufacturers and feel like death again.

It is hardly surprising that Chinese mobile phone manufacturers are used to ridicule apple and make fun of apple as a marketing gimmick. Beyond apple, seconds seconds seconds day apple, it's understandable, but all of this is not only built in the mouth, not to leave the basic facts dazuizhang. Over the past four or five years, although the first half of this year listed on the new Apple had no case of iPhone decline in the market China Apple's sales, but the ownership of Apple mobile phone has been ranked first, China manufacturers can beat apple in the mouth.

Indeed, for the general public, it is unclear where the confidence of Lei Jun and HUAWEI terminals comes from Is not understand the industry, the future or ignorance? Maybe only they know.

In fact, since the early morning of 13 Apple released a new generation of mobile phone iPhone X, Chinese all media platform let information screen apple, apple with its superb brand influence to let the media become a Chinese information display platform of Apple's largest, at least today, both HUAWEI and millet, do not have this brand the first day, millet millet released MIX2, but on the second day, the whole network rarely see the millet MIX2, compared with the amount of information of iPhone X, to the bottom slag.

So, at the product level, will HUAWEI's upcoming Mate 10 really be able to beat iPhone X in performance and value? Is apple iPhone X so bad?

Kirin 970 can win apple A11, perhaps more confident

In the mobile phone industry, when it comes to product performance, it generally refers to the computing power of the mobile phone processor (CPU). What about the computing power of the HUAWEI Mate 10 Processor?

In September 2nd, HUAWEI released its Kirin 970 chip in Berlin, which uses TSMC's 10nm technology chip, and is the world's first AI computing platform with a built-in NPU (neural network unit). Since apple never released A processors alone, HUAWEI Kirin 970 said it was the first release of a processor built into a neural network unit, but there was nothing wrong with it.

970 use kylin 4 Cortex core 960 A73 plus 4 Cortex A53 core structure, GPU with the latest 12 core Mali-G72 MP12, and built-in independent NPU (neural network unit), which is the innovative design of the HiAI 970 kylin mobile computing architecture. HUAWEI released data show that compared to the previous generation Kirin 960, Kirin 970 CPU can increase by 20%.

Because there is no kylin 970 test data, but due to the use of CPU core is kylin 960, according to the HUAWEI open to improve energy efficiency, but also can be roughly calculated the actual performance.

P10 Plus running points

This is the use of HUAWEI Kirin 960 chip Geekbench running points, single core 1886, multi-core 5762, accounting for a shallow account, the two increase of 20% should be single nuclear 2263, multi-core 6914, how about this performance?

Samsung S8 ntgcntg performance runs points

This is the adoption of Qualcomm top processing chip 835 Samsung S8 performance results, single core 1965, multi-core 6495, that is, Kirin 970 chip performance and Qualcomm 835 compared to basically flat.

And what about the performance of the iPhone X A11? In September 13th, the Geekbench website exposure is a code for the iPhone 10,5 uses 6 core processor products, then similar products run continuously increased, up to now, Geekbench there are hundreds of such products, from the point of view of the system using the iOS11, although it can not confirm that iPhone is X, but the A11 processor chip no doubt, because A11 is currently only six core processor structure, information exposure Apple no other six nuclear. Apple A11 processing at the press conference, apple said, roughly the performance of the previous generation products increased by 70%, from the performance of Geekbench, the performance of this processor burst table!

Suspected apple iPhone X performance running points

This performance, the performance of single core roughly 835 times Qualcomm, multi-core performance is more than 2, but also close to Qualcomm 835 of two times, the overall may also be Kirin 970, two times. In accordance with the high speed product upgrades, at least two or three generations later, Qualcomm's product performance can tie the current A11, then two or three generations after the apple A11 it, do not know how many high street to turn it?

Some people may say that kylin 970 joined the neural network processing unit, in fact, from the introduction of the apple press conference situation, A11 was called by Apple's first bionic processor, built-in dual core processing unit network nerve, 600 billion times per second! In the processing capacity of artificial intelligence, A11 can only be stronger than Kirin 970, will never be weaker than it, this is a relatively embarrassing reality.

It can be said that in performance, not Mate 10 victory over apple iPhone X, and the most likely situation is that apple iPhone X end of the HUAWEI Mate 10.

The reality is so cruel! Not since dazuizhang hi will be able to catch up with the.

Design, we do not comment, and so on after the release of Mate 10

There is no accurate Mate 10 real machine photos, but some of those who broke the news to foreign made some higher credibility of the real Mate 10 photos, although unable to confirm, but can refer to see.

The legendary Mate 10 look in contrast to the iPhone X

On the diagram above, two middle and the left is twitter who broke the news published Mate 10 real machine photos on the right is the official photo of X iPhone. Excluding the impact of the level of the camera, only from the design of the structure, if the disclosure of the Mate 10 photos is true or close to the production models, so the appearance of Mate 10 can be roughly that design structure is similar to the Samsung S8, on the retained part of the physical border, in between is a piece of 18:9 screen, left and right compared with the Samsung S8 on both sides of a lot worse, because the curved screen is about S8. As far as iPhone X is concerned, the preference for appearance is very personal, so it is not discussed here.

Apple and HUAWEI push smartphones from the Smart Phone to the Intelligence Era

In addition to performance and color, another important aspect of attention is the changes in the system.

On the face of it, Face ID is just another way to unlock apple after it has abandoned Touch ID. But in fact, from the current Apple's official website and the media revealed the news, in order to artificial intelligence algorithm to train the Face ID, apple collected about 1 billion facial images Face ID training, this also shows that in Apple's iOS system, Face ID is not only a solution of lock function, more applications the iOS system may be the identity verification system upgrade.

Meanwhile, from the current apple display of AR applications, iPhone X has applied artificial intelligence to the whole of iOS's overall situation, to bring changes in the industry may be much larger than we see now. At this point, HUAWEI puts NPU (neural network) units in Mate 10, which should be said to be very timely. Apple and HUAWEI, can be said to really Smart Phone into two Intelligence Phone era leader, of course, need to see is that the impact of Android systems, HUAWEI Intelligence in the Phone era, the global transformation of artificial intelligence system of Android, will certainly be affected, but compared to the iOS system, the intelligent level of HUAWEI even now the comprehensive improvement of the Android system, but the maturity or weaker than apple.

Face ID

China's smart phone industry in the future will certainly lead changes in the world's industry, which is a sure thing, but this requires domestic mobile phone manufacturers can really recognize the need to rely on technology and innovation to achieve beyond. HUAWEI mobile phone in recent years the progress is obvious to people, but the iPhone X release and kylin 970 has been released now, say what performance beyond iPhone X, undoubtedly to destroy the Great Wall, by dazuizhang is not beyond apple. For the public, we believe that Mate 10 should be a landmark product, but compared with iPhone X, the gap is still obvious fear.

Although Mate 10 has not yet been released, but the performance of Kirin 970 is placed there, where won the victory?