The pirate bay website backstage steal user CPU hashrate: mining accident car

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The pirate bay website backstage steal user CPU hashrate: mining accident car

2017-09-17 20:15:40 480 ℃

Pirate Bay (TPB, Pirate Bay) is one of the world's most prestigious BT/ magnetic stations and an important distributing center of pirated resources.

As a result, TPB's daily visits are very high, which also makes the webmaster play the wrong idea.

According to the users broke, the Pirate Bay has mining code in the HTML page, the script in the user access to the background secretly run by "steal" user CPU/ card is password cracking, and the results point to a service provider.

However, due to compatibility issues,Some users of CPU show a 100% crazy occupationFor a while, forums on TPB Tucao rampant.

However, the TPB reaction is rapid, an administrator at the forum said in response, currently being resolved, the user can run the JavaScript script banned, but a little unhappy is that it will lead to the page can not return, can not comment, unable to access the list of resources.

Officials also admitted that they intended to increase some of their revenues.

TorrentFreak later learned that the code is currently on the line less than 24 hours,It was expected that, if successful, this would be used instead of advertising.

So, you choose your own CPU, are you using some resources, or do you want to choose all kinds of ads?

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