Pass the Jia Yueting victory in the great escape, boss Wei Gan anger response!

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Pass the Jia Yueting victory in the great escape, boss Wei Gan anger response!

2017-09-18 09:28:33 367 ℃

New media housekeeper

Gu Yingqiong got it from the Losangeles lawyer's assistantJia Yueting's irrevocable living trust [irrevocable life trust]One of the draft documents [trust name is THE YT IRREVOCABLE TRUST]. Trust documents show that he gave Tiffany Jia (one of Jia Yueting's daughters), leaving 75 million U.S. dollars, or about five hundred million yuan. Wei Gan is a trustee of the trust fund. Jia has signed the original version, but since it needs to be added to other changes, the version is void. Several of his children will receive different trust funds, probably about the same amount. The final trust fund was reported to be coming from Faraday's capital pool.

As a result, this is the whole summer. It's been 71 days now.

A lot has happened this summer. "Wolf 2" at the box office breaking 3 billion, 4 billion, about 5 billion, the glory of the king has also been criticized again and again, the strongest typhoon over the Pacific and then back to the Atlantic scraping scraping the pacific...... So many people forgot that Jia Yueting would never return home.

Until early this morning, the national media have reported on the music as holding and music as mobile "Laolai" blacklist, Jia Yueting appeared as the actual control of music in the court's announcement, it will also be limited consumption, by plane...... Once back to the country, I'm afraid it is difficult to go out.

Think so, maybe it will be gone forever.

"I hit Ali, Jack Ma, the ordinary family Ma Huateng, hanging Apple Richard, I do not know his wife Liu Qiangdong, Jia Yueting will return home next week".

Folk wisdom, this piece of writing is not acceptable. But to Jia Yueting and ma Dad, east side by side, visible to the heart of the evaluation is very high.

(micro-blog users will be the business tycoon incarnation king Rong Yaoyingxiong)

What aspect of Jia Yueting is this high appraisal aimed at?

It is his management ability, the ability to tell stories, or super high skills...... After much deliberation, both full affirmation, but also not to be mistaken for a curse, I am afraid only Jia accounting professional ability. It seems that, regardless of the music as the prospect, Jia accounting is 10 Fen losses have not eaten.

And, at the very least, arrange the proper path for yourself.


This time Ali is annual meeting, a lot of Ali employees come from around the world, you become a new red net.

Last weekend at the annual meeting, ma Dad is still so thin. But if you want to see Jia accountant, the veteran net red, estimated that only his onlookers micro-blog, and I do not know if this summer is over, Jia father fat or thin?.

Thought is a thin bar, after all Riliwanji, the heart of china.

Do you remember this micro-blog? Take a look at the number of points at that time. 70 days ago, there were still many people who believed that Jabes could make dreams come true.

When people were still moved by the statement "from the bottom of my heart", he was already on a flight to the pacific.

And then, a few hours after the micro-blog, he resigned from all his duties as music.

A few days later, all know that, in July 5th, the United States has arrived in the United States, while the music as a holding almost all of the music as a stake in the film, pledged to the financial record.

For jobs when returning to the music, always will say: "Jia Zong will soon return home, most likely in one or two weeks, the specific time depends on the progress of the United states."

He returned home or not, the most capable of tearing off the public opinion field. That he is a liar "gone", and "return" to support his dream, the formation of two strong defense preparations.

Until then, "returning home next week" has become a piece.


What's he going to America for?

Go to court? Moving factories? Buy a luxury house? Cars? Dreaming?

Jia boss's world, we do not understand.

In Jia Yueting arrived in the United States a week later, American television maker Vizio to "commercial fraud and breach of contract on the grounds as to the United States federal court in California, said LETV made a secret plan to create the illusion of health funds, but also to steal Vizio user data.

At this point Jia Yueting, while busy collecting court leaflets, while busy moving factories.

In July 11th, Jia Yueting announced at the WeChat public number, FF911 high-end factories are moving to a new home, originally planned to invest $1 billion in Nevada first tentative plans for the plant, the progress of plot construction in northern Las Vegas to speed up the factory. However, the new plant has not yet been transformed, the equipment has not yet been purchased, as the music in Zhejiang, Deqing County plant progress, it is estimated that this factory in the United States, there are still some days from mass production.

Jia boss thought that there were not so many fans in America, but he underestimated the nature of the Chinese people's gossip and the public information disclosure system in the United states.

Dr. Gu and Professor X broke the news, a moment aroused thousands of waves, will be at the cusp of music and Jia Yueting, once again pushed to the tip of public opinion. At last, he was no longer talking seriously and seriously about when he would return home.

The reason is simple, Jia accountant in the United States has already built homes. Just a street in a wealthy neighborhood near Losangeles, he took five Les Loges Du Park Hotel! Five sets! And it was bought two years ago through a briefcase company. At that time, LETV, seems to be precarious......

More and more people believe that he will not come back. Smart people think is such a mess out of Jia accounting, how can so easily off the shell of cicada.

At this time the most worried, not the majority of people who eat melon, but the other side of the ocean in Beijing as the building, they are trying to build a "ecological LETV eighth".

What? You actually have five mansions in the United States? Then why don't you pay back the money?!!!

Dozens of music suppliers blocking the building as the first floor of the music, they put the "Jia Yueting money back", recorded dozens of versions, and finally selected 6 of the most impact, put in the speakers, loop play.

They tried such rights as medical trouble, but some people therefore into the police station. But we still essentially civilized people, so only despair with Taoxin migrant workers, with bedding, nine am to eight pm, lunch, weekends, downstairs cleaning aunt, access security, the girl for a wave of another wave, but only their work than those who hang the badges of the staff work at night.

This is the eighth sub ecological LETV, "ecological debt collection" daily.

The other side of the ocean the sleeping Jia Yueting, can hear the horn side in desperate shout out "Jia Yueting money, as money"?

Steve is estimated to have no energy to respond to debt which slogan sounds more comfortable. Because he is "Dream On and All In" for his dream car.

After all, for those who support him, he also has "All in"".

Mrs Jia and several film and television bigwigs are among the supporters. Even if the accounting experience at home and abroad two by Jia Jia Du, Mrs. still never abandon, and Indochina pictures CEO Liu Chun, director Gao Qunshu, Wang Bing and other chiefs have dinner, micro-blog chiefs also said: "the night and Wei Gan @ 521 @ him back to the asylum Bib @ Wang Bing's drink, we're okay, we will be responsible. To be a man is to have conscience."

Support from family and friends is important, and recognition by other business people is indispensable. As the crisis, ranked 95 after Yao Shangkun China 90 rich list fourth, micro-blog was an impassioned music Jia Yueting, there seems to be a "hero" gorilla.

"As the music went to its lowest point in history, people who were gloating said," Jia Yueting has lost."

"Go to his mother's wall and push everyone."! As a person born in the rural areas of Shanxi, if Jia Yueting is a liar, he can already be lured tens of billions, can reap the profits, but he was willing to be one of the world's poorest listed company boss, this alone, enough admirable."

In addition, there are some loyal fans". Jia Yueting will respond to the fans' support with a "yes" approach.


No prophet, so no one knows whether all this is a performance.

In the United States, Jia Yueting, who finished the car, again on, the, way, and embarked on a flight to Hongkong. This time, he put himself to build the financing plan.

According to music related personnel revealed that Jia Yueting work seventeen hours a day, seven or eight points every day began to deal with the work, from ten to eleven around the beginning of intensive meeting with investors, an average of five or six waves per day. It was not until eleven or two in the evening that Jia Yueting ended his day's work. In the middle, but also time to fly with Beijing to Hongkong as the music executives meeting.

Even if you are in Hongkong, you do not step into the mainland, even if it is the most symbolic step.

This chicken full with micro-blog racing video, as in the past the past about accounting business plan Jia blood bizhang. But look at the number of points in the micro-blog, which has dropped by several orders of magnitude.

Hongkong gold owner also do not buy it. Here he suffered mentally and physically exhausted, cold-shoulder treatment. Almost everyone to avoid music as the project, can not find their own gold owners, but also rarely find people who can read FF car.

After all, Jia's personal credit has been overdrawn."

After ten days, second days, the boss returns from Hongkong, has released a new factory in micro-blog's video, "self plan has been on the road, a little faster pace".

However, the factory in the video, watching a little empty ah, the workshop seems to have been cleared, but there is nothing, any device is not installed.

Will the new plant be put in new facilities on time or will it be shelved again?.

Of course, in addition to Hongkong Jia father busy and executive meeting for the consortium to draw PPT, in the United States choose factory factory, also did not forget to care about national affairs, on micro-blog for the Jiuzhaigou earthquake for everyone to send the Qixi Festival blessing.


He may be a person who is naturally good at acting or knows how to catch the public mood. So, if someone finally realizes that he has been cheated, he may turn from love to hate quickly and thoroughly.

All the people always have to wait until the climax stage, when the story drew enough.

The micro-blog on the motherland in mind and the dream of this man, said to be "responsible in the end" man was Dr. Gu found him in an American green card (EB1-C apply to multinational executives, but also for the way) not revocable living trust. Not only does he want the United States to protect its own personal safety, but also to protect its own property. The success of this lifetime trust means that his property will not be recovered by any creditor in the name of debt.

If the bid is true, it means that Jia accounting is really a "winner" character. After all, his elaborate sensational, are to bring their own property and transfer out.

This time, the man who cared about him blew up again.

Concerned about his music, but also fried.

The last week of August was music week".

At the end of August, LETV released a semi annual report, in the first half of this year on year revenue fell 45%, net profit fell 324%, a loss of 640 million yuan......

And, as in the music fund tense situation now, LETV paid Jia Yueting and his sister Jia Yuefang 2 million 600 thousand yuan and 430 million yuan of borrowing. LETV after the repayment, as of the end of June, Jia Yuefang, Jia Yueting LETV promised loan balance was 0. This means that Jia Yueting and Jia Yuefang's commitment to LETV loans all recovered.

In addition, SUNAC China also announced in August 31st, Jia Yueting has sold a 8.6% stake to LETV, melting since then, LETV will leave Jia Yueting as the first major shareholders, the financial record Chinese full control.

Partners who fought with Jia Yueting now have left.

Cool CEO, Liu Jiangfeng, music, mobile President Abulikemu Abulimit recently announced that all positions are outgoing. Since then, Jia Yueting in the music as the last important "old partner" also left.

Such leave, perhaps some helpless, and some sad.

Even when Sun Hongbin talked openly about music, he once choked and wiped away tears.

(September 1st financial China 2017 interim performance conference held in Hongkong)

"Last December, if I didn't vote for Lao Jia, then the music was dead and I had to help him. I had to help him all the time.". I am a more straightforward person, to goodwill, I must have made a good company letv."

The public opinion was too critical of jia"

"To do business is likely to succeed, may fail, enterprises have problems to arm to survive, will, unfortunately, Lao Jia (Jia Yueting) do not resolutely deal, even the feathers are not willing to lose. But Lao Jia didn't take the money home. Our bill was right".

Sun Hongbin so behind old Jia, and even for Jia Jia excuse he himself dare not talk about the question, don't know old Jia in the United States whether will shed tears.

Jia boss will not cry we do not know, in micro-blog, he continued to work 18 hours a day for his large vocal repairer plan ".

That's all. He never mentioned the FF car production problem and manufacturing details. But this is micro-blog's presence, brush full attendence fast. This time, the number of points is even less.

From 2015 5 to about 26 as the network announced Jia Yueting reduction plan, Jia Yueting himself in 2015 as the high price, a total of 5 billion 700 million yuan cash; before the end of June this year, he successfully recovered from LETV LETV lent 3 billion 470 million turnover funds; 74 days ago, he officially set foot on the United States; 62 days ago, he announced to the financial record transfer of 8.6% shares for the first shareholder, the success of cash in 6 billion 40 million; since then, Jia Yueting has cashed in about ten billion; and then just a few days ago, Dr. Gu said he is bidding for the U.S. green card and trust......


In September 14th, there was a statement from the media that Jia Yueting set up a trust fund overseas, the music as a sound Holdings denied.

Since then, Jia Yueting's wife Wei Gan has issued micro-blog, denying Jia Yueting's claim to set up a trust fund overseas.

Wei Gan and her husband Jia Yueting

Music denied and said it would prosecute

The same day, "Dr. Gu Yingqiong said that since the media world" published an article that Losangeles got the lawyer assistant from irrevocable living trust (Jia Yueting irrevocable trust) draft documents. The draft document said that Jia Yueting left 75 million dollars to the daughter of Tiffany Jia, about 500 million yuan, the wife of Jia Yueting Wei Gan's trust and trustworthy principal, Jia Yueting children were obtained for different trust fund, the amount is about, trust funds will last reported from Faraday company into pools of capital, according to the law that work will finally signed documents is the end of September 2017.

Gu Yingqiong also said in the article, the establishment of an irrevocable trust people are often in the establishment of such trust and sufficient liquidity, or have sufficient signs (i.e. high probability) will run up huge government debt, especially foreign Medicaid or the need to protect the elderly from home.

However, Gu Yingqiong did not say in which case can get the draft document, as of press time, Gu Yingqiong has not responded to the surging news reporters interview mail.

"Dr. Gu Yingqiong said the world," released the "Jia Yueting irrevocable living trust" (irrevocable living trust) draft instrument screenshot, pictures source: WeChat public number, Dr. Gu Yingqiong said the world"

"Dr. Gu Yingqiong said the personal information page of WeChat world" the public number is the introduction of Gu Yingqiong, living in Seattle, from the Tencent micro-blog certification information display, Gu Yingqiong for the United States eBay Seattle Branch software engineer.

For Gu Yingqiong's argument, as the holding said in a statement, Jia Yueting and his family have never set up a trust fund in the overseas network "Jia Yueting application trust" English information fraud, legal documents so important even with "YT Jia" signature actually referred to as such, false documents also involved is not a special family adult children, the plot is extremely bad.

Music holdings also said that China and the United States will be related to the prosecution of the media from the two, to pursue their legal responsibilities.

Music holdings as Jia Yueting controlled company, the company in the music department as a number of companies holding shares.

"Gu Yingqiong" has published a number of questions about Jia Yueting, including Jia in the United States has many luxury houses and other matters.

Since November last year, as the capital chain crisis, Jia Yueting gradually withdraw from the music department more than the company's office, that one is to put more effort into the car business, but the Music Department of the company's capital chain has yet to ease the situation. At the beginning of July this year, Jia Yueting left China mainland has not returned. Meanwhile, the news of Jia Yueting's financing to Hongkong, China was also reported.

Wei Gan sends micro-blog: "your conscience won't hurt?""

Jia Yueting, his wife Wei Gan on personal micro-blog said: "rumor is now zero cost?" Another wave of organized, premeditated bombing......"

Wei Gan said: "these rumors documents and endless haven, bring the huge influence and harm has been for me and my children's life, study and psychology. We will use legal means to collect evidence and prosecute!"

Attached: Wei Gan, micro-blog responded to the full text:

Is rumor now zero cost? Another wave of organized, premeditated bombing...... Today, I know that my daughter was called "Tiffany"; today, I found that such an important legal documents of the United States, I had the signature of Mr. "YT Jia" to sign the name jianpin. When you make a mistake, take your brain with you, will you?

All these documents and endless haven, has brought the huge influence and harm has been for me and my children's life, study and psychology. We will use legal means to collect evidence and prosecute!

Dr. Gu Yingqiong, I do not know whether you are a real person or an organization, think you should also be parents, use other people, children and family rumors, to win the eye. Such nonsensical, forgery, your conscience will not hurt?!

If you are an organization, then you are so rumor, discredit, in the end you can not see the light of the transaction and the real purpose is what?......

This article from the "no crown finance", the author Han Jiangxue

Capital chain crisis continues to ferment at the end of 2016, millions or tens of millions of small claims as ignoring the supplier, but priority Jia Yueting and his family to a company of more than 3 billion outstanding loans, this is Jia Yueting from the first step LETV exit? How much money did he and his family take away from the music scene?

The music department in Sun Hongbin deep mud, Jia Yueting had to find safe haven.

Has been more than 10 months of debt collection department LETV regeneration waves, was included in the "list of old Lai court. September 7th, as music holding, music as a mobile Tianjin second intermediate people's court included in the list of dishonest debtor, involving a total of 107 million yuan. 9 days ago, then set man Sun Hongbin LETV ", the financial record of interim results conference tears in the scene, according to media reports, Sun Hongbin in the music department has invested Fukui 80%.

However, the Music Department of a storm, Sun Hongbin Jia Yueting has been dragged into the water, near pocket for security. LETV online released on 2017 semi annual report shows that, Jia Yuefang, Jia Yueting brothers early repayment, promised to lend music as the last more than 430 million yuan of borrowing.

Previously, Dr. Gu Yingqiong in the United States through its media broke the news, Jia Yueting is busy applying for the United States green card and irrevocable trust to preserve its property. Will music from a three stream video site to make billions of market, high cash out of ten billion, after Jia Yueting victory "escape", leaving countless debts.

For the victory to flee at every step?

"Music as a huge challenge today, I will assume full responsibility, will be music as employees, users, customers and investors dutifully in the end." Jia Yueting on the morning of July 6th sent micro-blog said. That night, the news that Jia Yueting had successfully arrived in the United states.

So far, Jia Yueting has been stranded in the United States for 68 days, from the rumored "coming back next week" next week and 6 weeks.

In August 25th, Gu Yingqiong through its WeChat public, "Dr. Gu Yingqiong said the world" broke the news, Jia Yueting had no intention of returning two things, he is busy to do is apply for a green card and set up an irrevocable trust, in order to save his own property. After that, as vice president of music holdings Cheng Cheng said the rumor broke the news, seriously untrue. Although he was "almost" ridicule rumor "experts", Jia Yueting home is still elusive, Cheng Shisheng the rumor is also hard to win the trust of LETV creditors.

As music after the crisis, Jia Yueting's plan to escape finally came to the last step.

Capital chain crisis continues to ferment at the end of 2016, LETV did not repay the debt collection of millions or tens of millions of small suppliers arrears, but the priority to repay the Jia Yueting family and promised to lend the company money. According to LETV 2016 annual report, LETV in the year were given priority to return Jia Yueting, Jia Yuefang 2 billion 70 million yuan, 970 million yuan, totaling 3 billion 36 million yuan; in the first half of 2017, Jia Yueting brothers and sisters once again back 435 million yuan.

"As the first half of this year to return Jia Yueting siblings last loan.

So far, as the music has priority to repay the claims of Jia Yueting brothers and sisters, originally the loan without priority repayment. According LETV May 26, 2015 announcement, Jia Yueting between May 28, 2015 and November 28, 2015 by LETV shares of not more than 8% LETV to alleviate the financial pressure, the reduction of all to a company as working capital, loan period of not less than 5 years, is the earliest the loan expires in May 28, 2020.

Even when the music of Jia Yueting and also extremely urgent, to return the funds in advance, what are the reasons? However, the replacement of the strong white LETV CFO Sun Hongbin LETV, should make early repayment without the priority of repayment, will be hundreds of millions of cash to the hands of Jia Yueting, Sun Hongbin and Jia Yueting, so speculation has reached an agreement in private.

In the capital after withdrawals, Jia Yueting's choice is to go to the United States, the reason is to concentrate on the reasons from the car, Sun Hongbin. In March 28th the financial record of the performance of the conference, Sun Hongbin memo: "the future is only the main LETV LETV (listed) and LETV car, car LETV Jia Yueting how to play on how to play, Jia Yueting will also focus on the car. The listed company and me."

In May 21st, Jia Yueting resigned from the post of general manager LETV; in June 13th, Jia Yueting will be transferred as the holding legal representative for Wu Meng, the music as holding manager Jia Yuefang Yin Wu Meng; July 6th, LETV Jia Yueting resigned as chairman, served as chairman of global ecological LETV car.

On the night of the same day, Jia Yueting arrived in the United States smoothly, the news came, Jia Yueting completed the second step of escape - leave China, arrived at safe haven.

If Gu Yingqiong broke the news is true, Jia Yueting may be through legitimate means of himself through music acquired the property transferred to the trust, then this property will not belong to Jia Yueting and belongs to the designated beneficiary of his creditors, not to the trust held by Jia Yue Ting asset demand payment.

"From the beginning of the July to the United States, Jia Yueting has not returned.

Swept away hundreds of billions?

August 12, 2010, LETV successful landing of the gem, the ecological pie after 5 years Jia Yueting painted the incarnation of the gem of the first monster, once the market value reached 136 billion 900 million yuan, among the five major Internet companies listed China.

As the network announced in May 26, 2015 from Jia Yueting reduction plan, Jia Yueting and his family went on a cash road.

In June 1st of that year, Jia Yueting to the average price of 68.5 yuan price reduction of 17 million 510 thousand shares, the next day to the price of 73.33 yuan holdings of about 17 million 730 thousand shares, 3 days a total of 2 billion 500 million yuan in cash; 4 months later, Jia Yueting himself to 32 yuan / share transfer price of 100 million shares to fund cash 3 billion 200 million Yuan Xin root. Jia Yueting himself in 2015 as music shares high, a total cash of 5 billion 700 million yuan.

Jia Yueting's sister Jia Yuefang, had opened a high reduction mode: the end of January 2014, Jia Yuefang with the average price of 50 yuan price reduction of 11 million shares, cash 544 million yuan; in December of the same year, Guyue Fang reduction of 12 million shares, cash of more than 400 million yuan; two months later, she sold 24 million shares, cash of nearly 1 billion 200 million yuan. After the 3 reduction, Jia Yuefang accumulated profit of 2 billion 200 million yuan.

Between 2014 and 2015, the Jia Yueting siblings cash 7 billion 900 million yuan, lend music network less than 3 billion 500 million yuan.

2014, 2015 - Jia Yueting siblings holdings.

The last time Jia Yueting cash, in January 15th this year SUNAC shares music as: Jia Yueting through the agreement will be 170 million shares LETV stock transfer to the financial record company Jia Rui Huixin trading on the price of 35.39 yuan, 6 billion 40 million yuan / share, Jia Yueting benefit.

So far, Jia Yuefang, Jia Yueting and sister from the listed company cash 13 billion 940 million yuan. Jia Yueting's wife, Wei Gan, will also be through the sale of shares to obtain Le Yang LETV nearly 600 million yuan, but the transaction performance on gambling and in 2019 after the completion of the delivery in order to get the money, can't count for.

In addition, the original rongchuang China FireWire music to new music studios, rush to the rescue, Jia family control as the holding and related company Xinle assets received a total of $3 billion 700 million in cash.

Therefore, Jia family through music as the company's equity trading, access to funds amounted to 17 billion 640 million yuan. At the same time, according to public information, Jia Yueting also through more than 30 equity pledge financing more than 31 billion yuan, where this part of financing to go, it is still unknown.

Apart from advanced manufacturing technology, you are only concerned about the great God