Baidu CEO Robin Li: welcome Yu Zhengjun to join the company CFO

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Baidu CEO Robin Li: welcome Yu Zhengjun to join the company CFO

2017-09-18 18:47:44 480 ℃

Lady Lei Jianping reported in September 18th

After Baidu CFO Li Xinzhe transferred to Baidu capital CEO, Baidu has been looking for a new CFO. Sina veteran, Sina, micro-blog, CFO, Yu Zhengjun officially joined Baidu, replacing Li Xinzhe as Baidu Inc CFO.

Baidu CEO Robin Li commented that Yu Zhengjun, as an overseas listed company, CFO more than 10 years, familiar with the operation mechanism of the U.S. capital markets and securities and exchange commission.

"Herman is good at delivering the company's strategic prospects to the capital market effectively. He and his team helped Sina for 2012-2014 years, especially during the 2015-2017 years that helped micro-blog perform well in the capital markets."."

Robin Li also said that this year, Baidu made a series of major changes in the business, organization, management team, has repeatedly stressed that the wind is fresh air, to greet the arrival of the AI era in the best condition.

Statistics show that Yu Zhengjun is a veteran of sina, sina is also a close partner CEO Cao Guowei, two people fought side by side for many years in sina.

As early as May 2006, Wang left office of sina CEO, Cao Guowei was appointed Sina CEO and joined the company board of directors, when he was vice president of sina, Yu Zhengjun was appointed Sina agent CFO.

In March 2015, Sina managed to adjust Yu Zhengjun's position from sina CFO to Sina, micro-blog, and CFO jobs.

That is to say, Yu Zhengjun in Sina, Sina micro-blog CFO post at least for over 11 years, has experienced a brilliant and low Sina, also witnessed the rise of sina, micro-blog, and a step by step to grow into the whole process of the company's market capitalization of over $20 billion.

Just last Friday, Sina micro-blog announced that Yu Zhengjun CFO, the company's resignation, will seek new opportunities for development. Sina Fei, micro-blog's vice president of finance, will temporarily take over Yu Zhengjun until Sina, micro-blog, appoints the new CFO successor, Cao.

At that time, people close to the United network broke the news, Yu Zhengjun has joined the BAT one. Laday network multi confirmation, infer that Yu Zhengjun will join Baidu, and served as Baidu CFO position.

Baidu group president and chief operating officer (COO) Lu Qi (Leidi net plan)

Since 2017, Baidu's management has undergone significant changes. At the beginning of this year, Lu Qi, executive vice president of the former Microsoft group, joined Baidu as president and chief operating officer of Baidu group (COO). Lu Qi is mainly responsible for Baidu products, technology, sales and marketing operations.

Including artificial intelligence technology team search company president Xiang Hailong, Zhang Yaqin, technology system and the emerging business group president Zhu Guangxie as senior vice president of financial business group, senior vice president Wang Jin with unmanned division and chief scientist Wu Enda led. Since then, Wang Jin and Wu Enda have left.

Baidu CEO Li Xinzhe (Leidi net capital plan)

In April 2017, Baidu announced that Baidu CFO Li Xinzhe was transferred to Baidu capital (Baidu Capital) CEO. Li Xinzhe has been in charge of Baidu's financial operations for more than 9 years, and Baidu has begun looking for and appointing new CFO, during which Li will ensure a smooth transition of responsibility.

Currently, Li Xinzhe's Baidu capital management team has formed, as early as November 2016, Baidu announced the appointment of former Ctrip CFO and CSO (chief strategy officer) Wu Wenjie as the first managing partner CEO.

Since then, the original millet executives Zhang Jinling joined Baidu, Baidu capital and Baidu takeaway CFO, Baidu capital CEO reported to Li Xinzhe. Jin Yu, vice president of Baidu strategy, has also been appointed partner of Baidu capital, and has served as consultant to Baidu COO.

In other words, Baidu's job of finding CFO has been going on for half a year, and it's not surprising that Yu Zhengjun joined Baidu. For Yu Zhengjun, the market capitalization of over 80 billion U.S. dollars of listed companies work, itself is a career and career promotion.

For Baidu, Sina and Baidu are Chinese early a number of Internet companies, each other genes similar to mutual understanding, Yu Zhengjun, Sina, micro-blog and hailun financial system for many years, with deep roots in the Internet industry, Baidu can quickly enter the state.

For Lu Qi, with Yu Zhengjun in place, its new team in the management of Baidu also formally formed, but also easier work.

Attached to Baidu CEO Robin Li mail:

Dear Baidu students, hello everyone!

Very glad to inform you that Mr. Yu Zhengjun (Herman) today officially joined Baidu, chief financial officer of any group company (CFO), construction, development and operation of Baidu overall leadership of the financial system, support Baidu long-term strategic success, the financial system of all relevant competent articles report to Herman team. Herman report directly to me.

Herman has more than 20 years' experience in financial management, and has worked in the headquarters of Silicon Valley hi tech company for the first 10 years of her career. After 12 years, she has been in charge of financial management at the headquarters of a listed company in china. Herman has served as micro-blog's chief financial officer since 2015 and served as Sina's chief financial officer between 2007 and 2014. He served as Sina's acting chief financial officer before 2007 and Sina's vice president of Finance and corporate control.

As an overseas listed company, CFO has been in the Herman for more than 10 years and is familiar with the operation mechanism of the US capital market and the securities and exchange commission.

Herman is good at conveying the company's strategic prospects to the capital market, and he and his team helped Sina group in 2012-2014 years, especially in the 2015-2017 years, helping micro-blog to perform well in the capital market.

He has also played an active role in promoting the financing of sina group and listing of micro-blog, and has made outstanding contributions.

Prior to joining Sina, Herman served in Silicon Valley, Adobe, Systems and other companies. Herman holds a master's degree in finance and accounting from the University of Southern California in California, and a bachelor's degree in economics from California University in CPA. He is currently managing director of 58 city and China express.

Thanks to Jennifer's outstanding contribution to the development of Baidu, she will continue to work for Baidu in the new post. Students, the era of artificial intelligence is already "ongoing"".

This year, we made a series of major changes in the business, organization, management team, has repeatedly stressed that the wind is fresh air, to greet the arrival of the AI era in the best condition.

Please join me in welcoming Herman! We look forward to him and we put together the Baidu era from an Internet China big company change into the era of artificial intelligence have global influence of high-tech companies, for the realization of "using technology to make the world more complicated simple" this great mission, an important contribution!


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