Sister does not like millet? Mi Pay latest data release: 9 into male users

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Sister does not like millet? Mi Pay latest data release: 9 into male users

2017-09-28 18:32:43 220 ℃

With Alipay, WeChat and other mobile phone payment tools development, mobile phone manufacturers are not far behind, have launched their own payment instruments, such as Apple Pay, HUAWEI Pay, Mi Pay etc..

Today is the millet payment tool Mi Pay released 1st anniversary, @ millet payment on micro-blog released the latest data, from which you can get some interesting information.

Currently, there are 8 devices to support Mi Pay, all high-end models with NFC features, they are: millet 5, millet 5S, millet 5S Plus, millet Note 2, millet MIX, millet 6, millet MIX 2 and millet Note 3.

The majority of young users using Mi Pay, of which 90 percent accounted for 70%; in addition, male users as high as 89%, from one side shows that the number of millet female users is still less. The most provinces and cities with Mi Pay cards are Guangdong, Shandong and Shanghai. They are developed areas. The most frequently used types of businesses are supermarket stores.

Mi Pay and Apple Pay similar, all have the function of the virtual bank card, can not carry the entity card, use the mobile phone to complete the credit card consumption, cash withdrawal and other operations. In addition, Mi Pay integrated virtual bus card function is also one of its major advantages, is currently the national traffic card to support the most perfect one.

However, small Lei (WeChat: leitech) the use of personal experience, a virtual bank card compared to WeChat Alipay is not dominant. The first experience in the use of virtual bank card is limited to the provisions, China UnionPay and the CBRC, need to verify the fingerprint password when using WeChat, Alipay is not convenient; in addition, Mi Pay, Apple Pay POS has to machine specific equipment, popularity is limited, and the operation is relatively cumbersome, many staff did not use; in addition in WeChat, Alipay has no cash payment in our case, the user no card cash demand is very small.

Of course, Mi Pay of WeChat as Alipay outside, still have a certain significance, moreover, it also integrates the virtual bus function is very practical. As a strategic product of millet, Mi Pay will continue to develop and improve.