Japanese netizens bombarded millet: we resolutely resist!

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Japanese netizens bombarded millet: we resolutely resist!

2017-09-28 18:39:15 186 ℃

Millet recruitment will be "discrimination against Japanese students", it really spread to japan......

Originally thought that millet school recruit storm will end in the official apology, never thought the matter or across the sea to japan.

Japanese media reported that a Japanese netizens also adding the trimmings, couldn't help ah fan the flames quickly launched a boycott, millet call again to PR millet out of a problem.

Japanese media say so:

@ "Sankei Shimbun" published an article titled: "get out in the recruitment requirements of Japanese students, China intelligent mobile phone giant millet propaganda department leaders apologize" report.

"Asahi Shimbun" published entitled "Chinese smartphone giant: Japanese majors out.". Reports of successive apologies.

According to Asahi Shimbun reported that millet technology recruiters express not recruit Japanese majors. And Japanese students can be engaged in movie business speech, attracted hundreds of students set the whole room roaring with laughter. Among Chinese young people, the so-called "Japanese movie industry" basically means erotic films in japan.

Millet campus turmoil in @ YAHOO news also quickly hit the top news list.

Indeed, "get out", "Japanese professional go" with a very strong inflammatory words a time cited angry Japanese friends, the twitter of millet kouzhubifa:

Millet products will never buy!

The Japanese market is no longer millet future.

Life will not buy millet.

Even took out HUAWEI and millet for comparison, heart tied.

Japanese professional, or go to HUAWEI is better.

It's a big difference from HUAWEI.

A little more powerful, direct brought matters to "Anti Japanese" height: millet is more than Japanese discrimination ah, even the regional setting will be Japan specifically excluded, is completely anti japanese!

In addition, Japanese netizens also launched online "absolutely not buy" topic. This is the iron heart of resistance, in the end ah.

However, in the face of Japanese netizens shelling, millet did not make any response to this incident, probably millet no intention of opening up the Japanese market.

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