Alibaba YunOS has become the third largest operating system? Now into AliOS, net friend a boiling!

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Alibaba YunOS has become the third largest operating system? Now into AliOS, net friend a boiling!

2017-09-28 18:40:01 495 ℃

We know that the current Apple's mobile operating system IOS, Google Android, Microsoft WP is called the three operating system, which Microsoft operating system has half-dead. Well, someone might ask, what about the homemade operating system that has been crying for years? Thus, the emergence of winning Kirin (NeoKylin), excellent Kirin and other systems. From the environment and policy, the domestic system has ushered in a golden opportunity for development, but it faces too many mature systems competition. But the Alibaba also seems to have to build a system, formerly called YunOS, now renamed AliOS.

In recent years, the emergence of a dark horse -- YunOS operating system in the industry, although the YunOS was born less than seven years, but by virtue of its inherent advantages, a strong boost, in the past two years has achieved rapid development. Alibaba group began to invest in core operating system research and development in 2010, and officially entered the field of automotive operating system in 2014. Now according to the official introduction of the new Alibaba, Alibaba operating system division will continue to increase investment in the field of IoT, the network operating system for automobile, IoT terminal, IoT chip and industry development, and the integration of the original YunOS mobile terminal business.

Earlier, Alibaba Wang Jian pointed out that Alibaba seven years ago began to develop independent terminal operating system YunOS, in 2015 with 40 million users, is already the world's third largest mobile phone operating system. He also believes that by the end of 2016, there are 100 million YunOS phones, the domestic market share of up to 20% to 25%, will be far beyond the apple iOS system. Cooperate with YunOS Meizu, doov, small chili, Konka brand, calculate the advantage of its own big data and cloud, doov help create a flagship beauty, beauty of "net red peppers mobile phone", help WeChat launched the eight open, VR viewing function, new ways of development of intelligent mobile phone.

According to Alibaba said that the current YunOS has completed the big car, small to smart watches, from smart phones to smart home products coverage. YunOS has a large number of devices, coupled with a large number of users groups, has formed a collaborative intelligent platform. YunOS will interconnect everything through trusted perception, reliable connectivity, distributed computing, and highly efficient services. Ali YunOS said that the future will enhance the ecological capabilities of brand manufacturers, chips, software, operators and users and other industrial chain and channels, terminals and other aspects.

But all the time, Google didn't want YunOS to split off another ecosystem on the basis of Android, threatening its place in the mobile operating system. Ali abacus is also very clear: willing to spend a lot of money for the two time in Android based on the development, is to find a mobile Internet entrance, and the operating system seems to be the most viscous.

Recently, Alibaba group announced the upgrade of the operating system strategy, and released a new brand - AliOS, AliOS's slogan is "drive all things intelligent."". Now, the layout and development trend of the Internet is clearer. Data cloud, ecological development, outlining the future of the IoT world prototype. This year, YunOS evolved from the mobile operating system to the Internet platform for all things, with more and more ecological partners, and handed out a satisfactory market answer to the cooperation partners. Alibaba by virtue of their own resources in the first time of YunOS to meet the most basic needs of users, so that at first glance may little advantage, but for the late start of the YunOS, the move will undoubtedly reduce the user's mind between YunOS and Android iOS/ gap.