Why are cellphones so hard to repair now and the price is so expensive?

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Why are cellphones so hard to repair now and the price is so expensive?

2017-10-04 13:12:07 210 ℃

Mobile phone screen is the screen according to the maintenance of price quotations, don't say it is the glass, you can not spend a few dollars, or cheaper, a total of 1000 dollars into the screen screen, if the screen only 100, one month down, the shop is definitely a loss, no way out of balance when flat profits the risk, when the screen cut burst, or touch is bad, will you pay a good screen assembly, the profit is too low, only for you to block the Pegasus screen, with a period of time to repair the next touch is broken, only see light suddenly.

Phone for some time, the charge is bad contact, you must break the power cord to an angle to recharge. Go to the repair shop to say what is broken cable, and even the following power supply mouth speakers, microphone cable for a new, quote 400 oceans.

Later, in a shop, the same is 400 in the ocean, I undaunted, the shopkeeper said too expensive if you can change your old, 100.

Later on

Take a vacation home to get a mobile phone relatives, where to help repair, relatives laugh, take a needle from the mouth of the mouth picked out a large group of black plush ball. Since then, the charging problem resolved.

Another time, my iPhone6 Plus mobile phone screen failure, due to the replacement of the screen can not go to Apple Store maintenance, had to come to Zhongguancun again. Zhongguancun street, on the surface is the science and technology innovation center, tophere world dragon E building stands here, People are hurrying to and fro. In the beginning, there has always been a computer hardware fancier place; later, with the popularity of computer and Internet, it became a place to save the computer; then, the intelligent mobile phone began to develop, people also choose to buy your favorite mobile phone here. However, I do not know when, once brilliant E world fell, one of the reasons is the rise of the official store outlets, and more because the Zhongguancun businessmen increasingly dark heart. In order to benefit, they can be full of crap; in order to benefit, they can not credit.

But even though I know it will be pit, non professionals like me can only choose to find maintenance points, because the current mobile phones, notebooks and other products are too sophisticated, is no ordinary people can be replaced by bare handed.

2, do not take the lead of the people, they usually describe the problem seriously

3, the goods than the three is always the right choice, even if all shops are pit

4, one into the shop began to pretend to be poor, to show that they have no money, and this digital products for themselves is dispensable, in short, you do not want to spend a lot of money to fix

5, don't trust what is called a technical term and don't believe the lowest price

6, can go to brand flagship store is best to go, even if the price may be more expensive, but the quality is guaranteed, their use is also assured.