What about the latest development of the pine cone chip? Is there a breakthrough in technology?

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What about the latest development of the pine cone chip? Is there a breakthrough in technology?

2017-10-04 14:07:28 187 ℃

Compared to "Xiaolong", "Exynos" and "Kirin" and a series of familiar names in the industry, "pine cone" less aggressive, but it seems to be close to the people. Of course, when the "millet", "R" and "processor" these words come together when the processor name is not important, after all, we are most concerned about is the processor itself and the meaning behind.

The origin of the pineal gland

In the long run, it is a wise choice for the domestic mobile phone brands to develop their own processors, which can reduce the degree of dependence on the external market. As a veteran of the domestic Internet mobile phone manufacturers, the annual sales volume of tens of millions, millet naturally knew quite well.

Many people do not know, in November 2014, the domestic well-known information industry backbone enterprises of Datang Telecom announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary of SDR1860 platform technology core technology development and have the price of 103 million yuan to permit authorized by millet and leadcore jointly established Beijing pine Electronics Co. ltd.. In other words, millet years ago already began to layout chip self research.

According to media reports at the time, Beijing pine Electronics Co., Ltd. jointly established by millet and core joint venture, of which millet holdings of 51%, core holdings of 49%. The employees of the cone electronics mainly come from the core, while the new company's packaging test and wafer fabrication are still in the charge of Datang core. In addition, although the pineal electronics is only 103 million yuan to authorize Datang core SDR1860 platform technology, but the future will develop their own mobile SoC.

And there is news that, millet plans to launch in 2016 in autumn with millet research processor mobile phones, now it seems that the phone will be delayed.

Performance fever not

Millet will push from the research mobile phone chip, and in the upcoming millet 5C debut, the two are already well-known things. Although millet official it remained silent, but a series of recent information about the pineal processor or gradually surfaced, and finally sit the millet will be pushed from the study processor argument: first is the emergence of electronic account micro-blog micro-blog @ pinecone, then loose fruit electronic official website also was friends found.

It is worth noting that micro-blog account @ pineal concern users include Millet's multiple official micro-blog, at the same time in the national enterprise credit information publicity system, Beijing pine Electronics Co. Ltd. pledgee millet communication technology limited company, the above two feet to prove the joint relationship between the pineal processor and millet.

So much, what about the pineal processors? Do you have a fever? In fact, according to millet 5C positioning, the first pine nut processor performance without undue expectations. However, users posted a series of messages in the post bar, or raised expectations.

In essence, millet this year more than one research processor. According to some parameters of the exposure of the pineal processor, millet 5C debut of the pineal processor model V670, and the other a more high-end V970 chip, using the eight core A73 architecture, is expected to debut in the fourth quarter of this year.

Millet 5C

The specific performance of the V670 processor, the pineal millet is equivalent to 5C are equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 625, using 28nm technology, the millet and leadcore common design, using 4 * A53 +4 * A53 small nuclear big architecture, Mali T860 graphics processor for the collocation of MP4, frequency speed is 800MHz; and more high-end the V970 processor using 10nm technology, Samsung foundry, the key parameters of 4 * A73+4 * A53 eight nuclear structure, nuclear speeds up to 2.7GHz, then 2.0GHz is also equipped with Mali G71, MP12 graphics chips more powerful, speed 900MHz.

Millet 5C running points

Millet 5C processor running points

In general, in the end V670 processor pineal processor performance on the market to be roughly the same, with positioning millet 5C midrange; and the pineal V970 processor, and is equipped with 960 kylin consistent A73 core and Mali G71 GPU, GPU CPU, but whether it is the frequency of the number or size of the nuclear core process are even better, so in terms of performance more than 960 kylin no problem.

As far as Kirin 960 is considered a fever, let's say it yourself.

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