Mobile phones, computers, the more slowly, behind the black hand is them, a trick to solve the card slow

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Mobile phones, computers, the more slowly, behind the black hand is them, a trick to solve the card slow

2017-10-10 21:27:36 109 ℃

IPhone 8 and iPhone X were released, and the IOS 11 system came along. Many iPhone 6 mobile phone users are worried about whether or not to upgrade the IOS system: not up, I feel the new system features really good, upgrade and fear that the new system to repair the old mobile phone running too fast BUG".

In fact, the IOS system is not free to downgrade is fairly good, at least than the Android family bucket wake to ease each other. The computer will become more and more slow and similar reasons: Rogue mobile phone tied with 1 software has 10 functions, for high performance computer!

General scan Windows, lower right corner of the notification area will know how much this computer disease:

Do not say rogue software, just in terms of normal application software, ten years ago, the software interface is so simple, but the demand for computer performance is also much lower. Now the software is showing more and more beautiful, the demand for hardware has also increased accordingly. Many people will find that the old computer does not slow down itself, but can not meet the requirements of the new software.

Aside from the application software, the performance of computer hardware continues to rise while the demand for hardware configuration is rising simultaneously. In the WindowsXP and Windows Vista system just released, there are many computers difficult to run smoothly, the new operating system, Wintel name also came from.

But now the Windows 10 is still friendly to the old computer, many old computers as long as the installation of a solid state disk, can run smoothly. Why do we have to have a solid state disk? In the task manager, the 100% most likely to take is the hard disk, the computer development for so many years, the performance of the most slow is the structure of the mechanical hard drive for decades.

Familiar with computer friends, every once in a while to reinstall the system habits, which are disk fragments forced out. Disk fragmentation is due to write "data policy file system. In addition, when a part of the document needs to be modified and the modified length is larger than the original, the original position can not be placed, and the new modified section must be found elsewhere.

Not because the majority of the computer at night remains open, many pieces of timing system comes with the consolidation plan task is the system optimization software to optimize out, long-term use, the original continuous data stored on your hard disk will become hard disk read heads all a hideous mess, the need to repeatedly seek to put together the newly installed system boot for 15 seconds. After a period of time to start 15 minutes in the case is not uncommon.

As you all know, small bits of paper are much more time-consuming to read than small volumes of documents. What many people don't know is that even large files, if stored in a hard disk, are broken and broken into a large number of small pieces, and reading performance can be greatly affected. Take Toshiba Q200 SSD as an example, because the random access performance is several hundred times higher than that of the mechanical hard disk, the solid state disk is much less affected than the mechanical hard disk in the case of a large amount of disk fragmentation:

Compared with the TLC SSD, the Toshiba Q200 uses MLC flash memory and has continued write performance, without the need to wait for cache release after a large number of TLC SSDs have been written, in order to restore performance. What's more, the Toshiba Q200 of MLC flash is even cheaper than many other brands of TLC ssd!

The use of solid state disk although not fully offset the rogue software for computer performance, but also a large number of software can effectively alleviate the hard disk read and write by Carlton, as for the 20% impact on the rest of the mainly from CPU, whether this is the AMD Ryzen 7 and Intel 8 generation core was the reason?