No match for WeChat, China Mobile to reshape Fetion, to imitate Ali, netizen collective fryer!

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No match for WeChat, China Mobile to reshape Fetion, to imitate Ali, netizen collective fryer!

2017-10-12 13:28:35 138 ℃

Everyone should remember Fetion, but now it seems to have changed its name, called "Fetion."". There was hope for a fight with Tencent WeChat, but it didn't last. When we use WeChat now, there is a product that seems to be forgotten by the world. It is still working silently and silently. It is the dear son of China Mobile - fetion. Since 2007 since the official commercial, Fetion will shoulder operators in the field of Internet historical mission, relying on rich qindie Fetion, past by free SMS momentum beat MSN into the domestic IM software second, Tencent become the second communication tool, but is ultimately a fiasco.

So what is Fetion doing now? It has been renamed, called Fetion and the flagship enterprise market. Previously, Fetion SMS business offline, once rumored China Mobile will completely close Fetion business, but China Mobile denied. Now, according to China Mobile Fetion Department officials revealed that Fetion has launched Enterprise Edition, providing enterprises with the overall solution office.

China Mobile still can not abandon Fetion, want to launch an enterprise edition and Fetion positive challenge Alibaba market, snatch the last line of defense. Fetion Enterprise Edition and exclusive line network, WeChat has similar circle of friends "circle", OA application, team cloud disk, enterprise mail list and team function, in addition to the enterprise version of WeChat will also launch the message and message interworking function.

In the face of WeChat, who has grown into a giant baby, unable to turn over the letter seems to have found a way to turn over in the field of enterprise. Why is China Mobile flying Fetion into the enterprise market? In recent years, the enterprise centered Internet market has been booming. With the arrival of the era of mobile Internet, mobile terminal enterprise instant communication tools rely on the professional function of intelligent mobile phone, portable and integrated characteristics at any time for cloud storage, real-time conferencing and mobile office needs to work in the business scene, breaking enterprise user scenarios restricted and significantly enhance communication and coordination efficiency of internal staff the enterprise market, has become the meat and potatoes.

But the Alibaba nails have grown, and Slogan, the "lifestyle" of WeChat, has been calling the slogan "a way of working". Obviously, the market facing the nail is the enterprise level, and many application scenarios are aimed at the exchange of enterprises derived from, such as organizational structure, group chat, free calls, Ding, etc.. Ma Yun has never concealed his ambition in the social sphere, which is evident from the ups and downs of "intercourse". Now, under the leadership of Ali, the nail has made great progress.

So can China Mobile rely on Fetion to resist nailing? The fact is that operators can't play socially, and similar to Fetion, China Unicom has tried to push the "fertile friends", and China Telecom also jointly launched the NetEase credulity. Whether successful or not, these events point to a conclusion that operators need a WeChat like product very much. But what about these products now? Everyone should be clear.

Now and Fetion have missed the advantages of time, in product development, it is difficult to make features. And Fetion launched, although it is to meet the operators WeChat class products vacancies, but still difficult to avoid the trend of suspicion. To follow the trend of the works, even if you come up with the onslaught of attitude, but still difficult to get rid of the crisis, unless the break, it can develop the characteristics of impressive.